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Specifications of 8 Tadano Heavy Equipment Crane Rough Terrain Crane Type

26 September 2023

spesifikasi-8-alat-berat-cranecrane-tadano-tipe-rough-terrain-craneUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Crane is one type of heavy equipment whose existence is useful for moving materials from one location to another. Cranes are usually used in large-scale projects, especially construction. The way a crane works is by lifting the material to be moved, then diverting it horizontally, and will be lowered at the destination point.

The weight of the material lifted and moved by the crane is not light but heavy material that we usually find in the industrial sector, distribution, ports, forestry, construction, mining, and other fields.

The presence of cranes in every business sector certainly makes work easier, because some of these heavy equipment can rotate up to 360 degrees. For certain types of cranes, there are also those that have maximum lifting power and a wide moving range of up to tens of meters.

Based on the sector of work, cranes are not only used as heavy construction equipment. But, in the mining, port, and other sectors, cranes also have their own functions. Here are the functions of cranes based on the type and sector of employment.

Crane Functions Based on Job Types and Sectors
With many variants, cranes have their own functions in different fields. To understand more about crane types and their functions, here is a complete review.

  1. Cargo Crane
    Cargo cranes are the most common type of crane found in construction sites. Cargo cranes are usually used to move and lift large and heavy materials. What makes cargo cranes more special than other types of cranes is that they can be attached directly to a truck that serves as a carrier so that you can immediately move the material to a more remote location.
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  2. Hydraulic Crane
    This type of crane is only used in the warehousing and workshop sectors. The structure of this crane is simpler than the tower crane. However, the design of hydraulic cranes still lacks the flexibility to move long distances. The rotating ability of this crane is also more limited, which is only 180 degrees.
  3. Crawler Crane
    The reach of a crawler crane is similar to that of a hydraulic crane but not as long. These cranes are commonly found in the construction sector with the appearance of chain wheels that we commonly refer to as crawlers.
    These chain wheels serve as an enhancement of work mobility in difficult terrain. However, crawler cranes are difficult to get into the construction area, as they need to be transported first using a specialized transport car.
  4. Mobile Crane
    Unlike tower cranes that can only be stuck in one place, mobile cranes are more flexible and have a longer moving distance. Mobile cranes are commonly found in the construction and mining sectors.
    The limited range of tower cranes requires you to use a support truck if you want to move materials to a farther location. With a mobile crane, you can move the lifted material anywhere, because the mobile crane is accompanied by a truck as a carrier.
    United Tractors has Tadano rough terrain crane which is a type of mobile crane with a lifting capacity of 13-145 tons. This mobile crane has a compact design and is reliable for use in relatively narrow work areas. Because it is a mobile crane, the rough terrain crane’s travel distance is not limited.

Tadano Rough Terrain Crane
The 8 models of Tadano rough terrain crane are United Tractors’ flagship crane products that are equipped with advanced features to improve work performance. What is offered by each model? Here are the complete specifications and features of Tadano rough terrain crane.

  1. GR-300EX
    The first model is the GR-300EX with a lifting capacity of 30 tons that has a 4-section boom reach of 9.7m – 31.0m. One of the advantages of this crane is its minimalist size that can operate in narrow spaces.
    Consistent in implementing the ESG concept, this unit has a high level of efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and has an eco-mode feature that can control engine speed during crane operation.
  2. GR-500EXL
    The next type is the GR-500EXL which has a lifting capacity of up to 51 tons with a total of 5 boom sections and boom lengths ranging from 11.1m to 42.0m.
    As a mobile crane with good performance due to radial tires, this crane is ideal for traveling over any terrain. In accordance with ESG principles, this type is equipped with an eco-mode system that allows the engine to reduce fuel consumption by up to 22%.
  3. GR-500EXS 
    The Tadano GR-500EXS crane type has a maximum lifting capability of 50 tons and a length of 4 boom sections reaching 33 m. This unit is able to improve accessibility well and has optimal maneuverability. In operation, this type of crane is environmentally friendly because it is equipped with a good acceleration controller.
  4. GR-700EX-4
    The GR-700EX-4 rough terrain crane has a large lifting capacity of 70 tons. This solid crane has an operator’s cabin that can provide comfort for the driver and is easy to operate in narrow, hard, or difficult road conditions!
    With 5 boom sections and a maximum length of 47 m, this crane is equipped with high-performance AML-E. So, there is no need to worry about its safety level. In terms of efficiency, this unit can minimize fuel consumption with three settings for the duration of crane standby before automatically shutting down, namely MIN, MIN, and MAX.
  5. GR-900EX-4
    One of the crane units with high capacity, but still prioritizing the safety and comfort of workers is the GR-900EX-4. With a lifting capacity of up to 90 tons and a boom length ranging from 12 m – 47 m, this crane can get the job done faster. The round boom made of steel allows the overall boom weight reduction process to be smoother.
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  6. GR-1000EX-4
    GR-1000EX-4 is a crane type with a maximum capacity of 100 tons. With a 51 m multi-telescoping cylinder boom, this crane is the longest in the world.
    The weight of the crane itself is up to 45 tons! Even though this crane is gigantic, its safety is guaranteed because it is equipped with smart chart technology that can monitor the crane‘s performance to be more optimal even if the outriggers are extended to full.
  7. GR-1100EX 
    The GR-1100EX model is a type of crane with a maximum capacity of 110 tons. Equipped with advanced features such as Hello Net, Eco-mode, Positive Control, and Fuel monitoring, this crane is a type of lifting machine that can effectively increase performance to a higher level.
  8. GR-1450EX
    The last rough terrain crane model is the GR-1450EX which is the crane with the largest lifting capacity among the other crane types at 145 tons. This giant crane is capable of lifting materials in every aspect, increasing productivity faster and more efficiently. The boom length of this crane ranges from 13.1 m – 61.0 m with a total of 6 boom sections.
    The quality and performance of this crane is also unquestionable, as it is equipped with an advanced system that constantly monitors engine performance and fuel consumption conditions to keep it efficient.

If you are looking to complete construction, mining, forestry, or other heavy-duty jobs, choosing a crane with advanced features, large capacity, and international standard quality will provide you with abundant convenience. The above list of Tadano rough terrain crane models can be your reference to choose the best crane.

United Tractors: The Best Crane Equipment Distributor
Want to know more information about crane products and other heavy equipment from United Tractors? Contact our customer service directly at 1500 072 or visit the nearest United Tractors branch office. Consult your heavy equipment needs with us and we will find the best heavy equipment that suits you best.

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