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7 Advantages of Scania European Buses That Become Favorite Among Bus Drivers

03 May 2024

7-kelebihan-bus-eropa-scaniaUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Did you know that in Indonesia, Scania is one of the European bus brands that is loved by bus drivers? The Swedish bus manufacturer has features that make anyone feel comfortable driving it. It’s no wonder that Transjakarta buses entrust Scania to be a means of public transportation in Jakarta.

The advantages offered by Scania make this European bus popular among many bus drivers, especially in terms of comfort. Not only used as  public transportation, but Scania bus chassis are also often used as tourist buses and Antar Kota Antar Provinsi (AKAP) buses.

Scania has two different types of buses: the Coach and the City Bus. Coach is the type of bus used for tourism buses. This type has 3 variants, namely K360IB-4×2, K410CB-6×2*4, and K450CB-6×2*4. The specifications of these buses are not much different. The differences lie in the capacity, engine, and unit length.

The Scania buses mentioned above are equipped with a reliable brake system, such as the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). This feature on Scania buses is rarely found on other buses. That’s what makes bus drivers idolize Scania. Besides the features in its braking system, what other features can be proud of in Scania European buses? Check out the other advantages of Scania European buses below.

  1. Renewable Technology Innovation

Scania is a bus manufacturer that is committed to realizing a transportation system by always bringing out the latest innovations. One of the technologies embraced by Scania is the Opticruise transmission system. Opticruise is an automatic transmission system developed by Scania, with its clutch control utilizing electro-hydraulic.

The application of electro-hydraulic is intended to make gear shifting smoother. The gearbox construction basis of Opticruise is a manual transmission with a dry clutch mechanism.

This opticruise system has been applied to every Scania bus. Whether Coach or City Bus, Opticruise makes drivers more comfortable operating their vehicle because automatic buses with Opticruise transmission are easier to control and still feel smooth even on rough roads. Both drivers and passengers will experience super comfortable driving throughout the journey.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

As a transportation equipment brand with a vision to create better mobility for the environment, Scania prioritizes a sustainable transportation system. As a solution to pollution issues, Scania implements the Euro 5 emission system in Coach Buses.

It has been proven that the  Euro 5 emission standards results in healthier exhaust gas, due to the reduction of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and particulates emitted. With exhaust gas that has minimal polluting emission, the air cleanliness in the surrounding environment is maintained.

  1. Fuel Efficiency

Scania buses have minimal fuel consumption rates. The Euro 5 emission systems not only produce cleaner exhaust gases but also provide the best fuel efficiency in its class.

The emission control system in Scania Coach is equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology that collaborates with AdBlue to create environmentally friendly exhaust emissions.

AdBlue is urea-containing liquid that can neutralize harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) into nitrogen and water. Unlike other fuel fluids, AdBlue is not injected into the combustion chamber but sprayed into the exhaust system. With AdBlue, the exhaust emissions produced by buses can reduce excessive pollution.

  1. Ergonomic Design

Another factor that makes drivers comfortable driving  Scania busses is the well-designed dashboard layout. Additionally, the driver’s cabin is  designed with an ergonomic layout, ensuring driver are comfortable driving the bus even in long journey.

  1. Tough Material

Scania bus chassis and body are built with tough, high-quality materials, ensuring greater durability. Moreover, the safety level of this buses is higher than those made from low-quality materials. With high-quality materials, Scania buses can be a long-term investment asset that is profitable.

  1. Complete Safety Features

In addition to comfort, safety aspects are also considered in Scania European buses. Safety features on the Scania K450CB-6X2*4, K410CB-6X2*4, and other Scania bus variants consist of a modern braking system: EBS (Electronic Braking System), ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), and ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

The safety level of these buses is also maintained by features such as retarder brake, overturn protection, and hill-hold features, which function to prevent the bus from moving  forward or backward suddenly when travelling on uphill or downhill routes.

  1. Available with Excellent After-Sales Service

Another advantage of using Scania buses is the availability of prime after-sales service, allowing bus owners to receive intensive bus maintenance facilities.

As the sole distributor of Scania busses in Indonesia, United Tractors ensures every customer who purchases a Scania bus receive the best service, including periodic bus maintenance to keep it in prime condition.

With UTGPS after-sales service, customers’ Scania buses will provided with engine inspection program and equipment monitoring. In addition, drivers and technicians will also receive special training in the form of a daily inspection program.

The advantages offered by Scania European buses are truly that attractive. Starting from fuel-efficient buses, environmentally friendly one, to periodic bus maintenance services, all can be obtained from Scania buses.

Tempted to own one? Don’t hesitate to contact the UT Contact Center to get your dream bus. For convenience, you can directly visit the nearest United Tractors branch office and consult with the UT business consultant about the transportation mode you need.

United Tractors: The Sole Distributor of Scania European Buses in Indonesia
The popularity of Scania Coach buses is increasingly in Indonesia. This is because these buses have enticing advantages, especially for tourism and public transportation businesses. The large capacity of the bus, which can accommodate up to 140 people, is the attraction of this European bus.

In addition to its large capacity, this bus also provides high level of comfort for passengers and drivers. The opticruise feature on the Scania bus variant makes the traction and brake systems of this bus smoother, even on extreme routes.

Before they run out, just visit the nearest United Tractors branch office or call the UT Contact Center at 1500 072 to get a Coach Bus unit from Scania. Enjoy the prime after-sales service of UTGPS for every purchase.

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