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Get to know Multi-Leaf Spring: The Suspension on Quester CGE37084R which Makes Dump Truck Performance More Robust

25 April 2024

suspensi-multi-leaf-spring-pada-ud-trucks-questerUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Quester Dump CGE37084R is a dump truck variant from UD Trucks that has a GVW of up to 41 tons. Only United Tractors, a distributor, sells this giant dump truck. The CGE37084R dump truck is designed of special components that make this truck reliable for use in extreme work conditions.

Uneven ground surfaces are not a big challenge for the Quester CGE37084R. Even though it operates in a difficult work area, work productivity and operator comfort are still well maintained because this dump truck is equipped with a multi-leaf spring suspension.

In a motor vehicle, especially a truck, the suspension is a component that has the function of connecting the wheels and the vehicle body. The suspension system is a spring made of steel with flexible movement. The elasticity of this spring is relatively high because all vibrations that arise from the wheels are accommodated by the suspension.

The suspension system installed in a heavy-duty truck needs to have strong strength, considering that the main function of the truck is to transport heavy loads. Basically, in a truck, leaf suspension is very common. However, only a few trucks use multi-leaf springs, one of which is the Quester CGE37084R from UD Trucks.

What is multi-leaf spring suspension, and what are its benefits for a dump truck? Let’s learn all about the multi-leaf spring suspension system through the discussion below.

What is a Multi-Leaf Spring?
Multi-leaf spring is a semi-elliptical arrangement of flat plates made from steel that has more than one size. This series of plates is arranged upwards to form one curved section.

This curved steel layer will accommodate the weight of the vehicle, withstand impacts, and provide stability and safety to the dump truck. These steel plates have also been specially designed so that they can accept pressure and load proportionally.

This multi-leaf spring has an elliptical shape, not without reason, but it is intended to increase the elasticity of this spring. The material that forms a multi-leaf spring is also made of spring steel. So, even though this plate is made of sturdy and strong steel, it can still bend when both ends receive pressure.

In general, multi-leaf springs, or leaf springs are composed of 3 to 10 layers of steel plates with a thickness of 3-6 mm each. The lower part is filled with spring sheets with the shortest size, and as you go up, the size of the springs is arranged increasingly lengthwise.

So, the overall shape of the multi-leaf spring is that its length gradually extends from bottom to top. Apart from that, at the very top, there is the longest steel plate with a transverse shape. Its function is to maintain elasticity and accept pressure smoothly.

To keep the multi-leaf spring series intact and parallel when operating, there is a component called a rebound clip. Meanwhile, for the middle part, the multi-leaf spring is united by a U-bolt and center clip. On both sides of the multi-leaf spring, there are also curved spring eyes, which allow this layer of steel plate to be installed using bolts.

Place the multi-leaf spring in the direction of the dump truck. Usually, leaf springs are installed on the front and rear wheels to function as a dump truck suspension. However, there are also multi-leaf spring designs that only use a single-leaf spring on each side.

On the Quester Dump CGE37084R, there is a parabolic-type leaf suspension that is equipped with shock absorbers at the front. For the rear suspension, there are 11 sheets of strong steel layers with V-Stays journalled rubber. This sophisticated suspension allows the Quester Dump CGE37084R to have a maximum level of safety and comfort, making it suitable for operation on off-road terrain.

Multi-Leaf Spring Function
Multi-leaf springs have the main function of providing comfort to the driver, even when carrying heavy loads. How it works, this multi-leaf spring will provide strength to the dump truck to support the entire load on the truck.

The movement of the truck up and down, especially on difficult work terrain, will require springs to withstand shocks. This is where the multi-leaf spring comes into play. Want to know other functions of the multi-leaf spring? Check out the following review.

  1. Increase Driving Comfort

The leaf springs on the suspension of a dump truck unit will provide comfort for the driver. The presence of multi-leaf springs makes the dump truck feel more comfortable to drive because there is minimal vibration from the truck.

Apart from that, even if the dump truck capacity is filled to the maximum, the dump truck will not feel heavy when driving because the leaf springs manage to absorb the heavy pressure on the truck well.

  1. Transmitting Vibrations to the Truck Frame

One of the keys to how a dump truck can be controlled even if it is on an off-road route is because the multi-leaf spring successfully transmits vibrations to the frame of the truck, including the wheels of the truck itself.

  1. Resisting the Pressure Caused by Trucks

When operating, especially if you are carrying a heavy load, there will be changes in pressure on the truck. This pressure will later be resisted by leaf springs so that even though the movement of the truck causes quite significant pressure, this pressure will not be felt by the driver or passengers.

  1. Prevent Pressure Coming from The Side

The car steering wheel moving left and right will cause pressure from the side of the truck. With the multi-leaf spring, this pressure can be reduced so that the truck’s stability is maintained when driving on the road.

  1. Strengthening the Truck

The specifications for a dump truck that uses multi-leaf springs certainly have a lot of added value. Trucks will be resilient with the presence of multi-leaf springs because these springs are composed of steel plates that are strong but also have high flexibility.

  1. Increase Truck Movement Flexibility

Leaf springs are also easy to modify, so the truck can be more flexible. Want the height of the truck to increase? Just add the length of the earring per leaf. You can also adjust the pressure reception to be softer or harder. Easy as that!

  1. As a Swing Arm on a Truck

Another function of the multi-leaf spring on a dump truck is as a swing arm, which provides gentle pressure on the truck when it experiences shocks. The construction of this multi-leaf spring is also very simple and does not have many supporting components.

There are many benefits and uses offered by multi-leaf springs, especially in maintaining truck stability when transporting heavy loads on extreme routes. So that the multi-leaf spring suspension on your truck remains in prime condition, make sure you carry out regular dump truck maintenance.

Dump Truck Maintenance at United Tractors
United Tractors is a distributor that sells dump trucks and provides integrated truck maintenance services in Indonesia. Apart from being able to buy the CGE37084R dump truck from UD Trucks, you will also get excellent after-sales service from UT. This service includes monthly maintenance services, such as unit service programs, operator training, and guaranteed delivery of original spare parts on time.

Interesting right? Directly visit the nearest UT branch or contact the UT Contact Center at 1500 072 now to get the best solutions for heavy equipment, trucks, and buses for your business.

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