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Scania P410-B6X4, a Tough and Fuel-Efficient European Truck

13 November 2023

Scania-P410-B6X4-Truk-Eropa-Yang-Tangguh-dan-Hemat-Bahan-BakarUnited Tractors, Jakarta – One of the most popular European trucks in Indonesia is Scania. Scania is a world-renowned giant truck manufacturer that has sold up to 1.4 million units of buses and trucks worldwide.

Since the establishment of Scania in 1891 in Sweden, this truck and bus manufacturer has carried the vision of creating an environmentally friendly transportation system to create better mobility in supporting business, society and the environment.

As a heavy equipment distributor that prioritizes the ESG concept, in 2004, United Tractors was entrusted to become Scania’s sole distributor in Indonesia. We believe that cooperation with Scania will provide sustainable added value for stakeholders in the environmental aspect.

On this occasion, we would like to present our flagship product from the Scania brand, the Scania P410-B6X4 which is a heavy-duty truck for the mining and construction sectors.

There are two variants of Scania P410-B6X4 truck, namely Standard Tipper and Heavy Tipper. Both have the same size and engine power. The difference is that the Heavy Tipper has a larger axle capacity compared to the Standard Tipper type.

Both truck variants are also equally durable and have high fuel efficiency, as the diesel engine is equipped with advanced cooling capacity and engine management. For more information about the Scania P410-B6X4, let’s discuss it below.

Specifications and Full Features of Scania P410-B6X4
Scania P410-B6X4 standard truck has an engine power of 410 HP with a total Gross Vehicle Weight of 41 tons. The load capacity of this truck reaches up to 27 tons (off-road operation) and a 4.15 m long axle distance. With a large capacity and strong engine power, this truck is able to lift heavy loads in difficult terrain even with super strong durability. In addition, the 6×4 drive wheels also support the power of the engine in transporting heavy loads over long distances.

  1. Operator Safety
    The next specification of Scania P410-B6X4 European truck is the cabin. The CP 14-type cabin of this truck has passed front, rear, left, right, and top impact tests, making this truck safe to drive. Aside from the crash test certification, cabin safety can also be obtained through the steel cabin structure welded with galvanized panel sheets.
  2. Braking System
    The braking unit of the Scania P410-B6X4 uses ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBS (Electronic Braking System) systems that provide maximum brake force but still maintain steering ability and safety. On uphill or downhill terrain, driver safety is assured as this truck is equipped with a Hill-hold feature, capable of securely holding the truck’s weight in both ascent and descent. Despite its large size and heavy weight, this truck has a strong and flexible frame, so even in narrow areas, the Scania P410-B6X4 truck still can do a great maneuver.
  3. Wheel Specifications
    The 6×4 wheel configuration with a total of 4 drive wheels on the Scania P410-B6X4 unit is also accompanied by Traction Control to prevent the wheels from slipping or losing traction.
  4. Truck Operator Comfort
    In addition to safety, Scania P410-B6X4 also prioritizes driver comfort by equipping the driver’s seat with Air Suspension and Shock Absorber that can reduce fatigue when driving. The steering wheel also has an adjustable steering wheel that allows the driver to adjust the steering distance and there is also storage for the driver to store his luggage during the trip.
  5. Engine Specifications
    The engine of the Scania P410-B6X4 truck uses an Opticruise transmission with smoother gear shifting. What is Opticruise transmission? Opticruise is Scania’s semi-automatic transmission that uses an electro-hydraulic clutch controller for higher gear shift precision. The benefit of Opticruise on Scania P410-B6X4 trucks is that it gives priority to downshifting on uphill trails. This results in less engine wear. Interestingly, the fuel consumption of the Scania P410-B6X4 truck is also more efficient, as this truck has used a large torque character at lower revolutions with a capacity of 13 liters.
  6. Engine Capacity
    As mentioned earlier, the engine capacity of Scania P410-B6X4 is 13 liters with 6 cylinders and a catalyst tank that has used Euro 4 emission standards. In addition, the engine has also applied SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology in the combustion process, so this truck can reduce the impact of environmental pollution. The engine acceleration is also excellent compared to other heavy duty trucks. With the aforementioned engine capacity, the durability of the truck is also higher, as the truck is able to prevent excessive combustion and can minimize oil contamination.
  7. Load Capacity
    With various sizes, features, payload capacity of up to 27 tons (off-road operation), this truck can transport any material. Mining products such as coal, nickel, gold, silver, can be transported using Scania P410-B6X4. Furthermore, construction project materials such as concrete, soil, sand, and rocks can also be transported as cargo, provided their weight remains within the designated maximum capacity.

Those are the complete specifications of Scania P410-B6X4 truck. Both Standard Tipper and Heavy Tipper can be used in mining, transportation, and construction sectors. Both truck variants also have the same facilities and features.

If you want to buy a high quality and durable European truck, Scania P410-B6X4 can be your choice. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service, because we are available 24/7 and will provide the best consultation for your truck needs.

United Tractors: Scania’s First Hand Distributor that is Always Reliable
The features and facilities of Scania’s European trucks and buses make Scania products one step ahead of other products on the market. Not only does it prioritize operator comfort and safety, but Scania also always contributes to reducing the impact of environmental pollution by implementing Euro 4 emission standards in several products.

Interested in experiencing the capabilities of Scania’s European trucks for your business needs? Contact United Tractors now! As the sole distributor of Scania products, we provide a complete range of Scania buses and trucks whose specifications can be tailored to your needs.

Our consultants will give you a series of suggestions and inputs so that you can really find the right product for your business. What are you waiting for? Contact us via UT Call for 24/7 at 1500 072 for excellent after-sales service.

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