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KOMATSU D31PX-22, an Efficient Bulldozer for Road Construction in Swamp Areas

24 January 2024


United Tractors, Jakarta – Heavy equipment is an aspect that supports heavy work in certain sectors. In the development sector, heavy equipment is used as an instrument to increase productivity and work efficiency. One type of heavy construction equipment that has a major contribution in development projects is bulldozers.

Bulldozers are heavy construction equipment that is arguably very flexible compared to other types of heavy equipment. The reason is, bulldozers can carry out up to 5 functions at once.

With just one bulldozer unit, the needs of development projects such as leveling the ground, clearing land, digging up soil, or transporting and pushing materials can be done easily.

The presence of bulldozers will certainly be very beneficial for the construction sector, especially in the construction of public facilities such as roads. Large-scale development projects such as road construction will go through a long process. Therefore, heavy equipment such as bulldozers are also needed so that development targets can be achieved on time.

When building a road, there will usually be erratic soil conditions at some point. This unpredictable soil texture will be very troublesome if the project does not use adequate heavy equipment.

Sometimes the soil is found to be too loose, especially if the road is built around a swampy area. In order for the work not to be interrupted, you must be able to find a bulldozer that can be operated properly even in swampy areas.

Komatsu D31PX-22 is the right choice of bulldozer for your road construction project. This product variant from a well-known heavy equipment brand is renowned as a powerful bulldozer suitable for the construction, forestry and agriculture sectors. Are you interested in owning this heavy construction equipment? Let’s first get to know Komatsu D31PX-22 further in the discussion below.

Komatsu D31PX-22 Full Specifications
There are many bulldozers that you can find on the market. However, those whose quality is guaranteed, easy to maintain, and have strong durability, you can only get at United Tractors.

United Tractors sells Komatsu bulldozers that are reliably used in various work areas. Starting from light to heavy work fields, Komatsu bulldozers are able to cross all obstacles in any work field but still carry out their functions optimally.

Komatsu bulldozers come with various variants that you can customize to your needs. Especially for road construction in swamp areas and construction areas where the soil conditions tend to be wet, Komatsu has the D31PX-22 type that is suitable for you to use. Curious about what interesting features the Komatsu D31PX-22 bulldozer offers? Here’s the review.

  1. Blade Capacity
    When choosing a bulldozer for the construction industry, the blade is a component that needs to be considered. The blade is a component that performs the function of scraping, pushing, and transporting material located at the end of the bulldozer.
    Usually, the blade has a cutting edge that is useful for scraping and breaking materials. On the sides of the blade on the Komatsu D31PX-22, there is also an end bit that is used as a tool to lift material so that it can enter the blade.
    There are several different blade capacities on Komatsu bulldozer variants. Especially for the D31PX-22, the blade capacity is 1.61 cubic meters and is a PAT Blade type that is easy to adjust.
    The blade pitch angle on the Komatsu D31PX-22 can be easily adjusted as needed. You only need to change the length of the pitch rod at the top of the blade. That way, work efficiency will be achieved optimally in any soil condition.
  2. Engine Capacity
    For optimal bulldozer performance, adequate engine capacity is required. Komatsu D31PX-22 has an engine capacity of 78 HP with EPA Tier 3, EU Stage 3A, and already holds Japanese emission certification “EcoT3”.
    EcoT3 is an ecological and economic certification incorporated with Komatsu technology to produce maximum engine performance without reducing engine power. With the combination of ecology, economy, and the latest technology from Komatsu, the engine can have higher productivity in the movement of engine power intensity that does not need to be reduced.
  3. Operating Weight
    The operating weight of the Komatsu D31PX-22 which includes the dozer PAT, ROPS canopy, operator’s cab, standard equipment, coolant, and lubricant reservoirs, and a fully filled fuel tank is 8,130 kg.
    Having an operating weight of 8,130 kg is not an obstacle for this bulldozer to be a highly productive machine. In fact, Komatsu D31PX-22 can still do all kinds of heavy work even though its operating weight is quite large.
    With a burly and resilient body, Komatsu D31PX-22 can carry out its function as a road work machine capable of clearing land, pushing heavy materials, and even digging the densest soil.
  4. HST with Electronic Control
    Komatsu D31PX-22 prioritizes operational safety and operator comfort by providing the HST or Hydrostatic Transmission feature. This feature allows the operator to shift gears quickly. In fact, the operator can also choose the speed that suits his comfort.
    The HST feature also consists of dual-path-closed-circuits with smooth pump and motor shifting for optimal speed and traction.
    With the HST, the operator will also feel more comfortable during the operation of the unit. The HST is equipped with heavy duty components that make the unit highly durable when performing its function as a soil compactor, soil digger, or even rock material pusher.
  5. Easy Unit Maintenance
    Similar to the maintenance of other Indonesian trucks and buses, this bulldozer is also very easy to maintain. The Komatsu D31PX-22 already uses a swing-up with gas strut-assisted lift locking system, so access to the radiator will be easier to reach.
    In addition, access to the oil cooler and air cooler are located side by side, so it will be very easy to reach both components when you want to clean them.
    Not only that, the hydraulic fan on the Komatsu D31PX-22 is also equipped with a cleaning mode that can rotate in the opposite direction. This feature will certainly be very helpful in cleaning objects that are in front of the cooling area.
  6. New Monitor with Self-Diagnostic Function
    The monitor on a bulldozer serves to provide information about the machine and its operating status. In addition, the monitor can also inform the operator through lights and buzzers if there is a malfunction in the unit.
    Komatsu D31PX-22 is equipped with a self-diagnostic system such as fault codes that provide an indication if there is any troubleshooting. That way, downtime on the machine can be reduced and the machine can work as usual.

United Tractors: Authorized Distributor of Komatsu D31PX-22 in Indonesia
Having trouble finding a new Komatsu D31PX-22 bulldozer unit? Find the latest Komatsu D31PX-22 with the most excellent condition only at United Tractors! As a credible distributor of heavy equipment, trucks, and buses in Indonesia, UT can guarantee the authenticity and the quality of the products sold. In addition, by purchasing Komatsu products from United Tractors, you can get long-term maintenance and guaranteed original spare parts also from UT Connect service.

Interesting, isn’t it? Not only Komatsu bulldozers are UT’s mainstay products, but Scania brand trucks and buses, cargo cranes from Tadano, and various kinds of heavy duty trucks from UD Trucks can also be found at United Tractors. Let’s fulfill all your heavy equipment needs with UT by contacting our 24-hour call center at 1500 072 right now!

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