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Types of Heavy Equipment Used in Coal Mining

08 May 2024

alat-berat-untuk-pertambangan-batu-baraUnited Tractors, Jakarta – The coal mining industry is one of the largest business sectors that most often utilizes heavy equipment. Mining heavy equipment such as mining trucks, cranes, excavators, and other types of heavy equipment have their respective roles in increasing work productivity in coal mining areas.

Operational activities in mining occur on a large scale, so it is not uncommon to find numerous heavy equipment and giant vehicles in coal mining areas. The large size of this heavy equipment is adjusted to the workload handled by each equipment and the needs in the field.

Moreover, coal heavy equipment and vehicles are  specially designed with large engine power and capacity. Hence, the work results are maximized with significant quantities.

Curious about the heavy equipment used in coal mining? Let’s thoroughly examine the various types of coal mining heavy equipment below.

  1. Cranes

A crane is mining heavy equipment primarily used for lifting and moving heavy-weight materials, such as metal and stone, in large quantities or large-sized mining equipment.

Besides having a large lifting capacity, cranes can rotate 360 degrees with arms that can reach of up to tens of meters, allowing them to reach distant areas inaccessible to other types of heavy equipment.

There are many types of cranes that can be find in a coal mining area, one of which is the mobile crane. Mobile cranes are categorized as high-mobility cranes in coal mining because they have a strong wheeled base that enable stable movement even on extreme terrain surfaces.

Thanks to its high mobility, these mobile crane become reliable heavy equipment in coal mining projects.

To get quality mobile cranes with  maximum capacities of up to tens of tons and good safety standards, you can find them at United Tractors.

UT provides various heavy equipment for coal mining purposes, especially mobile cranes like telescopic boom cargo crane and rough terrain crane from Tadano.

Tadano rough terrain crane are specially designed with a compact size, making them reliable for operation in relatively narrow work areas. Meanwhile, telescopic boom cargo crane are equipped with telescopic boom variants that can be install on various truck sizes. With a lifting capacity of up to 15 tons, these cargo cranes can facilitate high-mobility work.

  1. Dump Truck

Dump trucks are one of the types of heavy equipment that are beneficial in loading and unloading activities in the coal mining sector. Dump trucks are known as heavy material transport fleet equipped with hydraulic components to unload cargo at designated location.

Dump trucks come in various sizes, including light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty. Specifically for the coal mining sector, which handles large-scale workloads, heavy-duty dump trucks are used. Heavy-duty trucks have load capacity to tens of tons and a large diesel engine capacities.

One example of dump truck with reliable giant capacity used in coal mining projects is the Quester Dump CGE37084R from UD Trucks. In addition to the Quester Dump, there are also Mining Tippers and Heavy Hauler Trucks from Scania designed for the mining sector with optimum payload capacities capable of overcoming various terrains.

Another manufacturer producing dump trucks is Komatsu. Komatsu offers efficient off-highway dump truck for use as mining material transportation equipment. The four variants of these truck are equipped with vessels that connected to a hydraulic system, making it easy for the trucks to discharge material to the intended area.

Confused about finding a distributor selling dump trucks from three manufacturers above? United Tractors has the answer! Find the Komatsu, Scania, and Tadano dump trucks you need for coal mining projects only at UT.

  1. Excavator

Among the many types of heavy equipment, excavators are the most found equipment in different business sectors, including the coal mining sector. This equipment is equipped with a bucket in the front for its main function, which is digging and carrying its excavation.

Each excavator has a different bucket size. Some specific excavators feature detachable bucket attachment, allowing owner to replace the bucket according to required capacity.

Similar to cranes, excavators also comes with various types that you can choose from. One of the most versatile and reliable types used in coal mining is the hydraulic excavator.

Hydraulic excavators have larger bucket capacities than regular excavators. Hydraulic excavators also have powerful engine power, making them suitable for mining projects that require large-scale excavation.

To support work in coal mines, make sure you choose quality hydraulic excavator only from trusted manufacturer, such as Komatsu. Komatsu provides various variants of hydraulic excavators whose use can be adjusted to your business sector.

For the coal mining business, there is the 400-ton class PC4000-6 type, that can achieve high work productivity. If you are interested in owning this machine, you can visit the United Tractors branch office, as the official distributor of Komatsu excavators. Also, get integrated heavy equipment monitoring services if you buy an excavator at UT.

  1. Bulldozer

Next, there is a bulldozer, which is  heavy equipment used in coal mining with a blade at the front. The primary function of this heavy equipment is to excavate, level the ground surface, and transport materials such as rocks, debris, or excavated materials.

The application of bulldozers in coal mines is useful for efficiently moving material. Additionally, the blade on the bulldozer also serves to compact the soil, making the mining area more even.

As a equipment that is widely relied on in the mining sector, ensure you have a well-maintained quality bulldozer. To maintain the quality of the bulldozer, regular maintenance of the bulldozer is necessary to ensure the machine operates smoothly.

If you purchase a Komatsu bulldozer or other heavy equipment from United Tractors, you are guaranteed to receive excellent after-sales service. So, in addition to a new unit, you will also receive service products in the form of service programs, operator training, and guaranteed delivery of spare parts on time.

  1. Wheel Loaders

A wheel loader is a heavy equipment used to load and transport materials into a dump trucks. Wheel loaders are equipped with large-capacity bucket at the front, allowing them to load materials, such as rocks, soil, and mined material effectively, then move them from one point to another.

Wheel loaders also have large wheels, which allow this heavy equipment to move freely in coal mine terrain. What makes this equipment necessary is its additional tools, such as extra storage and pallet forks.

The best quality wheel loaders that need no questioning can be obtained from United Tractors. Similarly to bulldozers, if you purchase Komatsu products from UT, you can also enjoy UTGPS after-sales service, which provides a guaranteed and reliable heavy equipment warranties.

United Tractors:  Heavy Equipment Distributor for Coal Mining Needs
The expanding heavy equipment market will indeed make it easier to find heavy equipment for your mining business needs. However, for the best mining heavy equipment, you can only get them from United Tractors. UT only sells heavy equipment from reputable manufacturers, such as Komatsu, Scania, Tadano, and other brands that are already trusted.

Whether you want a bulldozer, dump truck, excavator, or even a crane, you can get them all at United Tractors! Not only that, if you buy heavy equipment at UT, you will also get excellent after-sales service for any machines.

This service includes engine inspection and monitoring, undercarriage inspection, and product support training. Quite advantageous, isn’t it? Get your mining heavy equipment now by contacting the UT Contact Center at 1500 072 or visiting the nearest United Tractors branch.

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