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8 Important Factors to Consider on European Buses to Ensure Safety and Comfort During Travel

28 June 2024

8-hal-yang-perlu-diperhatikan-pada-bus-eropa-agar-aman-nyaman-saat-mudikUnited Tractors, Jakarta—Long trips, like travelling back to their hometowns by road, are very common for most Indonesians. During the homecoming season, such as Eid al-Fitr, buses are popular for travellers to get around by road trip. Different buses are used for people to travel back to their hometowns. Transportation companies use both Japanese and European buses to provide their services.

Travelling between cities or even between provinces requires a significant amount of time. Bus passengers want to feel safe and comfortable on their long journeys. Therefore, buses must have adequate safety and comfort features to meet these demands.

When it comes to comfort and safety, there is no reason to doubt the quality of buses made by European manufacturers. Many bus drivers prefer European buses due to the high level of comfort they offer passengers and drivers. Scania, for example, is known to have features that provide a high level of safety and comfort. These features include air suspension, Opticruise automatic transmission, ABS, EBS, and ESP braking systems.

We must always maintain buses well for these features to continuously provide the safety and comfort desired by passengers and drivers.

The following is how to care for European Scania buses before using them for long trips.

  1. Engine Check

The engine is a critical bus component that must always be in good condition. Before departing, thoroughly check the bus engine, v-belt, and oil.

Check the tank for leaks and make sure the oil is full. Additionally, listen for any unusual sounds emanating from the engine. If you hear any unusual sounds coming from it, contact a specialist immediately to have them repaired.

  1. Lubricant Check

Ensuring an appropriate lubrication system is crucial for maintaining the longevity of Scania buses, as it effectively protects the engine from unnecessary wear and tear. Inadequate lubrication can negatively impact engine performance. By ensuring the engine, transmission, suspension, and other components are properly lubricated, you can enhance your driving experience’s safety and comfort. This is due to the significant reduction of friction between these components, which leads to a smoother ride.

Scania has partnered with United Tractors to simplify and speed up lubricant checks. UT offers UT PAP Services, specifically a Lubricant Analysis Program designed for Scania buses. This program effectively identifies any decline in performance within the internal components.

Through partnerships with international standard laboratories, UT ensures the credibility of this program’s analysis process.

  1. Transmission and Axle Check

Another essential aspect to remember when maintaining a Scania bus is regularly inspecting the transmission and axle. Both components form the core of a bus drive system and require intensive maintenance to ensure optimal bus performance. One part of this component that has to be examined is the propeller shaft.

The propeller shaft transfers rotational motion to the axle. Suitable propeller shafts allow the wheels to run smoothly without excessive vibrations.

  1. Undercarriage Check

The undercarriage is an important area that needs proper attention. Regular inspections of this area are essential for ensuring the safety of both passengers and drivers. When inspecting the undercarriage, it is crucial to thoroughly check the vital components, such as the braking system, wheel alignment, suspension, and the condition of the brake pads.

  1. Cooling System Check

Engine overheating can occur when the bus is operated for extended periods of time, as is the case on homecoming and other lengthy travels. A cooling system prevents bus engines from overheating.

It is essential to inspect the Scania bus engine cooling system regularly. Check the radiator for damage and fill the coolant to the recommended level. The radiator and coolant are two-part systems that keep the engine from overheating.

  1. Air Filter Clean-Up

The air filter plays a vital role in engine performance. To keep the engine in good working condition, ensure that the air filter on the European Scania bus is free of excess dust and dirt that could clog the airflow to the engine.

You don’t have to be worried about cleaning the Scania bus air filter! As the Scania bus distributor, United Tractors offers bus maintenance services through the after-sales services program.

United Tractors provides a service program that simplifies routine air filter checks and maintenance of other parts. If damage is detected, United Tractors’ skilled mechanics can perform repairs immediately.

  1. Tire Condition Check

Checking tyre conditions does not only apply to Scania inter-provincial city buses (AKAP); all buses used for homecoming must also be checked. If the tyre’s rubber surface is already bald, it is better to replace the tyre.

Using worn-out tyres on slippery terrain, particularly during the rainy season, is highly dangerous. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that the tyres are in excellent condition and have sufficient tread depth. This will improve the tyres’ grip on the road during braking, preventing the bus from slipping.

  1. Electrical System Check

Another aspect to consider is the electrical system when using a European bus for homecoming. Homecoming journeys can last many hours, and driving on the interstate road at night requires sufficient illumination. Check the bus’s lighting and other electrical systems to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

When travelling great distances, such as on a homecoming journey, it is vital to consider safety and comfort on buses. Unpredictable travel conditions require buses to be in excellent condition. As mentioned above, European buses must be maintained to make the homecoming journey safer and more comfortable.

Scania European Bus Maintenance with United Tractors
Need European-quality buses for commercial purposes? Scania could be the best choice for your business. Scania offers a variety of coaches and city buses, which are only available at United Tractors. With various capacities and models, you may easily choose the bus that meets your requirements.

The safety and comfort of Scania buses have also been thoroughly tested and verified. You’ll value the buses’ modern braking system and sophisticated transmission. They provide comfort during long journeys and ensure a safe driving experience.

In addition, United Tractors offers exceptional after-sales service to every customer all over Indonesia. The service program at United Tractors provides a wide range of Scania bus maintenance options, including engine inspections, lubricant analysis, equipment exchange, and many more.

Discover the Scania New Bus Generation at United Tractors, where you can count on our dependable after-sales service. Feel free to visit the nearest branch office or contact UT Call at 1 500 072 for any inquiries.

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