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4 Must-Have Heavy Equipment for Mining Owners

05 September 2023

4-Alat-Berat-yang-Wajib-Dimiliki-oleh-Pemilik-PertambanganUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Mining projects are one type of project that the complexity cannot be underestimated. From the performance of workers to the quality of the heavy equipment used, it must be considered carefully. Heavy equipment such as mining trucks, bulldozers, to excavators, all must be ensured to have excellent condition so that the project can run smoothly without the slightest obstacle.

There are many types of heavy equipment used in mining activities. Each mining machine also has its own function. But, in general, there are 4 types of heavy equipment that are a must-have for the mining industry. What are they? Let’s understand that 4 types of heavy equipment here.

Heavy Equipment that is Mandatory for Mining Activities
The mining sector is closely related to the heavy equipment industry. This is because mining activities require a lot of massive heavy equipment. In mining, activities such as dredging, lifting, and transportation are impossible to do them manually. It also requires large heavy equipment with human resources who are experts in operating it.

Unlike development projects, mining projects tend to require specialized heavy equipment with a relatively large capacity considering that in scale, the needs are greater, compared to development projects. For this reason, every mining sector must have the following heavy equipment to increase the efficiency of time, costs, and work productivity.

  1. Mining Truck/Dump Truck
    Mining trucks or dump trucks are earthmover class heavy equipment whose role cannot be abandoned in the mining sector. Dump trucks are useful for transporting any material from one location to another. United Tractors offers a wide range of dump trucks for various types of activities in the mining sector or other sectors. Especially for the mining industry, we have some of the best types of dump trucks that you can have. These include:
  • Mining Tipper & Heavy Hauler Trucks
    Scania mining tipper and heavy hauler trucks have 25% more payload capacity compared to other dump trucks. This truck is a smart solution for more efficient mining activities, as its payload capacity ranges from 30 to 40 tons. Scania mining tipper and heavy hauler trucks are very suitable for overburden and coal hauling applications. Are you looking for a distributor that sells quality dump trucks? For the availability of complete model variants and quality products, you can get this dump truck only at United Tractors!

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  • Dump Truck Tipper
    Komatsu’s off highway dump truck from United Tractors is also a must-have heavy equipment in your mining area. This tipper dump truck comes with various models including the environmentally friendly HD465-7 with an operating weight of 99,680 kg, the HD785-7 which is equipped with advanced technology and is suitable for difficult work fields with an operating weight of 72,000 kg, and there is also the HD1500-8 model with an operating weight of 249,575 kg that can adjust to any field conditions!

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  • Heavy Duty
    For heavy duty trucks United Tractors has the Quester Dump model CWE37064R with a 6×4 wheel configuration. As a reputable heavy equipment distributor, we always implement ESG aspects by providing Euro 5 emission control on this heavy duty truck. More interestingly, the Quester Dump heavy duty dump truck can be applied for tipper dump trucks. The dashboard design of this truck also makes it easy for the driver to obtain information. For the wheelbase itself, the CWE37064R comes with a 3.700/4.300 mm wheelbase.

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  1. Soil Compactor/Compactor
    In addition to dump trucks, mining heavy equipment that is no less important is a soil compactor aka compactor. As the name suggests, this tool functions to compact the soil and level the soil layer in construction projects until the desired density level can be achieved. United Tractors sells Bomag brand compactors with two main models. There is the BC 473 EB model which has the ability to level the ground with a working width of 3,600 mm and a working weight of 25,700 kg. There is also the BC 772 EB-2 model which has a working width of 3,800 mm and a working weight of 35,300 kg and is equipped with a tier 3 engine, ROPS / FOPS, wear control on the hydraulic circuit, and a carbon gas filter. Whichever soil compactor model you choose from United Tractors, all of them can facilitate soil leveling to the maximum.

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  1. Pusher/Dozer
    Dozer or bulldozer is a heavy equipment with crawler tractor type. This heavy equipment is included in the pushing or material transfer tool used to push, pull, loosen, or spread material. In mining, this dozer is usually used for land clearing. At United Tractors, we have various types of Komatsu bulldozers whose uses can be tailored to your needs. Especially for the mining sector, we provide various models. With a high range of blade capacity and operating weight, as well as the toughness of the engine capacity, this mining dozer from Komatsu is perfect for harsh work fields.

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  1. Excavator
    The last heavy equipment that must be in the mining area is an excavator. Excavators are heavy equipment that can be used in various sectors ranging from construction heavy equipment to mining heavy equipment. In the mining sector itself, excavators have a function as soil diggers, heavy equipment for moving heavy materials from one point to another, dredging land, leveling land, and transporting mining products. There are many types of excavators that you can find out there. But, if you’re looking for a cheap excavator with impressive quality, United Tractors is the way to go! We have various types of excavator models for your mining activities. With high engine capacity, digging, bucket, and ground pressure, Komatsu excavators from United Tractors’ allow you to complete mining projects quickly and cost-effectively.

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Mining is one form of project that we cannot underestimate considering mining activities always go through a long process involving professionals. Apart from requiring experts, heavy equipment also has an important role in mining activities.

Heavy equipment such as dump trucks, compactors, dozers, and excavators are vital heavy equipment that must be present in every mining project. Each machine has its own function and role. If you want to find a suitable heavy equipment, make sure you choose it according to what your mining needs.

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The presence of these 4 heavy equipment will not only increase the productivity of mining work, but also be able to complete mining projects with maximum results.

United Tractors: Indonesia’s Number 1 Heavy Equipment Distributor
Looking for high-quality heavy equipment with a guaranteed safety? United Tractors is the key! At United Tractors, you can get various types of heavy equipment ranging from dozers to excavators. Not only that, we also have other products such as European buses with unmatched capacity and facilities.

Find various types of heavy equipment and other products that can meet your needs by contacting UT Call at 1500 072.

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