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5 Factors that Can Cause Damage to Heavy Equipment

27 April 2024

5-faktor-yang-Bisa-Menyebabkan-Kerusakan-pada-Alat-BeratUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Damage to heavy equipment can occur at any time, even at unexpected times. Therefore, it is important to carry out preventive heavy equipment maintenance. Heavy equipment damage can have a major impact on work performance and operational costs. Productivity in the field can be disrupted so that work targets are not achieved. Operational costs can also increase due to emergency expenses that need to be paid for repairs.

There are many ways you can repair heavy equipment or prevent damage to heavy equipment. However, to find the best solution, you must know the cause of the damage to the heavy equipment. So, what are the factors that cause heavy equipment damage? Here is the review.

Causes of Damage to Heavy Equipment
High intensity of use of heavy equipment, weather factors, or a lack of professionalism from operators can cause damage to heavy equipment. What other factors do you think could cause heavy equipment to become damaged and unusable? Below is the complete discussion.

  1. Weather Factors

Using heavy equipment during extreme weather can cause damage to the body and engine. Heavy rain and too-hot sunlight can erode the protective paint on the heavy equipment body. Apart from that, muddy work conditions when it rains will cause lumps of soil to stick to the wheels and other parts.

Not only when it is operated, but also when it is stored, heavy equipment must be placed in storage that is protected from exposure to direct sunlight or heavy rain. Heavy equipment needs to be stored properly in a closed room to avoid extreme weather and pests, such as mice, which can gnaw cables and damage components in heavy equipment.

  1. Exposed to liquid

The weather is not the only factor that can damage heavy equipment. Chemical fluids and oil can also have an impact on the lifespan of heavy equipment spare parts. Rubber, plastic, or paper-based spare parts can be damaged by oil. Meanwhile, chemical liquids can corrode spare parts made from rubber, paper, plastic, and iron.

  1. Operation procedures

The way the operator operates the heavy equipment will also affect the condition of the heavy equipment, especially the lifespan of the machine. Operators must have broad insight into understanding the ins and outs of heavy equipment to operate the equipment well and precisely. If heavy equipment is operated carelessly, the potential for heavy equipment to be damaged will be greater.

  1. Shock in the Engine

Unpredictable work conditions are one of the conditions that every heavy equipment owner and operator must be prepared to face. Steep terrain can cause problems with heavy equipment, such as excessive engine shaking.

Machine spare parts will be more susceptible to damage if the machine is often shaken due to extreme work conditions. Damage can occur in spare parts, such as shock absorbers and other shock-absorbing parts. Not only that, but other components can also be damaged due to these shocks.

  1. Too High Intensity of Tool Use

Just like humans, heavy equipment also needs rest. If heavy equipment is used too often, the engine will overheat, and other damage can also be triggered. If the use of heavy equipment exceeds the working limit, it is best to stop operation for a while. Utilization of heavy equipment like this is certainly necessary at any time so that machine performance remains optimal.

Symptoms of Heavy Equipment Damage
Every piece of heavy equipment that you own, be it an excavator, soil compactor, cargo crane, or other types of heavy equipment, needs to be properly maintained. Heavy equipment maintenance needs to be scheduled regularly to check the condition of the heavy equipment. In heavy equipment maintenance, symptoms of damage will be well identified. So, what are the symptoms of damage that can be found during maintenance? Here is the discussion.

  1. Unexpected Stopping of the Machine System

Things that go beyond expectations, such as a machine that stops suddenly while operating, are symptoms of heavy equipment damage that you should be aware of.

  1. Excessive Vibration in the Machine

Naturally, a machine will experience vibrations. However, if you feel that the machine is vibrating excessively or making a loud noise, immediately contact a technician, check it, and see if there is something wrong with the machine.

  1. There is a foreign sound in the machine

You should be suspicious if sounds appear that the machine does not normally make during operation. Immediately find where the sound source comes from. Don’t ignore these conditions, because these sounds could indicate damage to engine components or other parts.

  1. Increased Engine Temperature

A significantly increased engine temperature can also be a sign that there is damage to the machine. If the engine experiences a drastic increase in temperature during operation, immediately turn off the machine and find out the source of the problem.

  1. The machine emits a foreign smell

An unpleasant smell emerging from the machine is a common symptom of damage. If you smell a burning smell coming from the engine, immediately turn off the engine and do not try to continue forcing the engine to operate. Continuous damage will occur if the machine is left operating when an unpleasant smell appears.

Convenience of Heavy Equipment Maintenance with UT
Have a road compactor, excavator, bulldozer, or other type of heavy equipment from United Tractors? Provide the best care for your heavy equipment with maintenance from UT. The advantage you get if you buy a machine at United Tractors is that you will get excellent after-sales service with a guarantee of being on time, or On Time In Full (OTIF).

Apart from that, United Tractors’ excellent after-sales service also has a standard 4 Straight Customer Experiences, which ensures that every customer gets a machine inspection program/program pemeriksaan mesin (PPM), equipment monitoring program/program monitoring alat (PMA), undercarriage inspection program or periodic service, and product support training for technicians and operators.

To get excellent after-sales service from United Tractors, make sure you buy heavy equipment, trucks, and buses only in UT. If you buy heavy equipment from UT, you don’t need to worry if the heavy equipment is damaged because our technicians are ready to help you anytime and anywhere. Apart from that, with maintenance from UT, your heavy equipment is guaranteed to have a longer service life.

United Tractors: Heavy Equipment Distributor with Integrated Maintenance
Having heavy equipment will make you feel calmer if someone can monitor the performance and overall condition of the machine. You can get integrated heavy equipment maintenance facilities if you buy them at United Tractors. With excellent after-sales service from UT, you will get product services that can maintain the durability and quality of your heavy equipment, truck, or bus.

There is no need to worry that heavy equipment damage will get worse because when symptoms of damage are identified, our technicians will go straight to the field to repair the damage. With heavy equipment maintenance from UT, you also don’t need to be afraid of damage to a prime machine because we provide regular equipment monitoring services as a form of prevention against any type of damage.

Interesting right? Get your heavy equipment, buses, and trucks at United Tractors now! Also, get additional profitable services. Call UT at 1500 072 or visit the nearest United Tractors branch office!

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