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3 Types of Komatsu Hydraulic Excavators from United Tractors

03 April 2024

United Tractors, Jakarta – Many factors can make an infrastructure project a success, one of which is the heavy equipment used. Hydraulic excavators are a type of heavy construction equipment that is very commonly found in the construction sector because this tool is a supporting aspect of heavy work that cannot be done with human ability alone.

Not only does it make construction easier, but excavators can also speed up the construction process because excavators are heavy equipment that consists of a series of sophisticated components to carry out its functions. The main function of the excavator itself is to dig, transport heavy materials, and level the ground.

The excavator component that helps with the excavation and transportation process is called a bucket. On an excavator, the bucket is the part that is located in front of the cab and is shaped like a basket with teeth at the end. This bucket component can also be found on a type of heavy equipment called a backhoe loader.

Unlike excavators, the position of the bucket on the backhoe is at the back of the cab. Even though the placement of the components is different, its function is the same for digging, holding, and transporting material.

Meanwhile, in carrying out its function as a tool for leveling the ground, the excavator has a component called a “track.” Tracks are excavator legs or wheels that are shaped like the wheels on a tank vehicle. These wheels are wrapped with iron chains so that the excavator can level the ground well and maneuver in any terrain.

Seeing its various functions, excavators can not only be used in the construction sector but also in the mining and forestry sectors. Excavators are also heavy equipment that can always be relied on.

Concerning infrastructure development and types of projects in other sectors, the selection of a quality excavator will certainly greatly influence work performance in the field. For this reason, you need to choose your excavator wisely.

So that you can choose the right excavator for a good project work process, United Tractors has 3 recommendations for Komatsu Hydraulic Excavators that you can choose from. Here’s the review.

Recognizing the 3 Best Types of Hydraulic Excavators from Komatsu
If you have been involved in the world of heavy equipment for a long time, Komatsu is no longer an unfamiliar brand in the heavy equipment market. During an era of increasingly fierce heavy equipment competition, Komatsu continues to come up with various innovations and always maintains the quality of its products, especially excavator.

Since 1921, Komatsu has been trusted by many companies to be a heavy equipment manufacturer capable of easing the burden of project work in the mining, development, plantation, forestry, and other sectors. As the main Komatsu distributor, United Tractors always provides small to large hydraulic excavators that you can choose according to your needs.

To make it easier for you to choose an excavator, below we have summarized the 3 best hydraulic excavators from Komatsu.

  1. Mini Hydraulic Excavator

The first is the mini hydraulic excavator type PC45MR-3. Even though it is categorized as a small excavator, the PC45MR-3 has an operating weight of up to 4.7 tons. Apart from that, this excavator is also equipped with a tier 3 engine, so this unit is guaranteed to be more environmentally friendly.

If you need an excavator that is not too big, the PC45MR-3 needs to be on your wish list. Or, if you want a more efficient option, Komatsu also has the WB93R-5 backhoe loader, or multifunctional heavy equipment that can function as a loader as well as an excavator.

The difference between a backhoe excavator and a hydraulic excavator can be seen from the digging components, namely the arm, boom, and bucket. If the excavator has these three components at the front, as the name suggests, the excavator backhoe is located at the back of the cab because the loader is installed at the front.

  1. Small-Medium Machine Hydraulic Excavator

Furthermore, there is also a category of small- to medium-sized hydraulic excavators with various types. The small-medium machine variant is the type of Komatsu excavator with the most types and sizes, namely 9 types, including PC70-8, PC71-7, PC135F-10M0, PC200-10M0 CE, PC210-10M0, PC300-8M0, HB365-1, PC400LC-8R, and PC500LC-10R.

Each type has a different load capacity, engine, and digging capabilities. Small-medium machine hydraulic excavators are specially designed with a compact design, so they can be operated in complicated terrain with limited movement.

For operating weight, the Komatsu small-medium machine hydraulic excavator has a lowest capacity of 6.5 tons for the PC70-8 type and a maximum capacity of 44 tons for the PC500LC-10R type. Apart from that, the engine capacity of the small-medium machine category also varies, starting from 65 HP to 360 HP.

  1. Big Machine Hydraulic Excavator

Apart from mini and small-medium hydraulic machines, Komatsu also offers large machine excavators. This big machine category is the largest excavator in its class in terms of bucket capacity, operating weight, maximum digging capacity, and engine capacity.

In this category, there are 5 types of excavators, namely PC850-8R1, PC1250-11R, PC2000-11R, PC3400-10M0, and PC4000-11. The engine capacity of the Komatsu big machine hydraulic excavator ranges from 487 HP to 1875 HP. With such a large engine capacity, this type of excavator has high productivity with maximum durability.

Apart from that, the working weight offered by this largest excavator is also no joke, which is up to 400 tons on the PC4000-11 type.

These five types of excavators are very suitable for operation in the mining sector and other giant projects because they can improve work performance efficiently, are environmentally friendly, and save fuel consumption due to the Optional Time-Saving Engine Oil Management System technology.

Choosing an excavator for your project needs to be adjusted to your needs and available budget. Before determining the best excavator to support heavy work, you need to consider many things, such as how wide and difficult the project work area is, how long the project will take, how heavy the work has to be done, and many other things.

Make sure you know all aspects of the project you are going to carry out so that you don’t choose the wrong excavator heavy equipment. With 3 excavator choices from Komatsu, you can determine which unit is suitable. If you want a quality excavator that suits your needs, don’t hesitate to reach the UT Contact Center, and discuss your excavator needs with our customer agent team.

United Tractors: The Best Excavator Distributor in Indonesia
Looking for an excavator for your business? United Tractors has the solution! Komatsu is a well-known excavator manufacturer in Japan whose name is known worldwide. If you want quality heavy equipment, especially an excavator, you can get a Komatsu brand excavator only at United Tractors.

Worried about the price of new heavy excavator equipment exceeding your budget? Don’t worry. At United Tractors, you can also buy used Komatsu heavy equipment and other more affordable brands. Consult your heavy equipment needs now by contacting UT Call Service at 1500 072. Also, enjoy excellent after-sales service with every heavy equipment purchase from United Tractors.

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