United Tractors Guaranteed Product Support

4 Straight Customer Experiences

As an of its standard after-sales service, United Tractors always provides excellent services such as a routine program to obtain accurate data and information on customers’ heavy equipment, bus, truck and crane to ensure best performances. United Tractors also offers undercarriage inspection, particularly for bulldozer and excavator along with periodic service for bus and truck. In addition, United Tractors provides mechanic and operator training to its customers.

4 Straight Customer Experiences
Standardized United Tractors After-Sales Services:

  1. Machine Inspection Program
    Regular inspection program to reliably obtain customer data on heavy equipment condition and maintenance recommendations to keep heavy equipment, bus and truck in best condition.
  2. Unit Monitoring Program
    A program that retrieves all information about heavy equipment, busses and trucks, such as current location, daily operating time, fuel consumption, oil change warning, including parts replacement schedule.
  3. Undercarriage Inspection Program
    This program applies to the purchase of track type units such as a dozer and excavator. It is designed to provide information on the condition of undercarriage components condition and scheduled replacement. Customers can access Periodic Service Program to ensure fleet performance in the form of regular checks and replacement spare parts for busses and trucks.
  4. Product Support Training
    Product Support Training has been prepared for both operators and mechanics. Operators are trained to learn how to perform daily checks, while mechanics are trained to perform excellent periodic service checks and also spare part warehouse management
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