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5 Important Features for the Comfort of Heavy Duty Truck from UD Trucks

17 November 2023

5-Fitur-Penting-untuk-Kenyamanan-Heavy-Duty-Truck-dari-UD-TrucksUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Heavy duty truck is a heavy transportation truck that has a large capacity both in terms of size and diesel engine. Considering its large size, heavy duty trucks cannot be driven by just anyone. This type of truck needs to be operated by an expert who is experienced and licensed.

In general, heavy duty trucks have low maneuverability with a special transmission system that has been perfected so that they can carry large and heavy loads.

Safety Factors in Driving a Heavy Duty Truck
The large size and heavy cargo carried by heavy duty trucks make this transportation often found running slowly. This is of course to maintain the safety of the driver, truck, nearby motorists, and cargo.

The heavy weight of the load requires great momentum. For the sake of everyone’s safety, these heavy duty trucks need to be driven carefully.

Its massive size and heavy luggage make it impossible to brake suddenly. When stopping, the driver of a heavy-duty truck needs to brake from certain distance. The performance of the truck’s brakes is also greatly affected by the amount of load it carries. Therefore, the more and heavier the load, the more challenging the braking performance.

Furthermore, if the driver is driving too fast, the truck may not be able to stop suddenly, as the brakes will lose their ability. Simply put, wheels that spin at high speeds will heat up faster and lose their function.

The main reason why heavy duty trucks limit their speed on the road is because drivers need to keep the cargo safe. The cargo that is being transported must be made sure that it reaches its destination. If the truck is traveling at high speed and passing through uneven roads, it is likely that the goods loaded on the truck will be shaken and potentially damaged.

There are many things that drivers need to consider when driving a heavy duty truck. Drivers must always focus and prioritize the safety of themselves, their cargo, other drivers, and surrounding environment. To enhance a driver’s performance and proficiency in operating a heavy-duty truck, the comfort must also be prioritized.

Heavy duty trucks with a high level of safety and comfort will be very beneficial not only for the person operating it, but also for your company, because the quality of the goods delivered is maintained so that the company name will be better.

If the cabin of a heavy duty truck is comfortable for the driver, work accidents will be minimized and safety is guaranteed. Facilities such as bunk beds or MP3 audio can also increase driver comfort and will have a positive impact on work continuity.

You can get heavy duty truck cabins with modern facilities that prioritize driver comfort at United Tractors. The Quester Dump series from UD Trucks has super complete cabin facilities that are very comfortable for the driver. What are the features in Quester Dump? Here is the review.

5 Important Features of Quester Dump Heavy Duty Truck that Make the Driver Comfortable
Quester Dump is a heavy duty truck from UD Trucks that is highly durable and fuel-efficient. In addition, Quester Dump also has other features that are useful to improve driver safety and comfort. Here is the review.

  1. Has Air Conditioner (AC)
    Who would have thought that air conditioning in the truck cabin is also one of the factors to improve the safety of the driver, vehicle, and luggage? This AC feature holds an important role for driver’s comfort. The more comfortable the truck driver is, the more focused they will be while driving, reducing the potential for accidents.
  2. Sound Insulation
    It is undeniable that the rumbling sound coming from a truck engine can be very distracting. For a quieter ride on a heavy duty truck, sound insulation is the perfect solution.
    A truck cabin equipped with sound insulation provides peace of mind for the driver, allowing him or her to focus more on driving the truck. The sound insulation on the Quester Dump Truck can reduce the noise of the truck engine by up to 40%.
  3. Ergonomic Driver’s Seat
    The ideal level of comfort can be felt by drivers with ergonomic seats. With the right seat layout, drivers can feel comfortable driving even if they sit for long hours. The ergonomic seat design of the Quester Dump is well-adjusted and comes with a comfortable seat cushion and backrest. The ergonomic driver’s seat can also improve the driver’s work performance.
  4. 600 mm Wide Bunk Bed
    One thing that should be avoided while driving is drowsy driving. Truck drivers who are traveling long distances should make sure they are well-rested. If you feel sleepy in the middle of the trip, truck drivers are strongly encouraged to sleep first to get rid of sleepiness. This is where the importance of bunk beds in the truck cabin comes in.
    With a small bed in the truck cabin, the driver will be more comfortable in resting, so that the journey can continue calmly without the interruption of drowsiness.
  5. MP3 Audio System
    Traveling long distances for hours will be very boring. As a means of entertainment, a truck cabin with MP3 audio system can be a feature that accompanies the driver during the trip. Quester Dump from UD Trucks is equipped with the latest MP3 audio system in the truck cabin. So, you don’t need to manually install the sound system in the cabin anymore.

There are many things that must be considered when driving a heavy duty truck, especially the comfort of the truck driver himself. The complete facilities in the truck cabin are not only to provide comfort for the driver, but also to increase the level of safety.

The cabin of Quester Dump truck from UD Trucks that has been equipped with the above features can improve the driver’s performance, provide comfort, and minimize the risk of accidents, so that the cargo carried will be more secure.

Features such as air conditioning, sound insulation, ergonomic seat design, bunk bed, and MP3 audio system, you can get in the UD Trucks Quester Dump series from United Tractors. Prioritizing the comfort and safety of driving with Quester Dump is not a difficult thing, because UD Trucks always prioritizes the safety of anyone, anytime, and anywhere.

United Tractors: Heavy Duty Truck Distributor with High Comfort Level
Looking for a distributor that sells heavy duty dump trucks with comfortable cabins? Find Quester Dump Truck from UD Trucks only at United Tractors. Besides being more comfortable, Quester Dump at United Tractors is also equipped with a high safety system with features such as 3 wiper blades and heavy duty engine oil pan protector. Contact UT Call’s excellent after-sales service at 1500 072 to get more information about the product.

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