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Find Numerous Multi-Purpose Komatsu’s Heavy Equipment Only at United Tractors

08 June 2022

United Tractors, Jakarta: Hydraulic excavator is one of common heavy equipment used in construction, mining, forestry, and agriculture. The product has the main function for land clearing, spread materials in road construction, laying pipes, dredging canals to transport materials into the trucks and demolish buildings.

In Indonesia, United Tractors has become the best place to find various reliable heavy equipment. The good news is, among many well-known brands in the business, you can find the products from Komatsu here which have been trusted for 100 years due to their technology and innovation.

Know More About the Class of Hydraulic Excavators
Komatsu’s excavator is divided into 3 groups based on the load capacity, they are 1,7 tons – 4,7 tons, 6,5 tons – 50 tons, and 80 tons – 400 tons. The difference of each item is based on the function.

The first is 1,7 tons – 4,7 tons type. The quiet small heavy equipment has a compact design and is suitable for narrow working areas. The excavator creates great maneuvers and has a tail swing close to null. Besides, it is also easy to move to other places.

The second is 6,5 tons – 50 tons type which is the most common heavy equipment to find in most sectors, including construction, mining, and forestry. The excavator is capable of handling heavy work and possesses quick maneuvers just like lower load type.

The last one is 80 tons – 400 tons type that weighs more than 80 tons and is used to handle extra heavy work especially in mining sectors. The works include digging and moving large volumes of soils.

Benefits of Some Komatsu’s Hydraulic Excavator

Komatsu PC135F-10M0
Komatsu PC135F-10M0 is a hydraulic excavator that is commonly used to do heavy work like material arrangements, wood stackings to tree felling. The advantages of this product are very efficient in its use, safe, comfortable and easy to maintain.

Komatsu PC200-10M0CE
Komatsu PC200-10M0CE is an excavator with operation weight of 20.5 tons and bucket capacity of 1.00 m3. Although it looks bulky, the product is excellent for construction to land clearing. The best part is it efficient and has low fuel consumption.

Komatsu PC210-10M0
Komatsu PC210-10M0 is a hydraulic excavator for many purposes, such as construction, forestry, mining and agriculture. This product is also useful for reducing the cost to maximize productivity.

Komatsu PC1250-8
If you need a tough unit for various work in the mining sector, Komatsu PC1250-8 is the solution. The excavator can be used and adjusted for various purposes. Komatsu PC1250-8 is an effective and productive product in its class.

Komatsu PC2000-8
Komatsu PC2000-8 is a wonderful excavator to use in numerous areas especially in mining. The product is very much effective and able to cut down the production cost beside its easy maintenance. Komatsu PC2000-8 is considered the market leader in the 200-tons class.

Excellent After-sales Service
For customers who are looking for a place to get the best quality excavators, please call United Tractors at 1 500 072. Here you can also get excellent after-sales service for every purchase.

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