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6 Ways to Maintain Heavy Crane Equipment to Stay Optimal

20 November 2023

6-cara-merawat-crane-agar-tetap-optimalUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Cranes are one type of heavy equipment used in the industrial, construction, mining, forestry, and other sectors. Cranes make project work in any sector more efficient, so the presence of cranes will be very useful. The main function of a crane is to move heavy loads from one point to another with a predetermined moving distance and lifting height.

Just like heavy-duty trucks, excavators, and other heavy equipment, cranes also require special maintenance to keep them productive for a longer period of time. The good condition of the crane engine will greatly affect the overall performance of the crane unit. That’s why it’s important to maintain your crane properly.

No matter what type of crane you have, proper crane maintenance not only improve the performance of the crane but also the durability. An optimized crane performance will give you maximum results if you maintain the crane properly.

Another benefit of a well-maintained crane is a guaranteed level of safety. Tadano cranes are one example of a crane that has the best safety level in its class. If properly maintained, the crane will not be easily damaged and trigger work accidents.

Tadano’s Rough terrain crane has an AML (Automatic Moment Limiter) safety system that allows operators to monitor the overall condition of the crane. With the AML feature, crane maintenance becomes more efficient and can be done regularly.

What about other types of cranes, especially mobile cranes? How do you maintain your crane properly? Check out the full discussion below.

The Best Way to Maintain a Heavy Equipment Crane
There are number of things you need to do to maintain your crane. There are two types of maintenance that you can do to maintain the quality of your crane even after it has been used for a long time.

First, there is periodic maintenance that is carried out in a span of one month to 12 months. This maintenance aims to find out if there are any repairs that need to be done or if there are any components that need to be replaced. This periodic maintenance is useful for maintaining the quality of the machine so that the operational conditions remain good.

The second type of maintenance is routine maintenance. Here is a complete review of what should be done regularly to maintain your crane.

Inspecting the Indicator Panel
The first step in crane maintenance is to check the indicator panel. When the engine is started, pay attention to the indicator panel and warning lights. If any of the indicators are not functioning as usual, check them immediately as there could be damage.

Inspecting Components
A mobile crane consists of several important components whose condition must be considered. Check these components regularly and thoroughly. First, you can check the moving components to ensure that they are performing normally and that the hydraulic functions are running properly. In addition to the moving components, also check the components that function as lifting, swinging, and lowering the load, namely the sling and hook.

Furthermore, check the condition of the wiring that connects the crane devices and check the condition of the tires and their pressure. After that, you should also check the detailed condition of the connectors such as whether there are loose, cracked, or missing bolts. Don’t forget to check all the brakes and clutches.

Lastly, as a form of prevention and first aid, make sure your crane unit has a functioning fire extinguisher.

Inspecting Rotation
Since cranes are used to lift and move heavy loads, the rotation of the crane should be considered. Check for free rotation under all circumstances. Then, do a visual inspection as well. In a visual inspection, you can check the perpendicular angle of the boom or jib. You can see this from the condition of the boom itself. Is there any cracking or bending.

Corrosion can also be seen through visual inspection. This corrosion is usually caused by cracks or peeling paint. Furthermore, you also need to check the crane’s hydraulic device and make sure there is no possible indication of leakage.

Look at the Engine Oil
Oil is an important aspect that cannot be left out in the continuity of machine performance. Make sure the oil lubricates the crane engine well and is changed regularly. You should also use good-quality oil to optimize the performance of the crane engine.

In addition to oil, pay attention to the fuel, coolant, and liquid in the reservoir. Make sure the liquid components contained in the engine circuit are always in sufficient quantities as recommended.

Inspecting the Outriggers
The outriggers are also a crucial component to check. Ensure that no part of the outrigger is distorted. Also, find out whether the movement mechanism of the outriggers is functioning properly or not. Make sure that when you operate the outrigger, the movement is smooth and there is no resistance.

Use Genuine Parts
Similar to buses in Indonesia, proper crane maintenance involves using genuine spare parts when you replace worn-out parts. If the life of the spare part has expired, it is highly recommended that you replace the part with an original one, because the quality is better maintained and is not susceptible to damaging crane components.

To get official spare parts, you can contact the heavy equipment distributor where you bought the crane. Want guaranteed replacement of official spare parts? Buy heavy equipment for your project only at United Tractors. We come with excellent after-sales service that will provide you with a warranty, provide accessories and spare parts, unit maintenance, periodic consultations, and replacement of original spare parts!

These are the routine crane maintenance steps that you should do regularly to maintain the quality of the crane components, body, and engine. For easier and guaranteed maintenance of cranes and other heavy equipment, make sure you buy your heavy equipment at United Tractors because we provide UT Connect Equipment Monitoring service.

The Equipment Monitoring feature in UT Connect is specifically designed for United Tractors customers to know accurate information about the condition and performance of their heavy equipment. This monitoring feature can be obtained by United Tractors customers by simply installing the UT Connect application through the AppStore or Google Play.

United Tractors: Original and Quality Heavy Equipment Spare Part Guarantee for Quality Crane Maintenance
United Tractors is an Indonesian heavy equipment distributor that not only sells heavy equipment from world-renowned brands but also provides various additional services to ensure the maintenance of heavy equipment that has been purchased by customers.

We come with United Tractors Periodic Maintenance Contract (UT PMC) service that will provide maintenance management for heavy equipment, buses, trucks, and cranes. Through UT PMC, customers will get periodic service scheduling with accurate unit checks and a fixed hourly fee.

In addition, to maximize the maintenance of products from United Tractors, we also provide the UT Connect application for customers to enjoy the Equipment Monitoring feature that is equipped with details of unit serial numbers, unit performance information, alerts, and other features.

There are many interesting services offered by United Tractors, right? So, what are you waiting for? No need to hesitate to get your dream heavy equipment at United Tractors. Contact us through UT Call at 1500 072 for more information.

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