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Komatsu HD785-7 Mine Truck’s Operator Comfort and Control Features

20 June 2024

United Tractors, Jakarta—Heavy equipment, such as mining trucks, is essential to the mining industry’s operation. There will always be a demand for trucks, whether for gold mining, nickel, coal, sand, or other materials. The primary purpose of a mining truck is to transport and move various types of heavy items, such as mining products and excavation leftovers, in the mining areas.

Dump trucks are a specific kind of truck used in the mining sector. They are outfitted with a hydraulic system in the vessel, which enables the efficient unloading of transported items.

Articulated and rigid dump trucks are the two most common types of dump trucks used in the mining industry. The industry relies on these two kinds of dump trucks due to their huge capacities and sturdy construction.

Due to their vast size and capacity, dump trucks require specialized operators. In mining operations, an operator’s ability to operate a dump truck is one of the crucial factors. Therefore, the operator’s comfort in driving a dump truck must be considered.

The operator’s comfort level is also significant in ensuring job safety. A dump truck dashboard’s comfort and control aspects are equally important as the safety features.

The Komatsu HD785-7 is a dump truck that emphasizes driver control and comfort. Curious about its comfort features? Check out the review in this article!

Features on Komatsu HD785-7
The Komatsu HD785-7 offers three primary features: productivity, dash, comfort and control. The productivity feature encompasses various components that contribute to enhancing the efficiency of Komatsu HD785-7 heavy equipment in mining environments. The feature showcases the Komatsu engine model SAA12V140E-3, along with the Mode Selection System, which is equipped with VHPC, AP-Four, and other impressive features.

The dash feature includes several key components, such as the High-Rigidity Frame, sealed DT Connectors, a strong and durable tub body design, a dependable hydraulic system, and various other features.

Meanwhile, this article will cover the operator comfort and control features more extensively.

Komatsu HD785-7 Operator Comfort and Control Features
The Komatsu HD785-7 offers a range of features that enhance the operator’s comfort. In addition, there are control features that increase the efficiency of operating this heavy mining equipment.

  1. Large Cabin and Visibility

This model’s first feature is expansive front, side, and rear windows. These windows greatly enhance the operator’s visibility, providing a broader and clearer view. High-quality materials furnish the cabin interior, ensuring optimal comfort for the operator and improving operational efficiency.

Additionally, the Komatsu HD785-7 has front and bottom rearview mirrors to improve visibility and help drivers better determine the safe driving distance.

  1. Ergonomic Design

Ergonomically designed control rooms and compartments make it easy for operators to reach all control panels. This increases their confidence and comfort in operating the machine leading to an increase in productivity.

  1. Easy-to-See Instrument Panel

Easy-to-read instrument panels enable operators to monitor essential functions efficiently. The information on the Komatsu HD785-7 instrument panel is also easy to understand, making this mining truck suitable even for novice operators.

  1. Ideal Driving Position

The operator’s seat can be adjusted in five directions and includes a tilt-telescopic capability, allowing the operator to work in a proper position that suits their body posture. The seat also has suspension to help reduce vibrations from the engine transmission. This will give the operator better control, more comfort, and less fatigue.

  1. Synchronization of Engine and Transmission Controls

When shifting transmission gears, the engine and transmission rotate in sync. This helps minimize the impact and shock that occur when shifting gears. Synchronizing the engine and transmission rotation will also enhance power train durability by minimizing torque fluctuations.

  1. Advanced K-ATOMiCS

K-ATOMiCS, or the clutch modulation control system, is exclusive to heavy equipment with manual transmissions; it is not found on automatic transmission-equipped heavy equipment.

Optimizing clutch thrust for smoother gear shifts, K-ATOMiCS on the Komatsu HD785-7 offers electronic gear shift control with automated clutch modulation. This will lead to a far more comfortable driving experience.

  1. MacPherson Strut Type Front Suspension

The Komatsu HD785-7 utilizes MacPherson-type independent suspension for its front wheels. This suspension enables the front wheels to navigate rough road surfaces smoothly, ensuring optimal truck control even in the most challenging work environments.

  1. Three Modes Automatic Hydropneumatics suspension

The Komatsu HD785-7’s suspension can switch between three different modes: soft, medium, and hard. The switching is adjusted according to the load and field conditions, leading to a more stable and comfortable unit operation.

  1. Tight Cab Mounts

The large-capacity Tight Cab Mounts secure the truck cab to the chassis and dampen excessive vibrations in the Komatsu HD785-7’s cab. The dampening effectively reduces vibrations in the vehicle cab, leading to a more comfortable and quiet working environment for the operator.

  1. 4-Wheels Parking Brake

The Komatsu HD785-7 comes with a spring parking brake on every wheel. Multiple wet disc brakes are installed on the front and rear axles, ensuring superb braking performance for all four wheels.

  1. Additional Steering

On the Komatsu HD785-7, supplementary steering is a standard feature for every unit.

  1. Electric Dump Body Control

Body dumping on the Komatsu HD785-7 is done with an electronic lever that is lightweight and easy to operate. This lever also includes a ‘kick-out feature’, which eliminates the need for the operator to hold the lever in the ‘dump’ position during the dumping procedure.

  1. Pedal-Operated Secondary Brake

The front and rear parking brakes are automatically activated as pedal-operated secondary brakes. In addition, the Pedal-Operated Secondary Brake also activates automatically when the hydraulic pressure drops below the minimum limit.

  1. Antilock Braking System (ABS)

Komatsu is the first heavy equipment manufacturer to employ the ABS braking system, an electronic system that prevents tyres from locking and reduces the possibility of tyre slipping.

  1. Automatic Spin Regulator (ASR)

Last but not least, the Automatic Spin Regulator (ASR) is a control system that automatically maximizes traction and prevents the rear tyre from slipping on both sides.

These are the features related to operator comfort and control. Each comfort element on the Komatsu HD785-7 plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of operational activities. These features not only enhance operator comfort but also significantly improve work safety.

United Tractors: The Only Authorized Distributor of Komatsu HD785-7
Komatsu HD785-7 is a high-productivity mining truck with the latest braking system and robust Variable Horsepower Control (VHPC) engine. This truck is very suitable for use in the mining industry because the capacity of the Komatsu HD785-7 reaches up to 91 tons with low fuel consumption.

Are you interested in a Komatsu HD785-7? Are you searching for a distributor that offers high-quality dump trucks? To obtain attractive prices on heavy equipment, trucks, and buses and excellent after-sales service, you may visit the local United Tractors branch office or contact UT Customer Care at 1 500 072.

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