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Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE: Fuel-Efficient & High Productivity Excavator

18 March 2024

Excavators are one type of heavy equipment that significantly contributes to the construction, forestry, agriculture, and mining sectors. In a development project, an excavator is a heavy construction equipment that functions as a soil-digging tool. Its large size and heavy workload make one excavator unit consume a lot of fuel when operated.

High fuel consumption is nothing new in the heavy equipment industry. An excavator can spend as much as a third of its operating cost on diesel fuel alone. Not only excavators but also other heavy equipment, such as bulldozers and mobile cranes, require significant fuel to perform their functions effectively.

In this modern era, it is not only ordinary motorized vehicles that are equipped with fuel efficiency systems, but heavy equipment such as excavators also have the ability to save fuel.

The Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE excavator is one example of an efficient excavator equipped with powerful features such as a 138 HP 4-cylinder engine and a hydraulic system design that can reduce resistance to oil flow so that fuel becomes more efficient.

Fuel Efficiency of the Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE
As mentioned earlier, an excavator’s fuel consumption will affect the machine’s overall performance. While high fuel consumption may increase the machine’s productivity, it can also lead to higher operating costs. In addition, the CO2 gas emitted by the fleet can also harm the environment due to excessive fuel consumption.

As the best solution, Komatsu comes with the PC200-10M0 CE excavator model, equipped with fuel-saving features. This Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE excavator also has other features that make it easier for drivers to operate this machine.

  1. New 4-Cylinder Engine
    First, this fuel-efficient excavator from Komatsu is equipped with a new 4-cylinder engine. For heavy equipment, the new 4-cylinder engine can improve fuel consumption efficiency. When the machine is not operating productively or idling, the 4-cylinder engine dramatically improves efficiency. With the ability to reduce fuel consumption by up to 18%, this 4-cylinder engine makes the Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE excavator the most economical excavator in its class.
  2. More Efficient Hydraulic System
    Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE excavators also have a hydraulic system with a control valve design that has been refined, specially designed, and produced directly by Komatsu. Not only has the control valve been refined, but the pipe and fitting sizes have also been thoroughly updated. These improvements make the hydraulic system move efficiently, lowering fuel consumption.
  3. Equipped with Eco-Gauge Indicator
    The eco-gauge indicator feature on the Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE excavator allows the operator to focus on operating an efficient and environmentally friendly machine. The eco-gauge indicator also allows the operational focus to remain in the green range, resulting in more efficient fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions, making this excavator an environmentally friendly machine.
  4. Equipped with Auto Idle Shutdown
    Fuel wastage usually occurs when the engine is left running when the machine is not operated. To prevent excessive fuel consumption, the Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE excavator has an Auto Idle Shutdown feature to warn the monitor if the engine is idling for 5 minutes or more.
  5. Additional Functions to Improve Fuel Efficiency
    This additional function consists of a feature to select a working mode that suits your needs. The available working modes have been maximized precisely by Komatsu so that each operating mode can deliver the best performance and provide optimal working capabilities. The working modes consist of:
  • P (Power Mode): Bigger production with faster time.
  • E (Economy Mode): More efficient fuel consumption.
  • L (Lifting): Lifting speed is adjustable and can increase by 7% if hydraulic pressure is increased.
  • B (Breaker Mode): Adjusts engine speed and hydraulic flow optimally according to the breaker mode.
  • ATT/P (Attachment Power Mode): Power Mode in att. mode is a power mode that provides optimal engine speed and hydraulic flow.
  • ATT/E (Economy Attachment Mode): Economy mode in att. mode is an economy mode that provides more optimal hydraulic flow and engine rotation.

With several features and advantages of the Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE excavator, fuel consumption can be more efficient by up to 18% compared to the previous generation. Fuel-efficient excavators will not only reduce operational costs but the positive impact will also be felt in reducing environmental pollution.

United Tractors: Find Every Komatsu Model That Suits Your Needs
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