UT Tips: Cleaning Inside of Cooling System For Komatsu Bulldozer

27 April 2020

UTtips, Jakarta: For optimizing the machine in the excellent condition, each heavy equipment has to be maintained periodically. The treatment can be in the form of simple as self-maintenance up to mechanical assistance. Meanwhile, PT United Tractors Tbk (United Tractors) as Komatsu distributor in Indonesia, will share information for steps doing a self-maintenance, a method cleaning inside of cooling system on the Komatsu Bulldozer engine.

Remove the water and drain the coolant system

Firstly, you need to open the radiator cap. Then remove the radiator coolant by open the drain valve to drain the coolant. Put out the container beneath drain valve to collect the coolant.

Following draining the coolant, seal the drain valve and fill out the cooling system with clean water for rinse. Start the engine at low idle for 10 minutes. Adjust the speed of filling and drain water so that the radiator stays full. After 10 minutes, turn off the engine and drain the used rinse by opening the drain valve and reclose after all the water has been removed.

Cleanse the cooling system with washer fluid

Cleanse the cooling system with a washer fluid afterwards removing the water. Close the drain valve and refill the cooling system with clean water until it is full.

Next, open the drain valve and run the engine at low idle, rinse until the water purified. Adjust the filling speed and drain water to keep the radiator stays full.

Adding radiator coolant in the filling hole and remove air in the cooling system

When it has finished, turn off the engine then close the drain valve. After that, add radiator coolant to overflow in the filling hole.

Then release the air in the cooling system by starting the engine for 5 minutes at low speed, followed by high speed for 5 minutes with the radiator cap removed. You might turn off the engine and wait for 3 minutes, afterward add the water again until it overflows in the filling hole.

Important notes for UTtips:

Apply radiator coolant with the specifications which recommend by the distributor in the maintenance manual book.

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