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United Tractors Supports Emission-free Indonesia, Unveils Excavator Hybrid Komatsu HB365-1

14 July 2022

Excavator Hybrid Pertama di Indonesia dari Komatsu dan United TractorsJakarta, July 14, 2022 – The Indonesian government reaffirms its strong commitment to realize Net Zero Emissions (NZE) by 2060. Zero Emissions aims to curtail the risks posed by climate change in the future, largely contributed by high levels of gas emissions from motorized vehicles and industries.

To help create more sustainable and environmentally-friendly ecosystem, PT United Tractors Tbk and Komatsu have officially launched its latest hybrid excavator product, the first in Indonesia in the 30 tonne-class, namely Komatsu HB365-1. The excavator uses more durable hybrid components which is formidable in the deployment of electrical power in a bid to produce powerful performance and helps reduce emission footprints by up to 13 kg/hour; it is fuel-efficient by up to 17% compared to the non-hybrid excavator model.

United Tractors Corporate Governance & Sustainability Division Head Sara K. Loebis said that although the prevailing regulations on gas emissions only apply to passenger or commercial vehicles and have yet to specifically cover heavy equipment, United Tractors and Komatsu consistently support environmentally sustainability in Indonesia by providing environmentally-friendly products.

“Alongside Komatsu that is a pioneer in hybrid excavator provision in Indonesia, we continue to innovate in order to take an active part in minimizing negative impact on humans and the environment and contributing gradually to realize net zero emission Indonesia,” Sara said in a formal statement.

To achieve the goal of carbon-neutral Indonesia by 2060, the Government has encouraged all parties involved to develop and utilize technology that can reduce carbon emissions, including through the use of electrical power in industrial activities.

Sara said, as a company that is largely involved in the sale of heavy equipment for industry, United Tractors has a specific concern for environmental issues as part of the implementation of the Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) initiative. Therefore, Komatsu HB365-1 represents the company’s commitment to developing environmentally-friendly products.

United Tractors strives to realize its sustainable aspirations in line with the theme “Berkarya Membangun Keberlanjutan” as it is approaching its 50th year, through products that are environmentally friendly. The company is also continuously making efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prevent an increase in the earth’s average temperature through energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy, and environmental conservation efforts that serve as carbon absorbent.

On the same occasion, United Tractors Marketing Division Head Etot Listyono stated that Komatsu has adopted the Continuous Improvement culture which means continuously making improvements to every product created to meet the target of a sustainable world that is free from emissions. Komatsu continues to design, develop, test and deliver the next generation of machinery with Zero Emissions in mind.

“As the largest heavy equipment distributor in Indonesia, we strongly support this environmentally friendly hybrid technology. Komatsu HB365-1 is intended for use in multiple sectors such as coal and mineral mining, namely nickel, gold, tin and bauxite as well as construction works. Every product sold by United Tractors has gone through a study and research process that is tailored to the needs of the Indonesian market,” Etot said.

Etot added that Komatsu has been developing hybrid technology research since 1999 and it took almost 10 years to develop its first hybrid excavator product.

Komatsu HB365-1 Advantages
With refined technology and performance, the Komatsu HB365-1 Hybrid Excavator has numerous advantages:

First, Efficient & Ecological Friendly. The Komatsu HB365-1 provides efficiencies for customers who need a large loader that is reliable and can save fuel up to 17%. By reducing the level of fuel consumption, the amount of carbon emissions produced will also be pared down, thus aiding efforts to preserve the environment.

Second, Reliability & Safety. The technology embedded in the Komatsu HB365-1 entails the use of a hybrid capacitor component to store energy and release energy. Komatsu also manufactures hybrid components and others with a high level of safety and durability so as to produce optimal performance.

Third, Guaranteed Comfort. Customers won’t have to worry about using the Komatsu HB365-1 product because United Tractors provides a standard warranty of 1 year for unlimited hours and an extended warranty of 4 years or 20,000 hours for hybrid components for free. Furthermore, United Tractors also offers an extended Preventive Maintenance Package (PMP) guarantee for main components up to 3 years or 12,000 hours.

Etot explained, in providing a sustainable impact, Komatsu HB365-1 utilizes the kinetic energy generated by the swing movement and engine rotation to produce electrical energy stored in the capacitor through the inverter. The stored energy is reused for swing movement and helps engine rotation. This makes the unit more efficient in fuel use because the engine workload is reduced.

Komatsu HB365-1 is also equipped with the Komatsu Machine Tracking System (KOMTRAX), which is Komatsu’s wireless-based heavy equipment-monitoring technology that is accessible from anywhere and anytime via a computer or mobile device. Several KOMTRAX features have been integrated with United Tractors’ digital application, namely UT Connect, which makes it easy for customers to monitor heavy equipment and also other services such as order tracking for spare parts and the latest promos for spare parts.

Furthermore, Etot said, in addition to paying attention to product quality, United Tractors also has the best after-sales service known as United Tractors Guaranteed Product Support (UT GPS). Customers in various regions can take comfort in the fact that United Tractors has the most extensive product support network that includes the outermost regions of Indonesia.

With the tagline “Reinvent Sustainability”, Komatsu HB365-1 is the latest innovation that is more focused on environmentally-friendly issues through technology exclusively developed by Komatsu, while helping to create a better ecosystem with hybrid technology by reducing CO2 emissions while operating.

“In alignment with the Company’s commitment to establish a sustainable business through the ESG aspect, United Tractors as a trusted partner to both customers and the government, continues to undertake initiatives by implementing leading technological approaches that are environmentally friendly toward our products, services and business processes in a bid to provide a solution and to create sustainable added value to overcome climate change risks in the future.” Sara concluded.


About United Tractors
PT United Tractors Tbk (UT) is a leading distributor of premium heavy equipment, trucks and buses in Indonesia which was was founded on October 13, 1972. UT has an expansive distribution network with 183 service points across Indonesia, including 20 branch offices, 22 site offices support, 14 mining offices, and 10 representative offices.

United Tractors  ESG Implementation
As a world-class heavy equipment, mining, and energy company with 50 years of experience in Indonesia, United Tractors is committed to bring a sustainable future for Indonesia through effective ESG and sustainability principles that create a positive impact to society and the environment while conducting good corporate governance on all business levels, and optimizing the competence, skills and strategic assets to create added value for all stakeholders and the larger Indonesian society.

About Komatsu
Komatsu is a Japanese multinational company founded in 1921. Komatsu – the company name inspired by the city of Komatsu, Ishikawa in Japan –  produces multitudes of heavy equipment used in industrial sectors, such as construction, mining, forestry, plantations and other industrial machinery. In 1973, Komatsu made PT United Tractors Tbk the sole distributor in Indonesia.

Armed with 100 years of experience, Komatsu is not only known as one of the largest heavy equipment companies in the world but also one with a commitment to “Forward Together to Sustainable Growth”, by prioritizing the vision and mission of creating value through innovation and continuously creating top-of-the-line products.

For further information please contact:

Etot Listyono
Marketing Division Head PT United Tractors Tbk
Telp. 021 – 2457 9999

Sara K. Loebis
Corporate Governance & Sustainability Division Head PT United Tractors Tbk
Telp: 021 – 2457 9999

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