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2 Scania European Buses Suitable for Interprovincial Intercity Buses

13 June 2024

Bus-Eropa-Scania-yang-Cocok-Sebagai-Bus-Antarkota-Antar-ProvinsiUnited Tractors, Jakarta – European buses are mass transportation produced by bus manufacturers from European countries such as Sweden, Poland, Germany, and other countries. In this discussion, the European bus we will discuss thoroughly is the Scania coach. Scania is a Swedish company that produces buses with specifications suitable for use as intercity buses (AKAP) in Indonesia.

As a matter of fact, in Indonesia, there are already many AKAP buses that use Scania chassis. Coaches, or AKAP buses, are public transportation that delivers passengers from one city to another between regencies/cities that pass through more than one province.

Coaches have varying capacities depending on their sizes. We usually encounter four bus sizes in Indonesia: small, medium, large, and maxi. AKAP bus, a public transportation mode, is a maxi-sized bus with a maximum weight of 24 tons.

AKAP buses require a robust and durable chassis to accommodate as many passengers as possible. Apart from that, considering the distance travelled by AKAP buses in Indonesia is considerably long, a bus with highly qualified specifications, such as the Scania coach, is necessary.

Scania is a European bus manufacturer providing high comfort for passengers and drivers in Indonesia. It has exceptionally high power and torque, making it a suitable AKAP bus. Scania has two leading chassis variants: Scania K450CB-6X2*4 and Scania K410CB-6X2*4. Want to know more about the specifications and advantages of these two chassis? Here’s the complete summary.

Scania K410CB-6X2*4
First on the list, the Scania chassis variant used for intercity buses is the Scania K410CB-6X2*4. This variant has an engine capacity of 410 HP with 22 tons of load capacity. The Scania K410CB-6X2*4 chassis is a premium chassis equipped with Opticruise technology and an automatic transmission, making this coach very comfortable to drive.

This variant has a maximum front axle load of up to 7.5 tons and a rear axle of 17.5 tons with a GVW of 25 tons. As mentioned earlier, this bus has the most durable chassis due to its large torque, which is 2000 Nm @ 1000 – 1350 r/min. The engine power output is also incredible, which is 306 kW (410 HP) @ 1900 r/min. Thus, this coach is suitable for long-distance drives, such as tourist or AKAP buses.

Scania K450CB-6X2*4
The following coach variant is K450CB-6X2*4. This variant has a more significant engine power, which is 450 HP (@ 1900 r/min) with a 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 13,000 cc and torque of 2150 Nm @ 1000 – 1300 r/min. For its load capacity, this bus can carry up to 22 tons with a maximum bus length of 13.5m.

Scania K450CB-6X2*4 is also an environmentally friendly AKAP bus. It has the Euro 5 emission system, which is also supported by Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology so that it can produce cleaner carbon emissions.

Reasons Why Scania is Suitable as an Inter-Provincial Intercity Bus
Although the competition among AKAP bus manufacturers in Indonesia is quite fierce, Scania remains a stable European bus brand that maintains its position in the market. This is undoubtedly because many business partners still trust Scania as an AKAP bus due to its features. Here are some reasons that make Scania suitable as an AKAP bus.

  1. Suitable for Diverse Body Types

Its fitting size and strong durability enable this Scania bus to be attached to various body types. It starts with super high decks, ultrahigh decks, and double decks. The Scania coach bus mentioned above is also included in the executive bus category, as it offers many facilities that can enhance the driving experience to be safer and more comfortable.

  1. Having a Reliable Braking System

The braking system used on the AKAP Scania bus consists of an Electronic Braking System (EBS), an Electronic Stability Program (ESP), and an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). These combinations make the bus’s stability more controllable, even when ridden on a not flat or slippery track.

  1. Air Suspension on Each Wheel Axle

Air suspension provides comfort for both passengers and drivers. The air suspension on each wheel axle of the Scania coach bus produces stability when going around corners.

The Scania bus has an air suspension system with heavy-duty shock absorbers and an anti-roll bar. This system makes it easier to control the bus while passing through rocky, potholed roads, as well as while driving downhill or uphill. Additionally, the air suspension helps to minimize shocks.

  1. Using B35 Biodiesel

Scania buses also use B35 biodiesel fuel, an environmentally friendly fuel that produces a low carbon emission footprint to reduce the impact of air pollution. B35 biodiesel also has a renewable lubricant that can improve engine performance and reduce wear.

  1. Automatic Gearbox

The Scania coach gearbox is equipped with the GRS895R type, which includes a 12-speed range splitter and an integrated hydraulic retarder.

  1. Opticruise Transmission

What makes Scania an intercity bus that bus drivers love is that Scania has a unique transmission system: Opticruise. Opticruise transmission allows drivers to drive more safely as the system makes a smooth gear shift.

With Opticruise, fuel consumption becomes more efficient, driver and passenger safety is more assured, and the risk of wear and tear on bus components is reduced.

  1. Using the Euro 5 Emission System

Unlike other automatic or manual transmission buses that still use Euro 3 or 4 emission systems, the Scania K410CB-6X2*4 and K450CB-6X2*4 have already implemented the Euro 5 emission standards. This standardization significantly reduces NOx and particulate emissions, producing cleaner carbon emissions.

  1. Fleet Management Services 

The AKAP bus is a high-mobility bus requiring special care to keep the units performing well. Therefore, special monitoring is also needed so that the condition of the buses can always be maintained. Fortunately, Scania has a Fleet Management Services (FMS) feature, a device that facilitates communication between Scania units and the users.

With FMS, users can receive complete information related to the units, such as the amount of fuel consumption, CO2 emissions released in a certain period, and other reports that show the real-time condition of the units.

The intercity bus (AKAP) is a mode of mass transportation that transports passengers from one city to another via inter-provincial routes. Given the long distance and high mobility, this bus needs a robust chassis and body to accommodate many passengers with a safe and comfortable driving process.

The Scania coach is an ideal AKAP bus due to its numerous features. Firstly, Scania has a large capacity and is compatible with various bus types, making it a versatile option. Additionally, it has a good braking system, is equipped with an Opticruise system and air suspension, and has the added advantage of a Fleet Management Services (FMS) feature. All of these features make Scania a reliable bus manufacturer for AKAP buses.

Get Scania Coach Only at United Tractors
United Tractors is the sole distributor of Scania coaches trusted by business owners. Hundreds of Scania buses are used as AKAP buses, and the Jakarta City government even uses them as Transjakarta. In addition to being a public vehicle, Scania buses are reliably used as tourist buses because they have strong durability, efficient fuel consumption, and good safety features.

Those looking for a bus for business or personal use can visit the nearest United Tractors branch office and consult about your transportation needs. Also, get excellent after-sales service for every purchase from UT by contacting UT Call at 1 500 072 now!

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