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Consider these 3 Things Before You Buy a Cargo Crane

22 September 2023


United Tractors, Jakarta – Cargo cranes are one of the most versatile types of heavy equipment among other types of cranes. As heavy equipment, cargo crane has function as a fleet to lift and move heavy or bulk materials from one location to another. Compared to other types of cranes such as tower crane, the moving range of cargo crane is wider.

Tower crane only have a moving distance of about tens of meters, because tower crane is crane that is installed or patented in one place and cannot move, so the distance of moving goods is only determined by the length of the boom. Even though tower crane has a strong lifting power, the moving distance of these cranes is arguably less efficient.

If you use other types of cranes, you will need another truck to move the material to a longer distance. Well, with a cargo crane, you don’t need to have an additional truck, because a cargo crane is a type of mobile crane that is already equipped with a truck as a cargo or carrier. So, the material that has been lifted can be placed directly into the truck and can be carried anywhere.

There are many cargo cranes with various types and brands in Indonesia, but the one with the best quality is only available at United Tractors. If you are looking for a cargo crane to facilitate the completion of projects in your business, United Tractors has Tadano Cargo Cranes that are ready to be used anytime and anywhere.

The presence of a cargo crane can contribute a lot to your project. However, when you have decided to buy your own cargo crane, there are several considerations that you must go through such as how much budget you have prepared, whether you already have the experts to operate it, and how much weight you will lift with the cargo crane.

In addition to the above considerations, there are also several things that you should pay attention to in order to get the ideal cargo crane that can provide the best performance for your project. Here’s the discussion.

3 Tips to Buy the Best Cargo Crane for Your Business
After you have gone through some considerations and decided to buy a cargo crane as the type of crane you want to have, it is time for you to choose the best cargo crane that can really facilitate your work. As a heavy equipment for construction and other industries, cargo cranes cannot be chosen carelessly, because the impact can last for long term and can affect your overall project work. Here are the things you need to consider when buying a cargo crane.

  1. Consider the Weight of the Load to be Lifted
    Before buying a crane, you should know what the crane will do during the project and how much weight it will lift. Cranes have different lifting capacities. So, when you decide to buy a cargo type crane, make sure that the load to be lifted does not exceed the specified cargo capacity of the crane.
    This is an important factor to consider, because when the weight of the load exceeds the maximum capacity of the cargo crane, the engine and boom of the cargo crane can be damaged. In addition, the length of the cranes (working radius) also determines the strength of the cargo crane. The crane’s pressure will increase as the working radius of the load gets further away.
    The crane will have a great degree of strength when the boom is pulled inward. Meanwhile, as the boom extends, the strength will decrease. So, the strength of the boom will be affected by how long the boom is pulled outward or inward.
    For example, if you want to move a 700 kg material, then the maximum radius of moving the material is 6 meters. If the material you are moving weighs more than 700 kg (say 800 kg), then the radius of the crane must be reduced to increase the cranes lifting strength.
  2. Pay Attention to the Crane Stability Level
    Related to cargo weight, crane stability is also important to consider. A stable crane will minimize work accidents and cargo crane damage. To measure the stability level of the crane, you need to ensure that the body chassis is strong enough to withstand the load. If the load weight exceeds the capacity and the chassis is empty, the crane will not be stable, and the body chassis may roll over.
    The stability of the crane will decrease as the displacement distance increases. To lift a 300 kg load, the working radius is 10 meters. If the working radius exceeds 10 meters, the crane is likely to roll over. However, if the truck is loaded and able to hold the crane, then if the load weight or working radius increases, the cargo crane can remain stable.
    It is important to know the crane specifications such as the working radius length and maximum load weight to improve crane stability. A good level of crane stability is when the working radius is not far apart and the load is not overloaded.
  3. Paying Attention to the Specifications of the Type of Cargo Crane You Choose
    Finally, you need to make sure that the specifications of the type of cargo crane you choose have the capacity that suits your needs. Make sure the wheel configuration is suitable for the field. The capacity of the hoisting device and the length of the boom should also be in accordance with the amount and weight of the load to be lifted.
    Read the cargo crane type specifications carefully until you find out what the maximum boom length is when transporting and not transporting cargo. Apart from the boom length and maximum lifting capacity, other aspects of the crane are also important to consider such as the winch and wire rope on the hoisting device.
    In lifting heavy loads, these two aspects also have their own limits. Make sure your lifted load does not exceed the maximum written capacity, as it will affect the crane’s performance.

Those are the 3 things you need to consider when buying a cargo crane. Finding a high-quality cargo crane may sound difficult. But, if you have basic knowledge about cargo cranes, then you won’t have any trouble finding the right one.

Make sure you have correctly calculated how much cargo will be lifted by the cargo crane to avoid overloading. If the weight of the load exceeds the maximum capacity of the cargo crane both in terms of lifting capacity and tailgate capacity, the risk is that the cargo crane can be damaged immediately.

By paying attention to the things mentioned above, the life of your cargo crane can be longer and its work performance will be more optimal, so the end result can be more satisfying.

United Tractors: Distributor of High Quality, Durable, Guaranteed Cargo Cranes
Looking for a durable and high capacity cargo crane? Tadano is the answer! Tadano is a hydraulic crane manufacturer with various variants that can be tailored to your needs in any sector. To get a cargo crane unit or other types of cranes from Tadano with super complete types, you can visit the nearest United Tractors branch or contact UT Call consumer service at 1500 072.

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