United Tractors Guaranteed Product Support

Guarantee For Your Time

In United Tractors’ customer service, on-time delivery is the main priority. United Tractors’ service label OTIF (On Time in Full) guarantees on puncutuality such as spare parts availability and delivery, qualified mechanic on call for any issues with customers’ heavy equipment, bus, truck and crane, and prompt handling for any repair or maintenance work perfomed.


  1. OTIF Parts
    We guarantee the availability of spare parts as well as the delivery time from the moment the order is placed by the customer and the parts are received.
  2. OTIF Mechanic
    We guarantee the delivery time of reliable mechanics when customers have unit problems.
  3. OTIF Solution
    We guarantee that the unit will be repaired towards the customer’s requirements until the unit is ready for use again.

We provide compensation for assurances that are not achieved. *
*The general terms and conditions apply

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