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Get to Know 3 Types of UD Trucks Dump Trucks That Are Euro 5 Standard

22 March 2024

United Tractors, Jakarta – Dump trucks are the most common type of heavy equipment we find on work projects. Sectors that use dump trucks to support operational activities usually include construction, mining, agriculture, and forestry. The presence of dump trucks in these sectors certainly provides many benefits. So, it is no longer surprising that many business owners are looking for reliable distributors selling dump trucks.

When using a dump truck, several standards must be met, one of which is exhaust gas standards. The Euro emission standard is an exhaust gas standard that is already in effect in the European Union.

In Indonesia, Euro emission standards have been introduced since 2007. Until now, the minimum emission standard that must be applied by vehicles, including heavy equipment, in Indonesia was Euro 4.

This standardization was not created without reason, but aims to reduce the impact of environmental pollution. If the applicable emission standards are higher, air quality will be better maintained.

In its operation, it must be ensured that the dump truck meets the minimum emission standards, namely Euro 4. However, it would be better if you could use a dump truck whose emission system is above Euro 4, namely the Euro 5 dump truck. What is a Euro 5 dump truck? And what advantages does a Euro 5 dump truck offer? Check out the discussion below.

What is The Euro 5 Dump Truck?
The Euro 5 dump truck is heavy dump truck that is equipped with an emissions processing system that is capable of reducing the gas content of carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), volatile hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter. other solid particles (PM) that can pollute the air.

So, there is no doubt that dump trucks with a Euro 5 emission system are more environmentally friendly than other dump trucks that still use a Euro 4 emission system or even below. With an emission system that meets Euro 5 standards, dump trucks also have advantages. Here are some of them.

Advantages of The Euro 5 Dump Truck
Apart from being more environmentally friendly, the Euro 5 dump truck is also predicted to be a reliable dump truck that is flexible and has other capabilities that can benefit operational activities in various sectors. The following are the advantages of Euro 5 dump trucks.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

The first advantage of a Euro 5 dump truck is that it has low exhaust emissions. The pollutant limitation standards that apply to diesel trucks with Euro 5 control systems are NOx pollutants that do not exceed 0.4 gr/kWh and PM emissions that cannot exceed 0.02 gr/Kwh.

In addition, dump trucks from UD Trucks that have applied Euro 5 also support the use of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). This technology will help the truck spray Ad Blue liquid into the exhaust gas.

AdBlue is an odorless, colorless, and harmless liquid that helps engines produce environmentally friendly exhaust gases. The collaboration between AdBlue and SCR will significantly reduce the pollutants contained in the exhaust gas that will be released into the atmosphere.

  1. Fuel Efficient

Despite having a large engine capacity, the heavy-duty truck from UD Trucks has high fuel efficiency. Thanks to the Euro 5 standardization, Quester Dump also has an optimal operating life and strong durability, resulting in lower operational costs.

Characteristics of The Euro 5 Dump Truck
The emission standards applied to a dump truck can usually be seen from its specifications. To be able to distinguish dump trucks that have Euro 5 emission controls, here are the characteristics.

  • Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions must not exceed 0.4 kW/h, and PM emissions must be at least 0.02 kW/h.
  • Using a more efficient catalyst.
  • Has implemented an energy recovery system.
  • Able to produce cleaner exhaust emissions.
  • Increase fuel consumption efficiency.

3 Best Types of Euro 5 Dump Trucks from UD Trucks

Are you someone who is looking for a Euro 5 dump truck for your project needs? You don’t need to be confused! United Tractors is an official distributor that sells Euro 5 dump trucks with the best quality. The UD Trucks Quester Dump is United Tractors’ mainstay Euro 5 emission standard dump truck. Let’s discuss the specifications and several advantages of the Quester Dump from UD Trucks.

  1. Quester Dump CWE28064R

The first dump truck is the Quester Dump type CWE28064R from UD Trucks, which is a heavy-duty type. This dump truck has a 6×4 wheel configuration with an engine pulling power of 280 HP. Even though the engine power is high, because this dump truck is equipped with Euro 5 emission controls, fuel consumption will not be wasteful and the exhaust gas produced will be more environmentally friendly.

  1. Quester Dump CWE37064R

The next type of dump truck from UD Trucks is the CWE37064R, which is a heavy-duty truck with a 6×4 wheel configuration and an engine power of 370 HP.

There is no need to doubt the level of safety and comfort of this type of dump truck because the cabin is equipped with various features, such as a heavy-duty engine oil pan protector, a blind-spot rearview mirror, and a suspension driver’s seat.

  1. Quester Dump CGE37084R

The last one is the Quester Dump with the highest capacity in its class, namely the CGE37084R type, which is specifically designed for long-distance driving. Equipped with an 8×4 wheel configuration and an engine capacity of 370 HP, this truck is capable of carrying loads with maximum capacity without having to worry about the durability of the body and engine.

Apart from that, with a Euro 5 emission control system, this dump truck also has a high level of fuel consumption efficiency, so that expenditure on truck operational costs will be more economical.

Those are some Euro 5 standard dump trucks from United Tractors. As the largest dump truck distributor in Indonesia, United Tractors adheres to sustainable principles and always ensures that the products we offer can reduce the impact of environmental pollution.

For this reason, United Tractors is currently implementing ESG, including the Quester Dump product from UD Trucks. Quester Dump, which is equipped with a Euro 5 emission control system, has been proven to be able to emit more environmentally friendly carbon emissions, so it can be said that UT is very serious about increasing sustainable added value in the environmental aspect.

United Tractors: Official Distributor of Euro 5 Dump Trucks
Quester Dump is a dump truck product with Euro 5 emission standards from UD Trucks, which you can get at United Tractors. As an official distributor that prioritizes sustainability, we believe that Quester Dump is a form of our commitment to implementing ESG for long-term value creation.

Not only is the Quester Dump our product with renewable emission controls, but there are also heavy hauler trucks from Scania with Euro 4 emission standards and other products from well-known heavy equipment manufacturers.

Fulfill all your heavy equipment needs with United Tractors by contacting UT Call at 1500 072 or consulting directly by visiting the nearest UT branch office.

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