Komatsu PC200-8M0 Hydraulic Excavator  

Contributing Values to Efficiency and Productivity

28 September 2016

In Agribusiness sector, especially in the palm-oil plantation, PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) poses many superior products, and one of them is  Komatsu PC200-8M0 Hydraulic Excavator with its main application in land clearing


Land clearing is the first process in developing a palm-oil plantation. Preparing a land and constructing necessary infrastructures for a palm-oil plantation are activities in the land-clearing.  The infrastructures include roads, bridge, drainage, and warehouse of heavy equipment.


To optimize the land clearing, it is important to select the right heavy equipment fit in the field condition and situation.  Inappropriate heavy equipment can result in losses such as lower production, missed schedule and target, or other unnecessary repairs


For the land clearing, United Tractors is offering Komatsu PC200-8M0 Hydraulic Excavator of 20-ton class with 138 HP and bucket capacity of 0.93 cubic meters. Currently, the market has welcome this product, the market leader in 20-ton class hydraulic excavator


High Productivity and Fuel Saving

Komatsu PC200-8M0 Hydraulic Excavator has high productivity and is fuel-saving. This is made possible thanks to the improved engine of Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 with lowered speed of the fan and improved cooling function, improvement in hydraulic power from the main valve and hydraulic circuit, and the automatic reduction of the engine rotation while it is not operational, from 1400 rpm to 1050 rpm.

Environment friendly

To improve performance, besides being more efficient in operation and environment-friendly, Komatsu PC200-8M0 Hydraulic Excavator comes with the improved Information and Communication Technology. Boasting the concept of easy visibility, the LCD monitor was specifically designed with high-resolution 7-inch display with 13 languages, including Indonesian.

Komatsu PC200-8M0 Hydraulic Excavator comes with ROPS-certified cabin (Rolling over Protection Structure) to comply with Decree No. 55 of Energy and Human Resources Minister on general mining safety and health.

After-sale Service

All products under the agency of United Tractors are guaranteed with after-sale service known as UT Guaranteed Product Support, in the delivery of spare parts and repair time.  In addition to that, United Tractors has a distribution network all over Indonesia, with 20 branch offices, 22 operation-support offices, and 11 representative offices.  


For further information, please contact UT Call at 1 500 072.