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4 Reasons United Tractors is Known as the Best Distributor of Heavy Equipment, Trucks, Buses, and Cranes in Indonesia

03 November 2023

alasan-ut-dikenal-sebagai-distributor-terbaik-di-indonesiaUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Finding a fleet for your business needs can be a hassle. However, you don’t need to worry because United Tractors is known as a distributor of quality heavy equipment from well-known brands. Not only heavy equipment, but United Tractors also offers other products, such as trucks and cranes. In addition, many buses in Indonesia also use products from United Tractors because the quality is guaranteed.

The increasingly fierce competition in the heavy equipment market has made United Tractors as one of the heavy equipment distributors more persistent in improving service quality. Our commitment extends beyond offering top-tier products. We prioritize delivering unparalleled post-purchase service to consumers who acquire heavy equipment, cranes, trucks, and buses from United Tractors through our comprehensive product services.

United Tractors is the sole distributor in Indonesia that provides classy products from Komatsu, UD Trucks, Scania, Bomag, and Tadano.

The wide range of products we offer allows businesses from any sector to use our products at once! You don’t need to look for a heavy equipment distributor anymore if you want to meet the needs of heavy equipment for your project, because all types of heavy equipment for the mining, construction, plantation, and transportation sectors can be found at United Tractors.

Why is United Tractors Called Indonesia’s Best Heavy Equipment Distributor?
Since its establishment, United Tractors has won many awards from various institutions. The accolades we receive are well-earned, reflecting UT’s unwavering focus on enhancing customer experiences, continually enhancing product quality, and actively engaging in sustainability initiatives to contribute to a better environment.

That is why for more than 50 years working in Indonesia, United Tractors has brought home dozens of prestigious awards. With these awards, UT hopes that customers will continue to trust United Tractors for their heavy equipment needs.

The awards we have received are proof that United Tractors is the best and most trusted heavy equipment distributor in Indonesia. There are other reasons why until now United Tractors is still known as such. Here is the review.

Providing Versatile Products that Can Be Used in Various Sectors
Heavy equipment at United Tractors comes from well-known manufacturers with various types. This of course makes the products we sell versatile or can be used in various sector.

Construction heavy equipment such as excavators from Komatsu can also be used in the mining sector for excavation processes. Mining heavy equipment such as cranes can also be useful in the forestry sector to lift and move large tree trunks. Each machine has its own function. However, one heavy equipment from United Tractors can support project work in more than one sector.

Full Features
Excavators, compactors, bulldozers, and cranes sold by United Tractors in Indonesia are equipped with complete and advanced features to improve work performance. Not only heavy equipment, but transportation equipment such as European buses and trucks also have the most up-to-date features in their class. Here are the features of United Tractors products and their advantages.

Effective and Efficient
At United Tractors, you can get machines that are efficient especially in fuel consumption. Our products that are equipped with fuel saving systems are Quester Dump Truck and Quester Cargo heavy duty truck from UD Trucks, and Komatsu excavator HB365-1 series. There are also Tadano and Bomag brands that have eco-mode features, so that fuel consumption on heavy equipment becomes more efficient.

Supports Operator Safety and Comfort
The products that UT presents are made directly by the best machine manufacturers in the world and have passed a series of crash tests. Operator safety and comfort features are available in every machine, bus, and truck that we market because we always prioritize work safety both for operators and the environment around the work field.

Comfort features such as sound insulation, an MP3 audio system, and a bunk bed can be found in UD Trucks’ truck products. On average, products from UD Trucks, Komatsu, and Tadano also have ergonomic cabin interiors.

Full Capacity
From trucks to cranes, there are various capacities available for heavy equipment. The wide range of capacities available can help you find a machine that suits your needs.

Environmentally Friendly
United Tractors products such as Quester Dump Truck and forestry, mining, plantation, and construction heavy equipment, as well as Scania European buses already use Euro 5 emission control, which is the European emission standard for motorized fleets. Fleets that have met the Euro 5 standard are ensured to be environmentally friendly and efficient, as the combustion of the engine produces less CO2.

In line with the use of Euro 5 and Euro 4 emission control systems, United Tractors implements ESG principles consistently, earning the Gold Rank award from the Asia Sustainability Reporting Rating (ASRRAT) 2022 and naming United Tractors as a heavy equipment distributor that able to reduce environmental pollution.

Complete After-Sales Service
Unlike other heavy equipment distributors, United Tractors does not just sell cranes or other heavy equipment, but we also provide the most complete after sales service.

After you purchase heavy equipment at United Tractors, we will stay in touch with you to monitor the performance of your heavy equipment and provide other services through United Tractors Guaranteed Product Support (UTGPS).

Customers who purchase excavators, cranes, dozers, and other heavy equipment products will get after-sales services in the form of service programs, parts programs, financing programs, multi-channels, and On Time in Full warranty.

These are the advantages of United Tractors that you can’t get at other heavy equipment distributors. United Tractors goes beyond merely selling top-notch heavy equipment and transportation solutions to customers. We place utmost importance on ensuring customer satisfaction, guaranteeing an exceptional experience throughout the entire journey of owning heavy equipment. Additionally, we actively contribute to cultivating a healthier and environmentally friendly ecosystem for the community, further emphasizing our commitment to a sustainable future.

United Tractors: The Best European Heavy Equipment, Trucks, and Bus Distributor in Indonesia
To be recognized as the best heavy equipment distributor, United Tractors often contributes greatly to Indonesia’s economic sustainability so that it can continue to grow. With a strong determination to help customers achieve business success, we also provide comprehensive services and continuous interaction through UT GPS and UT Connect.

Do you want to own quality heavy equipment and enjoy the services we offer? Visit the nearest United Tractors branch office or contact our UT Call customer service at 1500 072 today!

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