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Get to know UTGPS: After-Sales Services for United Tractors Heavy Equipment

29 March 2024

mengenal-utgps-layanan-purna-jual-alat-berat-united-tractorsUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Owning heavy equipment is a big responsibility, considering that heavy equipment is a valuable asset that has quite a large value. Heavy equipment maintenance needs to be carried out regularly so that the quality and service life of the heavy equipment are maintained. Want to get integrated heavy equipment maintenance services? United Tractors has an after-sales service that provides various programs to keep your heavy equipment in prime condition.

Regular maintenance will provide various benefits for anyone who owns heavy equipment. Basically, heavy equipment maintenance is not just about repairing damaged parts of the heavy equipment, but maintenance is also a form of prevention so that the heavy equipment is not easily damaged.

The Importance of Heavy Equipment Maintenance
If this is your first time owning heavy equipment, then there are several things you need to know, such as how important it is to carry out heavy equipment maintenance. Heavy equipment maintenance consists of two types, namely preventive and reactive maintenance.

To maintain quality and make heavy equipment reliable for use, preventive and reactive maintenance are very necessary. The following is an explanation of why we need to implement preventive and reactive maintenance on heavy equipment.

  1. Can Prevent Wear and Tear on Engines and Other Components
    Dust and stubborn dirt that sticks to heavy equipment is abrasive. This means that if this dirt is not cleaned, it will cause friction, which can erode the components, causing wear.
  1. Reduces The Risk of Engine Overheating
    Dirt can also overheat the engine, especially mud and debris. If the engine is covered in mud, then the engine that is operating has great potential to produce excess heat. Apart from that, if the radiator is clogged with dirt, the engine will also overheat more easily.
  1. Facilitate Periodic Inspections
    If preventive and reactive maintenance is carried out correctly, the process of inspecting and identifying damage to heavy equipment will be easier. If your heavy equipment is clean, damage will be more visible and can be repaired more quickly.
  1. Increase the Level of Security in the Field
    Work accidents can occur due to heavy equipment that is not properly maintained. For example, dirty hydraulic systems or electrical components tend to increase the risk of explosion. If your heavy equipment is cleaned and maintained regularly, the risk of work accidents in the field will be minimized.

The Importance of Heavy Equipment After-Sales Service
Sometimes, what makes heavy equipment owners reluctant to carry out maintenance is that the process is long and requires experts and additional costs. This is where it is important for you to buy heavy equipment from a distributor that provides after-sales service and provides a heavy equipment warranty as collateral.

After-sales service consists of a series of services provided to customers after making purchase. After-sales service is expected to provide a positive impression and shopping experience for customers, so that customer loyalty will be maintained.

After-sales service is also needed for every purchase of heavy equipment because heavy equipment must also have quality assurance. One example of excellent heavy equipment after-sales service is UTGPS from United Tractors.

UT’s relationship with customers does not stop when the customer has purchased heavy equipment, but during the period of heavy equipment operation, customers will still receive special services such as the Service Program.

The Service Program is a service from UTGPS that is created to ensure customers get satisfaction when using heavy equipment from United Tractors. Besides, the Service Program will also monitor heavy equipment so that the smooth operation of the heavy equipment is well monitored and has optimal performance.

What is UTGPS?
United Tractors Guaranteed Product Support or UTGPS is an excellent after-sales service from United Tractors that consists of reliable programs to maintain the quality of heavy equipment purchased by customers from United Tractors. As a distributor that sells dump trucks, excavators, European buses, and various types of heavy equipment and other transportation, UT always provides the best service that is able to maintain the quality of heavy equipment through after-sales service. The following is the standardization of the after-sales service that UT provides.

4 Straight Customer Experiences
4 Straight Customer Experiences is United Tractors’ after-sales service standardization, which consists of machine inspection, equipment monitoring, undercarriage inspection, and operator training. The following is a complete review of UTGPS services.

  1. Machine Inspection Program (PPM)
    This program is a routine machine inspection program that aims to obtain accurate data on the condition of consumers’ heavy equipment, trucks, and buses. This data will later be used as a reference for the maintenance process so that the condition of heavy equipment, trucks, or buses remains in top condition.
  1. Program Monitoring Tool
    The equipment monitoring program is a program that aims to obtain total information about buses, trucks, or heavy equipment purchased by customers. The information consists of the duration of equipment operation per day, location, oil change information, fuel consumption, and schedule regarding component replacement.
  2. Periodic Service Program or Undercarriage Inspection Program (P2U)
    The Undercarriage Inspection Program only applies to purchases of excavator and bulldozer heavy equipment. This program aims to obtain information regarding the condition of undercarriage components and plans for their replacement.
    Then, for trucks and buses, customers will get a Periodic Service Program as a form of guarantee for truck and bus performance. This program consists of checking and replacing spare parts regularly and on time.
  1. Product Support Training
    UT not only provides services for its products, but there is also a Product Support Training program specifically for operators and mechanics. In this service, there will be daily inspection program training for operators. Meanwhile, mechanics will receive training on regular service programs and management of spare parts inventory in the warehouse.

Isn’t it interesting that the excellent after-sales service provided by United Tractors? As a heavy equipment owner, you don’t need to worry if the heavy equipment is damaged. If you buy heavy equipment, trucks, or buses at United Tractors, you will get the best maintenance service because after-sales service from UT provides various repair, inspection, and training programs.

United Tractors: Distributor with the Best Excellent After-Sales Service
Buying heavy equipment at United Tractors will not make it difficult for you when the heavy equipment experiences problems. The condition of the heavy equipment will also remain excellent because UT has an after-sales service that will continue to ensure the smooth use of the heavy equipment you buy. This after-sales service does not only apply to heavy equipment, but trucks and buses that you buy from UT will also get similar service.

UTGPS is also a form of United Tractors’ dedication to customers so that they always receive a guarantee of the best quality after-sales service. From the programs available at UTGPS, United Tractors hopes that customers will have a positive heavy equipment purchasing experience.

Want to enjoy other interesting services and facilities from United Tractors? Get heavy equipment, buses, and trucks for your business needs at the nearest United Tractors branch, or call the UT Contact Center at 1500 072 now!

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