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UD Trucks’ Mixer Trucks: Specifications and Benefits

06 March 2023

truk-molen-ud-trucks-spesifikasi-dan-kelebihannyaUnited Tractors, Jakarta – A mixer truck is a vehicle for transporting liquid concrete with a continuously rotating rear end. The function of the rotation is to keep the consistency of the concrete maintained, not to harden during transit.

Ultimate Dependability (UD) Trucks comes with large-scale hauling vehicles. UD Trucks also sells mixer trucks or mixer cars, namely the Quester CWE28064R with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 26.0 tons, referring to the weight of the truck and its cargo. The following are the specifications and benefits of UD Trucks’ concrete mixer trucks.

UD Trucks Mixer Truck Specifications
UD Trucks Quester CWE28064R uses the GH8E engine, with a tough 6×4 wheel configuration for various construction activities, especially road construction and transport of cement materials. The transmission of this mixer truck is 9-speed manual transmission. It has power up to 280 HP with peak torque reaching 1,050.

The braking system is Full Air Brake. This system is equipped with several features, including Automatic Slack Adjuster, Spring Based Parking Brakes, and Exhaust Brake System. There is also an option for the ABS system.

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Benefits of UD Trucks Mixer Truck

UD Trucks, a Japanese truck brand, was founded in 1935 under the name Nihon Diesel Industries, Ltd. UD Trucks mixer cars or mixer trucks have been used and sold in various countries, including Indonesia. The benefits of UD Trucks Quester CWE28064R include:

1. High Performance 8 Liter Engine

The UD Trucks concrete mixer truck comes with an 8 liter capacity engine of the GH8E type. This 8 liter engine has relatively low operating costs, due to its long service life. The engine is equipped with a Turbo Charging feature with an air-to-air intercooler. Its power can reach 220 HP with 850 Nm of torque, 250 HP with 950 Nm of torque, and 330 HP with 200 Nm of torque.

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2. Fuel Efficiency
Quester CWE UD Trucks already has engines with Euro 5 emission standards that are environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. This emission standard is achieved thanks to Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology which ensures lower exhaust emissions and minimal nitrogen oxide (NOX) content, by injecting liquid catalyst into the exhaust gas before passing through the catalytic converter. That way, engine performance will not be reduced because all additional components work after the exhaust gases leave the engine.

3. Fuel Building System
UD Trucks’ CWE mixer truck is equipped with driver coaching which is displayed in real time on the instrument panel. Drivers only need to see on the screen when to brake, change gears, to accelerate, which is used to save fuel. This system must be observed first, but beginners do not need to worry as the system is user-friendly.

UD Trucks’ mixer trucks with an 8 liter engine offer their respective advantages. Both are designed with the latest technology. Make sure you get a UD Trucks’ mixer truck at United Tractors, which sells the best mixer trucks or mixer cars.

Excellent After Sales Service
If you have problems in operation, just call United Tractors at 1 500 072. You will get excellent after-sales service for every purchase of heavy equipment.


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