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Selling UD Trucks CGE37084R, 41 Ton Capacity Dump Truck

05 April 2024

ud-trucks-cge37084r-dari-united-tractorsUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Dump trucks are a means of transportation used to transport and move heavy materials from one location to another. At the bottom of the dump truck bed, there are hydraulic components that make it easier for the truck to unload the load. Currently, many distributors sell dump trucks. However, you can only find high-quality dump trucks at United Tractors.

As the largest distributor of heavy equipment, buses, and trucks in Indonesia, United Tractors always provides high-quality services and products for business needs in various sectors, especially the construction and mining sectors. These two sectors are business fields that often use dump trucks.

One of United Tractors’ flagship products is the giant-capacity dump truck produced by the leading truck brand in Japan, namely UD Trucks. UD Trucks is a Japanese truck manufacturer that often comes up with effective transportation innovations that can advance business growth.

There are 2 different UD Trucks dump truck variants, they are Quester Dump CWE37064R and CGE37084R with Euro 5 emission control systems.

With the emission control system implemented, all types of Quester Dump UD Trucks have a high level of fuel consumption efficiency. So, if you need a dump truck for project purposes with minimal operational costs, especially in the mining industry, Quester Dump is the best solution.

The business sector that operates in the mining sector requires dump trucks with a high operating weight and capacity, considering that the weight of the material that must be transported is extraordinary. Mining products such as nickel, iron ore, copper, split stone, and coal need to be accommodated by dump trucks with special tanks and strong durability.

If you are looking for a Euro 5 dump truck with a large capacity that can support heavy work on mining land, the Quester Dump CGE37084R from UD Trucks is suitable for you.

Complete Specifications Quester Dump CGE37084R
The following are complete details of the components contained in the Quester Dump CGE37084R, which is produced by UD Trucks.

  1. Body Size

Quester Dump CGE37084R has a total length of 11,175 mm with a cabin-to-rear axle measuring 5,495 mm. For total width, the CGE37084R has dimensions of 2,500 mm and a height of 3,260 mm. Are you curious about more complete details of the body dimensions? You can read the CGE37084R brochure here.

  1. Total Weight

The Quester Dump type CGE37084R can be said to be the largest dump truck in its class, with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 41,000 kg, or around 41 tons. For the chassis alone, this dump truck has a chassis weighing 10,593 kg. The empty weight of the front axle is 6,352 kg, and the empty weight of the rear axle is 4,241 kg. If it is at full capacity, the weight of the front axle can reach up to 15,000 kg, and the rear axle weighs 26,000 kg.

  1. Wheel and Tire Size

For the wheels and tires, the CGE37084R has tire sizes of 12R20 radials and steel wheel rims measuring 8.5″ x 20″.

  1. GH11E370 Engine 

This heavy-duty truck uses the GH11E370 engine type, which is equipped with a 6-cylinder in-line direct injection diesel engine, turbocharged, intercooled with 4 valves per cylinder, overhead camshaft-driven unit injectors, and electronically regulated fuel injection. The maximum output capacity reaches up to 370 HP @ 1,900 rpm, and the maximum torque is 1,700 Nm @ 1,000–1,400 rpm.

The Quester Dump CGE37084R emissions control system uses Euro 5. So, exhaust emissions resulting from engine combustion are cleaner. This is in line with United Tractors’ mission, which upholds ESG principles, namely generating sustainable added value, one of which is in the environmental sector.

  1. Transmission

The CGE37084R transmission uses a 9-speed synchronized, overdrive, range-change gearbox designed for 2,000Nm of torque. This transmission system is also equipped with a carbon synchronizer on the forward gears for lower shifting effort. In addition, there is also a high-performance oil cooler with an oil pump for durability in heavy applications.

For this type of transmission, there are 9 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. Apart from that, there is also a factory-made Power Take Off (PTO) which makes it easier to install the hydraulic pump tipper and other uses.

  1. Brake

There are two types of brakes available on the CGE37084R. The main brake uses a Dual-line fail-safe air braking system with S-Cam brakes. The brake chambers are also in a high position, so it can protect against damage in off-road conditions. The spring parking brake type is also available on the first front and rear axles.

Specifically for additional brakes, there is an Exhaust Pressure Governor (EPG), which is capable of producing braking power of up to 160 kW. What’s more interesting is that this additional brake is also equipped with the UD Extra Engine Brake (EEB), which can produce braking power of up to 290 kW, so driver safety is better maintained.

  1. Rear Axle Capacity

The rear axle on this truck uses the Tandem bogie type with hub reduction axles and 5 planetary gears. Plus, there are spiral bevel gears with high efficiency and maintenance-free bearing units on the wheels. The CGE37084R variant also has 2 differential locks on the front and rear axles for high mobility. The maximum load capacity on the rear axle of this truck reaches 26 tons.

  1. Performance

Regarding performance, there is no need to question it anymore. By prioritizing driver comfort and safety, the resulting work productivity will be higher. Why is that? Because the maximum speed that can be reached by the CGE37084R is 85 km/h with an adjustable speed limiter of 60 km/h.

That’s everything about the Quester Dump CGE37084R from UD Trucks that you need to know. Even though it has high engine power and capacity, this heavy-duty truck still has economical fuel consumption, and the carbon emissions it emits are also more environmentally friendly. With Euro 5 emission standards that are equipped with SCR technology, this truck supports the use of AdBlue so that the level of air pollution due to the exhaust gas produced is minimized.

Find Quester Dump CGE37084R Only at United Tractors
Quester Dump CGE37084R is a heavy-duty dump truck that has a large capacity, strong durability, and strong specifications that will make your mining business work easier. With the Quester Dump CGE37084R from UD Trucks, heavy work such as moving excavation and mining products will become more efficient, so projects will be completed on time.

Find the Quester Dump CGE37084R from UD Trucks only at United Tractors. Apart from dump trucks, United Tractors also provides other UD Trucks products, such as mixer trucks and tractor heads. These two products are widely used by business people in the mining and development sectors.

What are you waiting for? Get your dream UD Trucks product now at United Tractors. Enjoy UT’s excellent after-sales service by calling UT Call at 1500 072 or visiting the nearest United Tractors branch office.

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