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Scania R620-A6X4 Heavy Tipper: a Tough Mine Truck to Improve Efficiency and Productivity

24 November 2023

scania-r620-truk-tambang-tangguh-dan-efisienUnited Tractors, Jakarta – The presence of European trucks in the mining business is nothing new. The mining sector has been known as the sector that uses the most heavy duty trucks. Mining trucks are an important element in any type of mining process, as their functions can vary such as transporting mining products in solid, liquid, or gas form, and also carrying other heavy equipment to the mining area.

Given the substantial volume of material requiring transportation within the mining region, the trucks utilized in this industry also possess dimensions and weight that reflect their serious purpose. In addition, the carrying capacity of European trucks specialized in the mining sector is arguably larger than other types of heavy-duty trucks.

Scania R620-A6X4 heavy hauler is one example of a heavy duty truck that you can find in Indonesian mining projects. Not a few business activists engaged in the mining sector use this European truck because Scania has been proven to be able to increase efficiency and productivity in completing mining projects.

Not only that, Scania also provides its customers with more than one variant of attachment or vessel option so that buyers can customize the truck to their mining needs. When you are looking for a rugged mining truck for mining purposes, there are two variants of Scania R620-A6X4 that you can choose from, namely Single Trailer and Double Trailer.

Both types of Scania R620-A6X4 have the ability to improve work performance so that it becomes more productive and can also increase efficiency value, both in terms of fuel and power.

What attributes contribute to the recognition of the Scania R620-A6X4 truck as a robust vehicle capable of delivering enhanced work efficiency and productivity? Here’s the full review.

Specifications of Scania R620-A6X4
The products offered by United Tractors are of high quality products that support the mining business. Through quality heavy equipment with high operational safety standards, United Tractors believes that work efficiency and productivity can be achieved easily.

One of UT’s flagship products in the mining sector is Scania’s mining tipper & heavy hauler truck, especially the R620-A6X4 series. Presented as substantiation of the Scania R620-A6X4’s prowess as a high-performing mining truck that enhances productivity in mining operations, the following reviews are provided.

Fuel-Efficient Engine Quality
The Scania R620-A6X4 engine spec includes a V8 engine with a capacity of 16 liters that is capable of producing 620 HP 3,000 Nm 950 – 1,400 rpm. The powerful large-capacity engine gives the truck a high torque despite the low engine speed. It is this technology that makes the Scania R620-A6X4 truck have an efficient in fuel consumption, resulting in more effective driving capabilities.

The powertrain of this heavy hauler truck is also the strongest in its class. It is no surprise that the Scania R620-A6X4 carries the slogan “Strongest Powertrain in the Market”. No matter how strong the engine power of the Scania R620-A6X4 is, you don’t have to worry about the combustion residue, because the Scania R620-A6X4 already uses Euro 4 emission control, which is an emission standard with more environmentally friendly carbon emission results.

Large Vessel Capacity
The trailer capacity that reaches 225 m3 makes Scania R620-A6X4 has the largest vessel capacity compared to other heavy hauler trucks. With a large vessel capacity, Scania R620-A6X4 is ready to support the achievement of maximum productivity.

Utilizing the Retarder System for Braking Capabilities
Scania R620-A6X4 heavy hauler is equipped with a retarder system that helps reduce speed before main braking is carried out. This allows the driver to anticipate braking, especially in downhill road conditions, so that the operator’s safety while driving is ensured and operational safety is better maintained.

Cabin Equipped with CR20N Sleeper Cab
In aid of enhancing operator comfort, the Scania R620-A6X4 cabin features the CR20N Sleeper Cab. This specialized cabin includes a sleeper bed, allowing operators to rest during extended journeys without the need to exit the cabin.

Besides that, CR20 cabin or bigger also has a wider engine cooling system that makes it more effective, especially on a long ride.

This sleeper feature also has a great influence on operational safety. If the operator gets enough rest, the risk of work accidents can be minimized.

Spacious and Comfortable Cabin Size
In terms of size, the cabin of the Scania R620-A6X4 is also fairly spacious, so the driver can freely drive this giant truck. To make it more comfortable and safe, the Scania R620-A6X4 is created with a steel cabin structure that has been coated with galvanized panels. The truck also has long visibility and high visibility as it is supported by a laminated windshield.

Has Passed a Series of Impact Tests
The Scania R620-A6X4 truck is ensured to have a maximum level of safety, as it has passed the EURO ECE R29 and Swedish VVFS 2003:29 crash tests. The passing of Scania R620-A6X4 from both crash tests makes Scania R620-A6X4 categorized as a safe and comfortable mining truck to be driven in any terrain.

United Tractors ESG Implementation
As a heavy equipment distributor whose operations greatly affect and are affected by the environment, we take responsibility for environmental conditions in line with our motto, “Moving as One”.

We are committed to sustainable practices and implementing ESG for a better future environment. This is the reason behind our commitment to offer products that adhere to stringent sustainability standards and develop initiatives capable of generating enduring added value across the economic, social, and environmental facets of the nation.

The offerings dispatched by United Tractors serve not only to support your business endeavors, but also align with our mission to significantly contribute to the nation’s welfare. In pursuit of this goal, we integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles by promoting products that mitigate environmental pollution, exemplified by the Scania R620-A6X4.

The Scania R620-A6X4 heavy hauler truck is equipped with Euro 4 emission control, resulting in healthier carbon emissions. In addition, we also initiate ESG support programs, such as UTGrowth, UTCare, UTrees, and other programs to show our seriousness in achieving our vision and mission as a responsible heavy equipment and transportation distributor in Indonesia.

United Tractors: Main Distributor of Scania R620-A6X4, Heavy Equipment and Fully Equipped Transportation
The Scania R620-A6X4 is one of the largest capacity mining trucks you can find at United Tractors. If you need a truck with a lower capacity, UT also has other trucks variant that suits your need.

Not only trucks, if your business needs excavators, cranes, compactors, or bulldozers, we also provide heavy equipment from renowned manufacturers like Komatsu, Tadano, and Bomag. Consult your heavy equipment needs with our 24/7 customer service at UT Call 1500 072 or visit the nearest United Tractors branch in your city!

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