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2 Best 20 Ton Class Komatsu Excavators for Heavy Equipment in Construction

15 November 2023

Excavator-Komatsu-Kelas-20-Ton-Terbaik-untuk-Alat-Berat-KonstruksiUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Komatsu stands out as the prevailing heavy equipment brand in the construction sector. This is because Komatsu is a multinational heavy equipment company from Japan that has been operating since 1921. Since the day it was founded, Komatsu has been present with heavy equipment for construction, mining, forestry, and other sectors that can always be relied upon.

In 1973, Komatsu appointed United Tractors as its sole distributor in Indonesia. For those of you who want to fulfill your heavy equipment needs for construction projects or other projects, you can contact us through UT Call at 1500 072 and we will provide the best Komatsu heavy equipment recommendations for you.

If you are currently in search of a 20-ton class excavator, we will also provide you with detailed information on the excavator you are looking for. At United Tractors, we have 2 Komatsu 20-ton class excavators with specifications that can increase your productivity in the field. Not only that, but these Komatsu excavators also come with an effective fuel-saving system that will lower your operational costs.

Allow us to introduce two excavators within the 20-ton class, ensuring you have a clear understanding when selecting the optimal variant for your specific work requirements. For more information, here are the specifications of each excavator variant.

Specifications Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator PC210-10M0
Komatsu PC210-10M0 hydraulic excavator is a 20-ton class excavator series that has been around since 2019. Along with the times, Komatsu has also developed by providing upgrades to its products such as this PC210-10M0 excavator.

The PC210-10M0 excavator also includes an engine power of 165 HP and 6 cylinders with a bucket size of 1.2 m3 which already has a wear plate. This wear plate will increase the life of the bucket, so that even if it is used many times, the durability of the bucket will be maintained.

This hydraulic excavator series from Komatsu comes with maximum capability in the 20-ton class. Carrying the slogan “Deliver You a Stress-Free Solution”, you can extend the warranty to 6 years / 12,000 hours through the UT PMP (Preventive Maintenance Package) service after purchase.

In terms of production and fuel costs, the PC210-10M0 series has a high level of efficiency because it is equipped with a fan-clutch cooling system. There is also an engine rotation adjustment system for the hydraulic pump, making fuel consumption up to 15% more efficient. With good engine combustion quality, this excavator is able to reduce production costs, while still providing high productivity and optimal end results.

The cabin of the PC210-10M0 excavator is also very supportive of more productive driver performance. It has a spacious interior with a suspension seat, low vibration, automatic air conditioning, sun roller blind, low noise level, panel monitor, and other facilities that support driver comfort and safety.

Specification of Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator PC200-10M0 CE
The Komatsu PC210-10M0 excavator is not the only 20 ton class excavator series. Above the series, there is still the PC200-10M0 CE type which is a high durability excavator due to a stronger swing circle and is equipped with boom and arm components whose performance has been improved.

Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator PC200-10M0 CE is also known as a fuel-efficient excavator. If the previous series could reduce fuel consumption by 15%, this one can reduce fuel usage by 18%! That is why the PC200-10M0 CE excavator is dubbed as the most efficient excavator in the 20-ton class.

The PC200-10M0 series is equipped with 138 HP engine power and 4 engine cylinders. Although there are fewer cylinders, the power generated is no less powerful than that of a 6-cylinder excavator. You also don’t have to worry about the engine overheating, because this excavator has a compact cooling engine and is very easy to clean.

The fuel used for this excavator should also not be arbitrary, because in accordance with the ESG concept, United Tractors strives to continue to reduce environmental pollution. So, the fuel that can be used for Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE for maximum performance and cleaner exhaust emissions is B30 diesel.

Achieving optimal work results is not only determined by the use of quality fuel, but can also be seen from the movement of the excavator itself. The PC200-10M0 CE excavator has a hydraulic pump flow rate of 439L/min which allows operators to complete work in a timely manner.

In addition, the PC210-10M0 CE unit is also able to reduce maintenance costs by 20% because it has a “centralized” filter with ports and detection sensors.

The cab of the PC200-10M0 CE series excavators has an ergonomically designed interior, so operators can be more comfortable in operating it. In terms of the position of the lever, it fits the hand position so that the operator can work optimally. The ergonomic function of the excavator cab is also intended to prevent the operator from getting tired easily and minimize the risk of injury.

Within the cabin, the monitor panel of the Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE excavator serves as an efficient feature, facilitating convenient adjustments for the operator. This encompasses settings spanning AC temperature control to work modes (economic and power). In addition to the monitor panel, there are also other facilities on the side of the seat such as MP3 audio system and USB Port to support the operator’s comfort. The seat is also equipped with advanced suspension and the operator can adjust the seat height to the desired position.

To increase the safety level, each Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE excavator cabin is equipped with an emergency hammer to break glass in an emergency. In addition, this cabin also has 2 emergency exits to make it easier for operators to escape when things suddenly go wrong.

With a high level of cabin safety and comfort, the Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE excavator is ROPS and OPG Level 1 certified to protect the cabin from falling objects and rollovers.

From the two excavators above, have you made your choice? Basically, both PC210-10M0 and PC210-10M0 CE series excavators have similar facilities. Nonetheless, both excavators can be utilized to increase work productivity on your construction projects.

United Tractors: The Best Excavator Distributor in Indonesia
Uncertain about which excavator suits your business needs best? No worries! Because United Tractors is ready to help anytime, anywhere. Through our consultation service at UT Call, you will get a deeper explanation of the excavator products we offer. We will stay in touch with you until the product reaches your hands.

Even after the purchase process is complete, we will still provide UT After Sales services so that you get the customer satisfaction we expect. Visit your nearest United Tractors branch or contact UT Call customer service at 1500 072 now!

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