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4 Types of Cargo Crane with Complete Specifications

12 September 2023

4-Jenis-Cargo-Crane-dengan-Spesifikasi-LengkapUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Cargo cranes are heavy equipment that is often used to support small to large scale projects. Cargo cranes play an important role in the construction, forestry, agriculture, and other sectors because they are used to lift, lower, and move heavy materials.

Just like any other heavy equipment, cargo cranes also have their own types. Based on the carrier, cargo cranes are divided into two types, namely rough terrain crane with a capacity of 30-145 tons and telescopic boom cargo crane which is a crane with a capacity ranging from 3 to 15 tons.

For this special discussion, we will get to know more about  telescopic boom cargo crane. We summarize all things cargo cranes complete with the best cargo crane product series!

Function of Cargo crane
As mentioned earlier, in general, cargo cranes function is to lower, lift, and move heavy materials. For more details, here are the functions of cargo cranes in activities in various sectors.

  • Lifting Highly Loaded Materials
    Basically, the function of cargo cranes is similar to other types of heavy crane equipment, which is to lift high-loaded materials. Materials with large loads cannot be lifted directly by humans. That’s why cargo cranes are needed, with a maximum weight limit of the load lifted, which is 15 tons.
  • Moving Heavy Materials from One Point to Another
    A cargo crane is equipped with a truck as a carrier. Unlike tower cranes that must be installed before they can operate and can only be used in one place, cargo cranes can move heavy materials from one point to another with a longer moving distance compared to tower cranes.
  • Transporting Cargo with Long Distance
    What makes cargo cranes the most widely used heavy equipment in loading and unloading activities is their function of not only lifting heavy goods, but also moving them long distances.
    Equipped with a truck, cargo cranes allow you to take heavy materials anywhere by simply placing them on the cargo deck. This is why cargo cranes can be a very helpful construction machine for lifting building materials. The travel distance is not limited. So, you don’t need to use other heavy equipment if you want to move heavy materials over a relatively long distance.

Examples of Cargo crane Usage in Each Sector
Based on their use in each sector, crane types are also divided into several parts. An example is hoist crane. Hoist crane is a type of crane that is commonly found in workshops or warehouses, because this crane must be mounted on the ceiling. This type of crane functions is to raise goods from the bottom to the top or vice versa. Its limited movement makes hoist crane can only be used in sectors that move indoors.

Then, what about cargo cranes? Because cargo cranes are equipped with trucks as carriers and have decks for transporting, cargo cranes can be called as more versatile heavy equipment compared to other heavy equipment. Here is an example of how cargo cranes are used in several sectors.

  1. Forestry Sector
    For forest projects such as lifting large logs or moving large trees, cargo cranes can make your forestry project work more efficiently. With its high lifting power, uprooting a large tree by its roots and transporting it to another place is not a difficult thing to do when using a cargo crane.
  2. Warehousing and Workshop
    Having trouble lifting large loads of goods to enter the warehouse? You can use a cargo crane! Lifting and moving large items from one warehouse to another can be done efficiently with a cargo crane.
    Even large workshop equipment can be lifted and transported using a cargo crane. It’s not just workshop equipment. Even vehicles with a maximum weight of 15 tons can be lifted using cargo cranes.
  3. Construction Sector
    In this sector, there is no need to doubt. The use of cargo cranes in the construction sector can help your construction project finish faster. Transporting construction materials such as concrete weighing thousands of kilograms can be done easily using cargo cranes.

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Types of the Best Telescopic Boom Cargo crane
Are you looking for a distributor that sells reliable cargo cranes? United Tractors is the place! We sell various types of cranes from all terrain crane to truck crane! Special for cargo cranes, United Tractors has summarized 4 types of the best Telescopic Boom Cargo cranes from the Tadano brand below.

  1. TM-ZT820H Series
    The first telescopic boom cargo crane series is the TM-ZT820H. This series has a lifting capacity of up to 8 tons with a length of 4.40 – 15.92 meters. Very suitable for construction activities! This type of crane is also equipped with a “Hook-In” system with a high level of safety and efficiency.
    Get TM-ZT820H Series
  2. TM-ZX1500 Series
    This crane is a heavy construction equipment that can increase the effectiveness of project work. With a maximum lifting capacity of 15 tons and a length of 5.3 to 18.5 meters, your construction project can be more productive. There’s no question about efficiency and safety, as the TM-ZX1500 series is equipped with a remote control, AML safety device, and Jack Interlock.
    Get TM-ZX1500 Series
  3. TM-ZT1000 Series
    Need a high-quality and robust cargo crane? This series is the right crane for you! The TM-ZT1000 is equipped with a crane equalizer that prevents excessive pressure at one point. That way, the truck chassis frame will not be easily damaged. This cargo crane unit has a lifting capacity of up to 10 tons and boom lengths ranging from 4.40 m – 15.92m.
    Get TM-ZT1000 Series
  4. TM-ZE300 Series
    Last but not least, we also have the TM-ZE300 series with a maximum crane capacity of 3 tons and a boom length of 3.52 m – 12.30 m. Similar to the TM-ZT820H series, this crane also comes with a “Hook-In” system that makes it easy to store the crane hook. The difference is that the TM-ZE300 series comes with a pentagonal boom design made of high-strength steel.
    Get TM-ZE300 Series

These are some of the things you need to know about cargo cranes. If you are looking for a distributor that sells heavy equipment cranes, you must ensure that the heavy equipment products’ quality are guaranteed. In addition, first you also need to understand what cargo cranes are and their types so that you don’t choose the wrong cargo crane for your project.

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United Tractors: High Quality Cargo crane Provider
As a leading Indonesian heavy equipment distributor, United Tractors provides high-quality products imported directly from the best heavy equipment manufacturing countries. We sell various types of heavy equipment ranging from cranes to bulldozers with unquestionable performance and efficiency.

United Tractors will provide you with the best service to get heavy equipment that suits your budget and needs. Reach us now through UT Call at 1 500 072 for more information.

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