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3 Blade Variants on Bulldozers and Their Functions

04 March 2024

3-model-blade-pada-bulldozer-beserta-fungsinyaUnited Tractors, Jakarta – In a construction project, the most commonly found heavy equipment is the bulldozer. Bulldozers are a type of heavy construction equipment that has many benefits including pushing, digging, or compacting soil.

Bulldozers consist of several parts that have their own functions. One of the important parts of a bulldozer is the blade, which is the component of the bulldozer that makes this machine able to carry out its main function properly.

To know more about the importance of bulldozers in the construction sector and other important parts, here is a brief review of bulldozers.

What is a Bulldozer?
Bulldozers are a category of heavy equipment equipped with a driving blade known as a blade. The blade on a bulldozer has various functions ranging from leveling the ground, digging the ground, pulling loads, and also stockpiling soil.

Bulldozers make a huge contribution to the construction sector. However, that does not mean that bulldozers cannot be used in other sectors. In fact, bulldozers also provide benefits in other business sectors such as mining, forestry, and agriculture. Here are the benefits of bulldozers in several sectors.

Bulldozer Benefits
In the construction sector, bulldozers have several important benefits. Apart from the construction sector, you can also find the following benefits of bulldozers in other sectors.

Land Clearing
In the agriculture or forestry sector, bulldozers are used for land clearing when planting is to be done. Bulldozers can clear the land of dead plants, shrubs, wild plants, or the remains of trees after they have been cut down.

Dredging the Soil
Furthermore, bulldozers can also be used to dig or dredge soil. Supported by a sturdy steel arm, one dredge from a bulldozer can dig the soil to a considerable depth.

Stockpiling Material
Not only can you dig the soil, but bulldozers can also be used to backfill the soil that has been dredged. Any land excavation can be stockpiled by bulldozers. The benefits of this one bulldozer also make the bulldozer a practical soil compactor.

What is a Blade? Get to know the essential components of a bulldozer
To be able to carry out the above benefits, bulldozers need a blade that functions properly. There are several types of blades that can be used according to their function. The following is the classification of blades on bulldozers.

  1. Straight Blade (S-Blade)
    The first type of bulldozer blade is the straight blade or S-Blade. The straight type blade has no side wings and is shorter in size compared to other blade types. straight blades are suitable for a variety of terrains and forms of work. The benefits offered by the use of the S-Blade include cutting to push hard and rocky heavy materials.
    The absence of side wings from this type of blade does not rule out the possibility that the straight blade cannot perform its function optimally. In fact, bulldozers with S-Blade are ideal for leveling the ground or other hoarding activities.
    Are you looking for a distributor that sells road compaction tools or soil surfaces? At United Tractors, you can find Komatsu bulldozers with a straight blade that is equipped with a tilting feature. straight-tilt blades on Komatsu bulldozers have a wide cutting edge length, so the penetration ability becomes more aggressive. The capacity of this blade is also large. So, even heavy materials will be easy to handle.
  2. Semi-U Blade
    The type of blade that we most often encounter in a bulldozer is the U-Blade or universal blade. That is, a blade that has curved side wings and is large in size. The semi-u blade is a modified version of the U-Blade which is a combination of the U-Blade and S-Blade. The semi-u blade has a blade size that is not as short as the S-Blade, but also not smaller than the U-Blade.
    The result of this combination of U-Blade and S-Blade makes the Semi-U Blade as good at penetration as the S-Blade, but its capacity is clearly greater, as the Semi-U Blade has short wings on the end bits. The right size makes the Semi-U Blade very suitable for pushing or transporting materials over a considerable distance.
  3. Angle Blade (A-Blade)
    The last one is the angle blade or A-Blade which is a blade with a high level of flexibility. Compared to other blade types, the angle blade is arguably very practical to use because it can be set straight or angled on both sides.
    By using an angle-blade bulldozer, directing material to just one side is not impossible! The reason is, you can adjust the working direction of this blade. The benefits offered from using an angle blade can include paving roads, digging trenches or drains, shoveling snow, and even dumping material to either side of the blade.
    The angle blade is also a versatile blade type, as it has the ability to perform its function from multiple directions. It can also be used in a variety of jobs with soft, medium, and hard ground!

The three types of blades above can be found on Komatsu small-medium class bulldozers. You will have no trouble choosing the right type of bulldozer and blade variant, because the United Tractors team will help you find the right bulldozer and blade that suits your needs. In addition, you will also get excellent after-sales service at a more friendly bulldozer price.

Main Applications of Bulldozer Blades
To help you choose a bulldozer and its blade, here is an overview of the main applications of the blades available on the Komatsu bulldozers mentioned above.

  1. Land Clearing
    The three blades above can be used for land clearing. This is the process of clearing the land of plants that cover the land such as bushes or roots around the project area.
  2. Collecting/Spreading
    The next function, which is to collect or spread the materials needed to level the ground surface.
  3. Stripping
    The stripping process is a blade application that allows Komatsu bulldozers to carry out soil stripping activities in an area.
  4. Log Skidding
    In addition to the above functions, Komatsu bulldozers with various blade options can be used for log skidding or tree trunk removal applications. Log skidding is usually used by hooking a tree trunk to the unit and pulling it using a bulldozer.

There are many advantages and benefits that you can feel if you use a bulldozer unit in your project work. Whether it’s in the construction, mining, or forestry sectors, you can use bulldozers to increase work productivity for the better and even faster completion.

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Bulldozer applications in various sectors cannot be separated from the role of the blade used. Starting from straight blade to angle blade, you must know the functions, advantages, and disadvantages of each blade so that their use is appropriate and does not cause harm to your project.

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