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Tips for Maintaining Heavy Equipment During the Rainy Season

27 March 2024

United Tractors, Jakarta – The appearance of damage to heavy equipment is a normal thing that occurs and can be caused by various factors. One factor that can trigger damage to heavy equipment is operating the equipment during the rainy season. In this case, maintenance of heavy equipment is of course very necessary so that the performance of the heavy equipment remains good and its service life can be longer.

In general, heavy equipment damage can be detected through routine inspections. Usually, heavy equipment damage is characterized by the engine system stopping suddenly, the engine vibrating excessively, foreign noises appearing when the engine is started, a burning smell arises, or the engine temperature increasing drastically.

These symptoms can be caused by several factors. It could be due to contact with liquid, incorrect operating methods, shock to the machine, or it could also be due to weather factors, especially during the rainy season.

Using heavy equipment during the rainy season can cause unexpected damage because if heavy equipment is exposed to water too often, the surface or inside of the machine made of metal or iron can experience oxidation and cause rust.

So, how do you maintain heavy equipment in the rainy season, so that it doesn’t get damaged? Check out tips below.

How to Maintain Heavy Equipment During the Rainy Season
The main material that builds the structure of heavy equipment is iron. Starting from the outside components to the inside of the machine, heavy equipment is usually dominated by elements made from ferrous metal.

If heavy equipment comes into contact with water too often, such as during the rainy season, there is a high possibility that heavy equipment components made of iron will form oxide and cause rust. Not only rust, but other damage can also occur if heavy equipment is exposed to rainwater.

In times like these, you need good and correct heavy equipment maintenance. So, what are the tips and methods for maintaining heavy equipment when the rainy season hits? Here is the review.

  1. Protecting Heavy Equipment from Rainwater

Rain is not a condition we can control. The presence of rain that is out of our control means we have to think about ways to prevent heavy equipment from being hit by rain.

When the heavy equipment is not in use, make sure you cover the heavy equipment using a tarpaulin or where the heavy equipment will not be exposed to rainwater. If possible, you can create a special space to place heavy equipment when it is not operating to avoid being hit by rainwater.

  1. Carry out routine cleaning 

If you use heavy equipment in the rain, you need to clean the heavy equipment after use with a special cleaning fluid. This tip is useful for removing dirt and other materials that can cause corrosion or wear, especially on parts that are susceptible to mud, such as wheels, undercarriage, and chassis.

Not only during the rainy season, but to prevent greater damage, heavy maintenance in the form of regularly scheduled cleaning also needs to be carried out.

  1. Provide Sufficient Lubrication

Rainwater can dilute or wash away the lubricant that has just been applied to certain parts. For this reason, you need to provide sufficient lubricant regularly to parts of the movement and other parts that come into direct contact with rainwater.

  1. Check the Drainage System

Drainage systems for heavy equipment are an important component in the construction sector. Efficient drainage helps prevent waterlogging, extends machine life, and improves safety on construction sites. During the rainy season, it is necessary to ensure that the drainage system is not flooded so that rainwater can flow properly and does not touch heavy equipment parts directly.

  1. Pay Attention to The Brake System

Maintaining heavy equipment, especially brakes, during the rainy season is very important to ensure the safety and optimal performance of heavy equipment. The rainy season can create more difficult working conditions, such as slippery roads and puddles of water, so you also need to pay attention to brake maintenance so that in the future you don’t have to go to a heavy equipment repair shop to repair the brakes if they are damaged.

  1. Change Filters Regularly

Always make sure the air, fuel, and oil filters are clean and not exposed to rainwater. Filters that are exposed to rainwater will be susceptible to combustion problems because water on the air filter will reduce the amount of air intake to the engine.

In addition, if the fuel is contaminated with rainwater, the flow will be blocked, causing the engine to stop suddenly. Instead of having to take it to a heavy equipment service center for repairs, it’s better to prevent damage by changing the filter regularly.

  1. Provide Training for Operators

During the rainy season, the work surface becomes slippery and has the potential to cause work accidents. To avoid undesirable things happening, heavy equipment operators need to be given special training. Not only for operating heavy equipment, but operators also need to be given training for daily inspections.

You can get a training program for operators for free if you buy heavy equipment at United Tractors. With excellent heavy equipment after sales from United Tractors, you will get 4 Straight Customer Experiences which are included with the Operator Training Program.

  1. Regular Monitoring

To ensure that heavy equipment does not suffer damage due to rainwater, regular monitoring needs to be carried out. This monitoring is useful for identifying parts of heavy equipment that are contaminated with rainwater to prevent rust or corrosion.

Apart from that, monitoring the condition of your heavy equipment regularly, especially during the rainy season, will also make it easier for you to replace components damaged by rainwater.

Routine monitoring needs to be carried out by professionals who are experts in their field. If your heavy equipment distributor is United Tractors, you will get the Equipment Monitoring Program/Program Monitoring Alat (PMA), which is part of UTGPS, aka excellent after-sales service from United Tractors.

UT has experts who will carry out routine inspections of the heavy equipment you have purchased. This inspection aims to obtain accurate data on the condition of heavy equipment and will later be processed further to be used as a reference for future repairs.

Maintaining heavy equipment during the rainy season is a tiring activity, but it is very important to do. You don’t need to worry about experiencing difficulties when maintaining heavy equipment in the rainy season because the tips above are easy to apply. If you consistently apply the tips above, the possibility of heavy equipment being damaged by rainwater will be minimized.

United Tractors: Number One Distributor of Heavy Equipment with Excellent After-Sales Service in Indonesia
Maintaining heavy equipment is not an easy matter. However, it is different if you buy heavy equipment from a credible heavy equipment distributor, such as United Tractors. Not only does it sell dump trucks, buses, and heavy equipment, but UT also provides maintenance services for every product purchased by customers.

With UTGPS’ excellent after-sales service, you will get various attractive facilities, especially for heavy equipment maintenance, such as the Machine Inspection Program, Equipment Monitoring Program, Undercarriage Inspection, and Periodic Service Program, as well as Product Support training for operators and mechanics.

Interesting, right? What are you waiting for? Fulfill your heavy equipment, bus, and truck needs for your business with United Tractors by contacting UT Call at 1500 072 now!

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