Komatsu PC210-10M0: Peace of Mind

24 May 2019

Komatsu PC210-10M0 is a superior product for 20 ton class hydraulic excavators. It committed to offers three main core values which are easy, safety and comfort with the concept of “Peace of Mind”.

PC210-10M0 provides safety for operators. ROPS cab (ISO 12117-2) as a standard feature has good absorption capabilities, including high durability and impact strength. The cabin designed with OPG level 1 (ISO 10262) requirements for falling objects. In addition to safety, PC210-10M0 is equipped with a thermal and fan guard. This protection prevents direct contact with high temperature parts and prevents fingers from getting stuck in the fan when checking around the engine.

In term of comfort, the operator cabin uses suspension seats as standard equipment. With the weight management function, this suspension seat can reduce fatigue even for long periods of operation. The cabin  also completed with an automatic air conditioner that adjusts to temperature conditions thereby increasing operator comfort. Moreover, Komatsu PC210-10M0 operates with an unusual low noise level compared with previous generation which only makes 67.7 dB of sound.

An Excellent Choice Towards Your Business
PC210-10M0 is reliable. In supporting heavy work operator, PC210-10M0 enhanced an arm protector to protect from material. Boom is more resistant for heavy work and does not require reinforcement for attachment. In supporting heavy work operator, PC210-10M0 enhanced durability at swing circle. It equipped with an embedded grease nipple for maximum protection against wood chips, mud and soil lumps.

Customers might not worry about maintenance costs as PC210-10M0 has a warranty up to 5y / 10,000 hm through a productive maintenance package. Exceptional customers who are working at construction, agribusiness and forestry application, the free maintenance program will be given up to 2y/4,000 hm.

With all the conveniences offered, customers can use PC210-10M0 without being burdened by obstacles. The latest generation of 20 ton class hydraulic excavators from Komatsu and United Tractors have shown their sincerity to provide you with a "Stress-Free Solution."

Komatsu PC210-10M0: High Productivity