Asphalt Finisher

BF 900 C


The Bomag highway paver BF 900 C is a crawler configuration with capacity of 900 t/h and is suitable for the construction of runways and toll roads. This machine has a paving width of 3–6 m and can be extended up to 10 m. This product is equipped with several features and qualified technology, such as quick coupling, magmalife, eco mode and telematic.

  • 3.000 - 6.000 mm

    Working Width (Basic Screed)
  • up to 10.000 mm

    Working Width ( With Extention)
  • 219 HP

    Engine Power
  • 900 tons/hour

    Max Production

Perfect Paving Quality

Equipped with S600 screed, weighing at 4,200 kg, BF 900 C can pave asphalt up to 10 m wide (with additional screed extension) and a maximum depth of 30 cm. Pre-compaction can achieve 94% with this high-performance screed.


Featured with advanced magmalife technology to shorten screed heating time. Quick coupling feature able to increase the width of screed easily and quickly. In addition, this product is equipped with a Bomag Telematic to monitor the equipment GPS data in real time.

Optimum Material Flow

The large size of the augers with ultrasonic sensors ensure even material distribution. Auger ensuring continuous material distribution on the screed, even in thick material overlay. The pre-scrapers on the screeds can be easily adjusted for height, this allows material metering to be adjusted for any paving requirement.


With sideview technology, an adjustable driver seat that can be shifted to the left and right with a maximum overhang to 60 cm. Operators comfort is one of Bomag main concern that directly impact the maximum productivity.


With the latest ecomode technology, Bomag presents the most economical and environmentally friendly asphalt finisher on the market. This product can save up to 20% fuel consumption and produce the lowest noise output with active engine management and an embedded hydraulic management system.

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