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6 Benefits of Bomag Telematics in Heavy Equipment Monitoring

26 June 2024

6-manfaat-bomag-telematics-dalam-monitor-alat-beratUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Using heavy equipment as the primary component of your business carries a significant responsibility. Every heavy equipment owner or operator should understand that tracking the location and condition of the heavy equipment is an essential part of business operations. Regular monitoring of heavy equipment will prevent damage to internal and external components, decrease wear and tear, and prevent engine corrosion.

Furthermore, regular heavy equipment monitoring allows for early detection of potential damage. Early damage detection is crucial for maintaining peak performance and extending the lifespan of heavy equipment.

In the past, monitoring heavy equipment required manual labour, but now you can easily monitor it using your gadget. Bomag, a renowned heavy equipment manufacturer from Germany with a long-standing history since 1957, provides this ease of monitoring.

Bomag specializes in manufacturing soil compacting equipment designed for the construction industry, emphasizing road construction. Since its establishment, Bomag has emerged as a significant player in the global road construction industry.

In 1974, United Tractors was granted the exclusive privilege of becoming the sole Bomag distributor in Indonesia. Bomag and UT dedicate their partnership to constant innovation in delivering top-notch products and exceptional after-sales support, particularly in the road construction industry.

The partnership is demonstrated by the availability of Bomag Telematics technology, which is fully integrated with UT Connect. This feature allows users to check unit conditions from any location anytime!

Isn’t this interesting? Are you curious about this feature? Let’s talk about it further.

What is Bomag Telematic?
Bomag is widely known as a top-heavy construction equipment manufacturer, explicitly focusing on soil compactors. This brand provides diverse soil compaction equipment that offers many benefits. The range of Bomag products available at United Tractors includes cold milling machines, asphalt finishers, recyclers, asphalt compactors, and various other forms of soil compaction equipment.

One aspect that sets Bomag apart from other heavy equipment manufacturers is Bomag Telematics. Bomag Telematics is a cutting-edge telematics technology that utilizes electronic modules. These electronic modules are seamlessly integrated with sensors and engine systems, ensuring optimal performance and functionality on Bomag heavy equipment.

With this technology, we can monitor equipment performance, analyze fuel consumption in real-time, and locate the unit using GPS at any time and from any location.

Function of Bomag Telematics
Bomag Telematics provides a range of handy features. These features are helpful to business partners who own heavy equipment from Bomag. Let’s examine some of Bomag Telematics’ fascinating features in more detail.

  1. Integrated with UT Connect

The partnership between Bomag and United Tractors led to the seamless integration of Bomag Telematics technology with UT Connect. This integration enables seamless data exchange between Bomag Telematics and UT Connect, allowing customers access to real-time equipment information.

Integrating Bomag Telematics and UT Connect enables data synchronization, thus expanding the visibility of unit information. It will provide customers with comprehensive access to monitor Bomag’s heavy equipment, allowing them to maintain it condition and performance effectively.

  1. Monitoring Vibro Roller Condition

Bomag Telematics also offers the capability to monitor the vibro roller’s operational condition. Customers can track the vibro roller’s performance by monitoring operational time, the number of areas covered in a certain period, and idle time. This approach simplifies the assessment of vibro roller productivity and efficiency.

  1. Knowing Bomag’s Location

Furthermore, Bomag Telematics can determine the location of Bomag’s heavy equipment. This position monitoring can be done from any location and at any time. Customers can enjoy the convenience of monitoring the equipment through the Bomag Telematics platform, which is accessible via smartphone, PC, or laptop.

  1. Knowing Operating Conditions and Times

As mentioned earlier, Bomag Telematics comes with GPS features and performance sensors, allowing customers to track the location of the Bomag in real-time. These GPS and performance sensors can also track operational time, including the start, idle, and stop times of heavy equipment. This method ensures higher precision when tracking the duration of operations.

  1. Get Maintenance Schedule Info

Using Bomag Telematics, the maintenance of Bomag heavy equipment becomes highly efficient. This platform allows customers to access the data from the currently operated equipment.

This data is obtained from performance sensors that connect engine data and other essential components. It can then serve as a broad overview of the heavy equipment’s condition and a reference for the maintenance schedule.

  1. Monitor Heavy Equipment Anywhere and Anytime

Bomag Telematics enables customers to conveniently monitor heavy equipment from any location and at any time. This ability is offered via the Bomag Telematics platform, which is accessible with a smartphone or personal laptop. To do this, you just need to log in to your account and link your Bomag heavy equipment to the Bomag Telematics platform.

After doing that, you can utilize the beneficial features offered by Bomag Telematics. These include performance reports, operational data analysis, and the ability to set maintenance schedules. It’s very easy. Using a single device, you can easily access complete information on your equipment’s performance and productivity.

As a road construction equipment manufacturer, Bomag provides the best products and a way for business partners to increase the productivity of their heavy equipment using Bomag Telematics.

As the sole distributor, United Tractors collaborates with Bomag to integrate Bomag Telematics technology with UT Connect. This way, Bomag heavy equipment owners can determine the maintenance schedule for each equipment, as Bomag Telematics consistently monitors the condition and reports it through UT Connect.

Ease of Bomag Heavy Equipment Monitoring with United Tractors
Need information about your Bomag heavy equipment that is currently operational? There’s no need to worry! Every heavy equipment manufactured by Bomag is outfitted with performance systems and sensors that can be linked to Bomag Telematics.

Bomag Telematics is also integrated with UT Connect, so scheduling routine maintenance will be easy. The data collected from Bomag Telematics will be carefully examined and utilized as a reference for the equipment’s maintenance schedule.

Because it is linked to UT Connect, your Bomag heavy equipment will be maintained by United Tractors’ experienced mechanics. United Tractors provides after-sales services, including highly skilled mechanics to support your heavy equipment, eliminating the need for you to search for other specialists elsewhere.

Interesting, isn’t it? Don’t hesitate. Visit the nearest United Tractors branch or contact the UT Call service at 1-500-072 to get your desired heavy equipment and excellent after-sales service.

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