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Support Your Construction Business with Komatsu’s Heavy Equipment from United Tractors

11 October 2022

United Tractors, Jakarta: In construction projects, heavy equipment is a very essential product due to its functions. Among many heavy equipment distributors, United Tractors is the one you can always rely on for it provides you with numerous construction heavy equipment with the highest quality.

There are some of heavy equipment products that you can find in United Tractors, from the smallest to the largest with various purposes.

Various Heavy Equipment to Use in the Constructions Sector
The types of heavy equipment for constructions sector are created to help you with the field work as well as minimizing the cost of the projects. You can find many types of equipment designed for different purposes.

Take an example a dozer or bulldozer that is used for leveling, excavation, and stock-pilling of certain materials such as soil, sand, and rocks. There is also a wheel loader that functions as short-distance material transfer media from one place to another, or from one equipment to another, like transferring from a wheel loader to trucks so the materials can be processed further.

The next is a motor grader, a heavy equipment with the main function to level the area which was recently opened. The equipment is also used to mix the soil, dig excavation and many more. The last one is excavator. This heavy equipment is quite popular in construction projects for its various purposes from digging to land clearing.

The Most Popular Komatsu’s Heavy Equipment from United Tractors

Komatsu D85ESS-2
Komatsu D85ESS-2 is a straight tilt dozer which has high productivity as it is equipped with a large-angle blade, special lock torsion, tough design, and lower flat frame. Komatsu D85ESS-2 is suitable for construction, forestry, and mining sector.

Komatsu WA150/ WA200
Komatsu WA150/ WA200 is a wheel loader type of heavy equipment that utilizes dual-mode engine power select system and Traction Control System. This product is suitable for construction, mining, and agriculture sector. Komatsu WA150/ WA200 also has low fuel consumption.

Komatsu GD535
Komatsu GD535 is fit for plantation area, mining and as an equipment to level the land as it weighs 13.820 kilograms. Komatsu GD535 possesses high productivity and is economical as well as ecological motor grader with long wheelbase and short turning radius that is quite visible.

Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE
The excavator has a strong swing circle with a high-endurance boom and arm.  It has a bucket capacity as much as 1,00m3 with workloads up to 20.5 tons. Komatsu PC200-10M0 CE is also 18%-fuel-efficient compared to others.

Komatsu PC210-10M0
Komatsu PC210-10M0 is a type of large bucket excavator that is tough, low fuel consumption, user friendly and easy to maintain. The product has a good endurance and is multi-purposes just like the slogan: “Deliver you a stress-free solution”

Excellent After-sales Service
Find the best heavy equipment for your construction projects only at United Tractors. Contact 1 500 072 for more information about the products and after-sales service.

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