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4 Components of the Electrical System that Need to be Maintained to Keep the Hydraulic Excavator Durable

19 June 2024

merawat-komponen-elektrikal-pada-excavatorUnited Tractors, Jakarta—The electrical system in heavy equipment is a component that keeps the machine operating efficiently. The maintenance process should not overlook this crucial task. If not properly maintained, many types of damage can occur, especially for hydraulic excavators.

Maintaining the electrical components of a hydraulic excavator will keep the equipment performing optimally. Moreover, electrical components like functioning lights or audible warnings will also ensure the operator’s safety.

By actively maintaining the electrical system’s condition, you can prevent the equipment from encountering issues like hydraulic component wear, leaks, or hydraulic pump failure. If these damages occur, they may impact the equipment’s performance.

What are the negative consequences of electrical system damage to a hydraulic excavator? Here’s the summary.

Negative Impacts of Unmaintained Hydraulic Excavator Electrical System Components
Maintenance is crucial to avoid the following negative consequences that can occur in your hydraulic excavator:

  1. Operational Disruption

Unmaintained electrical components in a hydraulic excavator can disrupt operational activities.

Imagine you’re facing a pressing deadline for a particular project. If the electrical system of your hydraulic excavator fails during the work process, it will significantly impact operational efficiency and productivity.

Disruptions of this kind can negatively impact the work schedule, potentially decreasing the quality of the outcome.

  1. Decreased Performance

The electrical system damage will result in the loss of functionality in multiple components, rendering them practically inoperable. This undoubtedly impacts performance and restricts the operator’s capacity to exploit the hydraulic excavator’s functionalities fully. It also causes delays in tasks that the operator should be able to execute on time.

  1. Accident Potential

Operator safety will also be greatly influenced by the electrical system on the hydraulic excavator. A malfunctioning electrical system will cause the machine to be uncontrollable, thereby threatening the safety of the operator. To minimize the risk of work accidents, it is highly recommended for machine owners to regularly service their heavy equipment, especially by checking the electrical components on the hydraulic excavator.

  1. Inflated Repair Costs

Repairing a hydraulic excavator with a damaged electrical system can be pretty costly. One damage to an electrical component can often lead to damage in other parts. These extra expenses can lead to a significant financial burden for hydraulic excavator owners.

In a different situation, if you choose to rent heavy equipment and the machine you are using encounters damage to the electrical system, you will be responsible for covering the costs resulting from the damage, which could potentially exceed the rental fee.

No hydraulic excavator owner wants to encounter the negative consequences described above. You must ensure that the electrical system components are always in good condition. This will ensure that operations are uninterrupted, stable performance, workers’ safety is protected, and no cost overruns.

Hydraulic excavator owners must know which electrical components need regular maintenance to avoid potential problems that could impact their units. It is crucial to always carefully consider the condition of the following four important components.

Check These 4 Important Components of the Hydraulic Excavator’s Electrical System
The hydraulic excavator has many different electrical systems, each performing specific tasks. These electrical systems interconnect and operate various components of the heavy machinery. As a result, the hydraulic excavator unit relies heavily on this electrical system to function.

If one hydraulic excavator’s electrical component is damaged, another component will also be affected. Thus, it is crucial to maintain these components correctly.

What are the key components that require regular maintenance? Let’s discuss it.

  1. Battery and Battery Relay

One important thing to inspect is the wiring on the battery and battery relay. The battery and battery relay are located on the hydraulic excavator front right side. To ensure correct installation, open the front cover and carefully inspect the electrical wiring. Ensure that the battery and battery relay wiring are in good condition, securely connected, and free from any damage or short circuits.

  1. Starting motor

The starting motor starts the engine. It is an electrical component of a hydraulic excavator that requires regular inspection. To do this, open the engine hood, inspect the wires attached to the starter motor, and ensure that they are in proper condition for operation.

  1. Alternator

The alternator is an electrical component that charges the battery and should be examined regularly. Ensure the alternator wire is connected correctly to ensure the hydraulic excavator operates safely. If you detect any disconnected or loose wiring, contact a skilled heavy equipment mechanic immediately to get it repaired.

  1. Fuse

The final component is the fuse. To perform the inspection, open the fuse cover behind the operator’s seat. Carefully inspect the condition of the fuses and ensure that none are broken or damaged.

Those four main electrical components on a hydraulic excavator must be inspected to ensure the machine functions correctly. Similar to performing routine oil changes, operators or technicians must regularly inspect a hydraulic excavator’s electrical system as part of its maintenance process.

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Easy and Fast Hydraulic Excavator Maintenance with UT
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