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11 Reasons Why Bomag Single Drum Roller BW212D-5SL is the Best 11-Ton Class Soil Compactors

01 July 2024

11-alasan-mengapa-bomag-single-drum-roller-bw212d-5sl-menjadi-alat-pemadat-tanah-kelas-11-ton-terbaikUnited Tractors, Jakarta—A single drum roller is a type of soil compactor specifically designed to level and compact the surface of many kinds of terrain, including dirt, asphalt, and rocky land surfaces. This heavy equipment is commonly used in construction projects, particularly for road construction, land leveling, building foundation construction, and road paving.

A drum roller is also knows as a compactor. There are various types of roller including single drum roller, double drum roller, cylindrical roller, sheep foot roller, grid rollers and vibratory roller. This article will discuss the single drum roller from Bomag variant BW212D-5SL, a soil compactor worth exploring.

Bomag is widely recognized as a heavy equipment manufacturer for construction projects, strongly emphasizing soil compaction. Bomag’s BW212D-5SL single drum roller stands out as one of their top products. It represents cutting-edge soil compaction technology designed explicitly for the 11-ton class. Since its release, this drum roller has played an essential role in supporting the construction of roads and other infrastructure in Indonesia.

Because of its numerous benefits, Bomag is the market leader for soil compactors in the Indonesian construction sector. The Bomag BW212D-5SL version is designed to function well in various terrain conditions.

Are you interested in the benefits that this soil compactor offers? Let us examine the comprehensive review.

  1. Operating Weight 11 Tons

The Bomag BW212D-5SL is the newest generation of the BW211D-40 single drum roller. This latest generation has increased its operating weight by 8%, reaching 11 tons, compared to the previous weight of 10 tons. In addition to its substantial operating weight, this new line of single drum rollers boasts impressive productivity, thanks to the top-notch engine and vibration system made in Germany.

  1. Drum Weight 6.9 Ton

The rapid development of infrastructure in Indonesia is closely tied to using heavy equipment, such as the drum rollers manufactured by Bomag. With 50 years of successful operation in Indonesia, Bomag has established itself as a trusted manufacturer of soil compacting equipment, catering to diverse development needs.

Introducing the latest offering from Bomag: the BW212D-5SL single drum roller, boasting an impressive drum weight of 6.9 tons. With a drum weight of this size, the vibrations, frequency, and amplitude emitted are more potent in effectively levelling the land. With the front axle, this single drum roller levels the ground for various infrastructure projects, including parking lots, buildings, and airports.

  1. Equipped with Double Steering Cylinder & Maintenance Free Articulated Joint

The Bomag BW212D-5SL single drum roller is equipped with the Double Steering Cylinder and Maintenance Free Articulated Joint features, ensuring a longer service life even with daily optimal operation. What’s particularly fascinating is that the articulated joint in this variant do not require lubrication, making the use of the equipment more efficient.

  1. Engine Power 132 HP

The Bomag BW212D-5SL has a Deutz biodiesel engine with an impressive 132 HP capacity. This heavy road construction equipment offers high productivity in soil compaction work and is environmentally friendly, as it can use B35-type fuel. It is also easy to maintain, contributing to its great effectiveness in enhancing performance and service life.

  1. Able to Compact Soil to a Depth of 40 CM

The Bomag BW212D-5SL has an impressive operating weight of 11 tons and a drum capacity of up to 6.9 tons. This powerful machine can achieve soil compaction strength up to 40 cm deep. Whether mixed with gravel, sand, or rocks, this drum roller is incredibly reliable and can work optimally, no matter how hard the soil texture is.

  1. Strong Traction with Self-Locking Differential

The reliability of the BW212D-5SL series is remarkable. This machine provides excellent traction with two vibrating systems at the drum edges. In addition, the Bomag series is safer to operate thanks to a self-locking differential that can function on slopes as high as 45%.

  1. ROPS/FOPS Certified Cabin

The Bomag BW212D-5SL’s reliability and comfort are well acknowledged. The cabin of this heavy equipment meets the ROPS/FOPS standard. ROPS/FOPS certification ensures that the heavy equipment is equipped with a safety structure to protect the operator in the event of a rollover or falling incident.

Additionally, the BW212D-5SL cabin is equipped with a safety sensor located on the operator’s seat. This ensures that the driver is both safe and comfortable while behind the wheel.

  1. Intuitive Dashboard

When working with heavy equipment, the dashboard is essential for accessing vital information and maintaining control over the unit. An intuitive and user-friendly dashboard is crucial for effectively operating the soil compactor. The Bomag BW212D-5SL has a user-friendly dashboard with an informative and intuitive operation panel, ensuring operators have complete control over the unit.

  1. Has Economizer Technology

Furthermore, this variant also has an economizer feature that provides operators with real-time data on the density of the compacted material.

  1. Equipped with Capable Technology

The Bomag BW212D-5SL’s key selling point is the use of cutting-edge technology in every equipment. This variant comes with advanced GPS technology, allowing business partners to easily track the equipment’s location in real-time with great accuracy.

In addition, Joblink Bluetooth allows for the utilization of various supplementary functions, including Bomap, which enhances the unit’s field operation capabilities.

Additionally, the Bomag Telematics feature has been seamlessly integrated with UT Connect. Thanks to this advanced technology, monitoring heavy equipment has become more convenient for everyone. Equipment status and maintenance schedules will be displayed through the collaboration of Bomag Telematics and UT Connect and will be accessible with a simple touch of the screen.

  1. Available with After Sales Service

United Tractors’ outstanding after-sales service is another compelling reason to choose the Bomag BW212D-5SL. United Tractors’ after-sales service follows the “One switch, One function” principle, ensuring convenience in heavy equipment maintenance.

In addition, United Tractors offers a 3-year guarantee on original spare parts for the Bomag BW212D-5SL single drum roller. This guarantee ensures that each Bomag unit can achieve maximum operational hours.

That summarises the benefits of the Bomag BW212D-5SL, the best single drum roller in Indonesia, essential for improving your business’s efficiency. Given the advantages mentioned and the strong collaboration between operators and business partners, United Tractors is confident that the Bomag BW212D-5SL will significantly enhance your work and business performance.

United Tractors: Distributor of Bomag Drum Rollers in Indonesia
Need help to find a distributor for the Bomag single drum roller? Look no further! United Tractors offers a wide range of Bomag products for you to explore! From single drum roller to the latest generation asphalt finisher from Bomag, you can conveniently find them at your nearest United Tractors branch.

Working with United Tractors offers numerous advantages, such as the availability of after-sales service for heavy equipment. After-sales services like UTGPS are exclusive benefits available only to dedicated United Tractors customers. This service simplifies routine maintenance on your heavy equipment, truck, or bus. We guarantee the work will be completed on time and exclusively use genuine spare parts.

What do you think? Are you interested? Call the UT Call service at 1 500 072 to discuss your heavy equipment, bus, or truck needs with United Tractors.

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