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8 Tips for Maintaining a Mining Truck to Keep Them in Prime Condition

10 May 2024

tips-merawat-truk-tambangUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Trucks are vital transportation in the mining sector, contributing significantly to its operations. Much of work  in the mining industry relies heavily on the presence of mining trucks as most operational activities involve loading, transporting, and moving heavy materials from one location to another.

As one of the main supporting tools in the mining sector, the use of mining trucks needs constant attention. Excessive usage of trucks can make them more vulnerable to damage. High usage intensity of mining truck can have adverse effects on their engines. If there are signs of damage to the machine, operational activities could be disrupted.

Many potential issues could decrease work productivity when mining trucks show signs of damage. If symptoms such as sudden engine stops or unusual noises from the trucks engine are already visible, do not force the engine to continue operating. It’s better for you to promptly conduct an inspection, and indeed, if flaws are found in the engine, process to repair them immediately.

As a mining truck owner, you cannot neglect the condition of your truck. Therefore, owners need to understand the importance of maintaining heavy equipment or transportation equipment operating in the mining sector. To prevent damage to the engine or other components, consider how to maintain mining truck:

  1. Regularly Check and Change Oil

Inspecting and changing oil regularly is  crucial for maintaining mining trucks. This is done to keep the truck in optimal condition and preserve its performance. Typically, truck oil should be changed at least every 3 months or after  the trucks has travelled 5,000 km.

However, if the oil found to be dirty during inspection, it advisable to change it immediately, even if it hasn’t been 3 months or the truck hasn’t traveled 5,000 km yet. Dirty oil can lead to fatal engine damage. Especially if the oil filter is also dirty.

During engine oil inspections, it’s not just the oil that needs changing, but also the engine oil filter. A dirty filter can clog the flow, resulting in truck components experiencing wear due insufficient lubrication.

Need a reminder to schedule an oil change? United Tractors offers the UTGPS service that provide monitoring program for your equipment /Program Monitoring Alat (PMA). This program provides you with information regarding the truck you purchase from United Tractors, including when you need to change oil and other components. Monitoring heavy equipment, trucks, and buses becomes more accesibe with United Tractors.

  1. Tire Inspection

The primary function of a mining truck is to transport heavy materials. To fulfill this function, trucks heavily rely on their tires. Although mining truck tires are specially designed to navigate difficult terrain with heavy loads, there are times when tires need special attention.

The air pressure in the tires needs to be checked regularly so that the truck can work optimally. When checking tire pressure, make sure you follow the guidelines and recommendations of the manufacturer you purchased your truck.

  1. Hydraulic System Maintenance

The hydraulic system on the mining truck makes it easier to unload material from the tub or vessel. If this component is not maintained, it can decrease performance in the field. To maintain the hydraulic system in dump truck, always ensure you always clean any dust and dirt that may accumulate on the hydraulic parts.

Dust and dirt can clog the air filter, disrupting the fluid circulation needed to operate the hydraulics efficiently. As a result, the hydraulics won’t function optimally.

  1. Provide Special Training to Drivers

To ensure the trucks in excellent condition, competent human resources are also required. It’s essential for drivers or operators to understand the proper operation and maintenance the trucks. A truck driver must understand proper and correct truck maintenance procedures because, in addition to ensuring the truck  in optimal condition, this training is also enhances driver safety level.

This special Product Support training for drivers can be obtained if you purchase products from United Tractors. Your operators will be trained perform daily inspections. This program is highly beneficial in maintaining your truck’s condition.

As a distributor of dump trucks from the leading brands, United Tractors always ensures customers receive reliable service. Therefore, UT will ensure the trucks you purchase receive good, intensive maintenance.

  1. Maintain Fuel Quality

To prolong the life of mining truck, make sure you only use fuel that matches your trucks   quality. Also, ensure the truck you use comply with emission controls that meet Indonesian standards, such as Euro 4. The Euro 4 standard has exhaust emissions that are more environmentally friendly

So, if you use quality fuel and your truck is already Euro 4 compliant, then your mining truck is already contributing to reducing environmental pollution.

  1. Replace Fuel Filter

Contaminated fuel can affect the overall engine performance. Even if you use high-quality fuel, if the filter is dirty and  not replaced regularly, the unfiltered contaminants can cause symptoms of damage that can be fatal.

  1. Replace Air Filter

In addition to oil and fuel filters, air filter should also be kept clean. This component must be regularly maintained, because if the airflow to the engine is obstructed by dirt, the engine’s performance will not be optimal. As a result, the truck’s engine may stop while in operation. Or even worse, the engine will be more prone to oveheating.

  1. Only Use Genuine Spare Parts

Genuine spare parts are crucial in the application of trucks in the mining sector. Sometimes, truck owners neglect the use of spare parts due to cost issues. However, genuine spare parts are essential for maintaining the truck’s durability to ensure it remains long-lasting.

There is no doubt about the quality of the original spare parts. Therefore, the engine will not be damaged quickly, and the truck’s condition will be well maintained. Want to have a mining truck with genuine spare parts sales service? Get them only at United Tractors!

UT provides UT Connect service, which makes it easy for you to obtain genuine spare parts directly from UT. UT Connect is equipped with features that ensure you receive genuine spare parts safely and on time.

Rising operational costs are a nightmare for every business in the mining sector. To prevent this, one step that can be taken is to provide preventative maintenance for heavy equipment or vehicles used on projects, such as mining trucks.

You can follow the tips for caring for your mining truck above as a step to keep your truck in prime condition and extend their lifespan. As a result, the truck will not experience sudden breakdown that could lead to increased expenses.

Give the Best Maintenance to Your Truck with United Tractors
No time to maintain your mining truck? Don’t worry. United Tractors provides heavy equipment warranties, including trucks and buses for every product you purchase. This warranty also includes product maintenance services with various facilities, such as Engine Inspection Program, Equipment Monitoring Program, Periodic Service Program, and Undercarriage Inspection, as well as Product Support training for operators and mechanics.

Interesting, isn’t it? With United Tractors, you don’t need to worry about the maintenance of heavy equipment, trucks, or buses because you can get everything in the UTGPS’ excellent after-sales service. Contact the UT Contact Center now at 1500 072 for better heavy equipment maintenance!

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