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How Excavator Backhoe Loaders Work for Heavy Construction Equipment

21 March 2024

United Tractors, Jakarta – Heavy construction equipment is a series of tools that function to increase work productivity on a construction project. One example of heavy equipment that is often found in the construction sector is an excavator. An excavator is a type of heavy construction equipment that can carry out heavy work such as digging soil, leveling the ground surface, and transporting heavy materials from one location to another.

To carry out all these functions, an excavator unit must consist of a cab, engine, track, boom, arm, bucket, and swing drive that can operate properly. With an excavator, construction performance will be more optimal, and the construction process can be completed on time.

If just one excavator unit can improve work performance in the construction sector, just imagine if the excavator had additional components, such as a loader. Excavators are equipped with a hoe (digger) or bucket for digging and transporting heavy materials. However, if you add a loader, the carrying capacity will be even greater, and the bucket can be used optimally as a digger.

Heavy equipment that has this dual function is a backhoe loader. Backhoe loaders have a design similar to excavators. The difference is that the digging component on a backhoe loader is located at the back, so it is called a “backhoe.” On the front, there is an attachment called a “loader.” Its function is to push, move, and transport heavy materials.

What is a Backhoe Loader?
A backhoe loader is heavy equipment similar to an excavator, but the bucket is located at the back, which is called the backhoe (digger), and the front is equipped with a loader (filler) attachment. This type of heavy equipment can be said to be very flexible and versatile because it has two functions at once, namely transporting or loading heavy materials and carrying out excavations.

The presence of backhoe loaders in the construction industry has an important role, especially in increasing work efficiency. With just one heavy equipment, heavy work such as digging, loading, and moving materials becomes easier and faster. Interested in using a backhoe loader for construction activities? Let’s get to know the backhoe loader further.

Backhoe Loader Parts
The following are several components in a backhoe loader unit.

  1. Loader (Filler)

A backhoe loader is equipped with a bucket component at the front. This bucket functions to transport, load, and push construction materials such as construction residues, gravel, sand, soil, and other construction materials.

  1. Backhoe (Digger)

At the back of the backhoe loader, there is a long arm that is also equipped with a bucket. However, the bucket here has the function of digging and lifting material from the ground.

A backhoe has the same shape as an excavator, only smaller in size. The carrying capacity of a backhoe is not as big as that of an excavator, but the function of a backhoe is more or less similar to that of an excavator in general, such as digging foundations, water channels, or trenches.

  1. Chassis and Wheels

The backhoe loader can be moved easily because of the wheels. The wheels on a backhoe loader are specifically designed to move on various work surfaces. The chassis of the backhoe loader must also have strong resistance so that the backhoe loader can operate well on uneven ground.

  1. Cabin

The cabin is a special space for the operator to operate a backhoe loader. In backhoe loader units and other types of heavy equipment, the cabin components consist of seats, air conditioning, monitor panels, and other supporting devices.

Backhoe Loader Function
The parts of the backhoe loader mentioned above must of course meet work standards in construction work so that their function can be carried out properly. So, what are the main functions of using a backhoe loader? Here is the explanation.

  1. Carrying out Excavation Work

Backhoes are very effective for use in various types of work. High quality and durable backhoes such as those found on the Komatsu WB93R-5 backhoe loader make digging activities easier and more accurate.

With the Side Shift type, the backhoe on the Komatsu WB93R-5 can be moved to the left and right, so that the work area becomes wider and the backhoe can maneuver in tight spaces.

  1. Loading Heavy Material

At the front, the backhoe loader has a loader whose function is to load materials. The greater the loader capacity, the higher the efficiency level. Komatsu WB93R-5 is a backhoe loader unit with a capacity of 1.0 m³. That way, the carrying capacity that can be loaded by this loader can improve work performance to be more optimal.

  1. High Flexibility

The backhoe loader is also heavy equipment that has high flexibility, especially in the construction sector because one backhoe loader unit is equipped with two important components, namely the digger and the loader.

  1. Maneuverability

Even though it has two attachments on the front and back, the size of the backhoe loader tends to be smaller, so the backhoe loader is easier to maneuver in limited areas.

  1. Cost Efficiency

The dual function of a backhoe loader certainly helps you reduce operational and investment costs. Backhoe loaders are economical heavy equipment if you need heavy equipment that can dig, transport, and load materials.

How Backhoe Loaders Work
There are 3 main methods of operating a backhoe loader. Here is the explanation.

  1. V-Shape Loading

The truck does not need to move during the filling process until it is full, using the V-Shape Loading method. When it is full, the new backhoe loader will move forward and backward to form a pattern like the letter V. After that, the material will be taken to the truck by the backhoe loader.

  1. Shaping Loading

Shaping Loading is a method where the backhoe loader lifts the material and the truck moves forward. In this method, the truck will move backwards from the stock pile and then be filled with material, which will later be transported by a backhoe loader.

  1. Pass Loading

This method is usually used when there is more than one backhoe loader. The way it works is that the truck will start moving towards the loader when the loader has started moving. If the loader is fully filled with material, the truck will be in a position not far from the loader.

Those are some things you need to know about backhoe loaders. A backhoe loader is a type of heavy equipment that is efficient for use in the construction sector considering that this heavy equipment has two attachments that can carry out two jobs at once.

The complete components in the backhoe loader allow you to save on operational costs, because the dual function of the backhoe loader means you don’t need additional heavy equipment if you want to excavate land and transport or move materials.

United Tractors: A Famous Backhoe Loader Distributor in Indonesia
Want to save operational costs on your project’s construction? Use a backhoe loader! For a quality backhoe loader with a high level of efficiency and an exclusive design that can maneuver in narrow terrain, United Tractors has the Komatsu backhoe loader type WB93R-5. With careful design of the front loader and arm, visibility during operation and the resulting carrying capacity will be better.

Get a Komatsu WB93R-5 backhoe loader only at United Tractors by calling the UT Contact Center at 1500 072 or visiting the nearest United Tractors branch. Also enjoy UTGPS’ excellent after-sales service with every purchase of heavy equipment, trucks, or buses at United Tractors.

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