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4 Reliable Heavy Equipment Maintenance Programs from United Tractors

16 May 2024

4-Program-Maintenance-Alat-Berat-Andalan-dari-United-TractorsUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Heavy equipment maintenance programs are a series of essential care routines for anyone who owns heavy equipment. Similar to motor vehicles, heavy equipment also requires regular maintenance to keep it in prime condition.

The condition of the heavy equipment we use greatly impacts work performance. If the equipment is not well-maintained, it is highly likely to suffer damage, which can lead to decreased work performance. Preventing damage to heavy equipment is crucial to avoid unwanted losses such as work accidents or escalating repair costs.

For more in-depth maintenance, purchase heavy equipment from a reputable distributor that provides after-sales services, like United Tractors. UT offers heavy equipment service through the Maintenance Contract Program, ensuring customers receive the best maintenance service for their equipment.

What is the Maintenance Contract Program? What are the benefits offered by this program? Check out the whole discussion in this article!

What is the Maintenance Contract Program?
United Tractors is committed to being a reliable business partner for its customers. Therefore, UT provides various after-sales service options to maintain the health of customers’ heavy equipment, trucks, and buses. One of United Tractors’ flagship services is the Maintenance Contract Program.

Maintenance Contract Program is United Tractors’s product maintenance management system for trucks, buses, and heavy equipment that uses periodic maintenance contracts. This service is dedicated to loyal UT customers, making heavy equipment maintenance easy and ensuring proper equipment operation.

The Maintenance Contract Program offers a service program that will detects early damage, allowing heavy equipment to be operated optimally. With this initiative, UT assures that every machine purchased by customers is always ready and in good condition for use.

Benefits of Maintenance Contract Program
The UT Maintenance Contract Program offers a series of benefits. Here’s a review of them.

  1. Scheduled Maintenance
    Regular maintenance is one technique to keep heavy machinery components in good condition. Customers participating in the Maintenance Contract Program will receive a regular service schedule from United Tractors’ certified mechanics.
  2. Downtime Reduction
    Another benefit is the reduction of downtime for heavy equipment. When downtime is minimized, cost are lower, and machine can be operated immediately. In addition, customers can exchange old or damaged components for remanufacturing components to maintain performance.
  3. Controlled Cost
    UT offers various maintenance service packages that provide customers flexibility in payment method. Maintenance can be performed regularly for a predetermined monthly cost or as agreed upon. This ensure that repair expenses are more controlled.
  4. Access to Expert Technicians
    United Tractors’ expert specialists will perform all maintenance in the Maintenance Contract Program service. This service involves experienced experts in their disciplines inspecting your heavy equipment, bus, or truck.

Those are the benefits that the Maintenance Contract Program can offer. As a heavy equipment distributor that can always be relied upon, UT prioritizes customer satisfaction, especially in the operation aspect of heavy equipment, buses, or trucks, so they are well maintained and can be used optimally.

4 Types of Maintenance Contract Program Services
Joining the United Tractors servicing program is one of the easiest ways to maintain heavy equipment and keep it in peak shape. Here are four primary Maintenance Contract Program from United Tractors:

  1. United Tractors Full Maintenance Contract (UT FMC)
    This service is a maintenance management system for customers’ heavy equipment, trucks, and buses, which includes overhaul and component repair to ensure the equipment can meet the target availability. The cost is a fixed hourly rate. However, you don’t have to worry about overbudgeting, as this service is provided until the equipment can work optimally.
  2. United Tractors Repair Maintenance Contract (UT RMC)
    Like UT FMC, United Tractors Repair Maintenance Contract (UT RMC) also provides repair services for heavy equipment, trucks, and buses with a fixed cost per hour until the customer’s equipment availability target can be reached. The difference is that this program does not cover replacement or overhaul costs for major components.
  3. United Tractors Periodic Maintenance Contract (UT PMC)
    This service provides customers with a maintenance management system with periodic service scheduling. The inspection is done accurately and precisely with a fixed hourly payment rate.
  4. United Tractors Customized Maintenance Contract (UT CMC)
    Customers can choose a service program that suits their specific needs in this program. This system focuses on numerous optional component groupings, allowing clients to select the maintenance that meets their requirements more efficiently.

Have you found a suitable program among the four UT maintenance programs listed above? The United Tractors Maintenance Contract Program is an integrated heavy equipment, truck, and bus maintenance management system that you can enjoy as one of the privileges of being a UT customer. With this approach, you will receive a warranty  on heavy equipment and its maintenance regularly through a contract system.

The UT Maintenance Contract Program makes it easy for customers to keep their heavy equipment operating optimally. This program will also detect early damage in the machine and ensure it is always safe to operate.

United Tractors: Heavy Equipment Distributor with Excellent After Sales Service
Cleaning the engine, checking the tire pressure, and changing the oil are a series of maintenance tasks that are mandatory for every heavy equipment owner. Heavy equipment maintenance can only be done by a professional to avoid damage to the unit.

As a United Tractors customer, you will get an excellent after-sales service that offers various heavy equipment maintenance services, from monitoring to overall equipment repair. Interesting, isn’t it? Get heavy equipment, trucks, and buses from world-renowned manufacturers by visiting the nearest United Tractors branch office.

Want to consult about heavy equipment? You can! Contact UT Call at 1500 072 and get other attractive offers from UT’s excellent after-sales service.

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