Rough Terrain Crane



Tadano GR-800EX is a solid type of crane with comfortable operator's cab and large lifting capability. This crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 80 tons and is designed to operate in all road conditions, both uneven terrain and narrow spaces.

  • 80 ton at 3.0 m

    Crane Capacity
  • 5

    Boom Section
  • 12.0 m - 47.0 m

    Boom Length
  • 17.7 m

    Max. Jib Length

Ultimate Boom

This solid crane has a comfortable driver’s cab and the ability to lift up to 80 tons. Round boom made of high tensile steel can provide a decrease in boom weight and increased boom strength.


With a compact 2-axle carrier, the GR-800EX offers better maneuverability for easy transport. Furthermore, the presence of a high-performance AML-C (Automatic Moment Limiter) will ensure operational safety for the operator.


Tadano aims to reduce fuel consumption by its newly developed technology, Eco Mode. Eco Mode reduces fuel consumption by approximately 40% while the crane is being operated. This technology controls the maximum engine speed at the time of crane operation and prevent unnecessary rise in engine speed when there is excessive acceleration.


Tadano supports your crane management with Hello-Net, feature that provides information about operational status, unit position, and maintenance. Hello-Net is accessible through your gadget anywhere and anytime via internet connection.

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Rough Terrain Crane, Tadano

Specifications of 8 Tadano Heavy Equipment Crane Rough Terrain Crane Type

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