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7 Most Popular European Trucks in Indonesia

28 September 2023

7-truk-eropa-paling-populer-di-indonesiaUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Trucks in Indonesia are diverse in terms of shape, size, and function. If you are traveling, you may have seen large trucks with Toyota, Mitsubishi, and other brands. These are Japanese trucks. But, in Indonesia, there are not only Japanese trucks. There are also European trucks that operate in Indonesia.

In Indonesia itself, the use of European trucks for various needs is also easy to find. The prestige of European trucks is not inferior to Japanese trucks in Indonesia. In fact, many business people claim that the use of European trucks tends to be more efficient and able to complete project works with large capacities.

What is a European Truck?
Still don’t know what a European truck is? To know more about European trucks, let’s understand by distinguishing European trucks from trucks produced by other countries. As the name implies, European trucks are trucks produced by countries in Europe. Some countries in the world do produce trucks such as Japan and America.

What distinguishes trucks from each country is their design, capacity, and features. What you find in a European truck may not necessarily be found in a Japanese or American truck. Nonetheless, trucks from any country are capable of helping you with your work.

To easily distinguish which trucks are Japanese, American, or European, you can look at their design. Like most vehicles, the cab of an American truck is positioned behind the engine. So, the hood is visible at the front when traveling.

Unlike the European truck design, which adheres to “cab over engine” or in other words “engine under the cab”. European truck drivers will not see the hood while driving the truck, as they sit right under the engine.

In terms of features, European trucks have more complete features compared to Japanese trucks. Many drivers say that driving a Japanese truck is easier than driving a European truck, because there are too many features. In fact, if studied and understood deeply, the features in European trucks can actually improve the performance of trucks and workers.

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Advantages of European Trucks
What business owners and truck drivers rarely know are the advantages offered by European trucks. Believe it or not, although the popularity of European trucks in Indonesia is still minimal, various business sectors that use European trucks have experienced the benefits. What are the benefits of European trucks? Here are the reviews.

  1. Has Euro 4 Emission Standard
    The lowest emission standard in European trucks is Euro 4. Euro 4 trucks usually emit gas emissions that are more environmentally friendly. Well, the higher the level of gas emission control on a truck or other vehicle, the level of air pollution due to vehicle fumes can be minimized.
  2. Only Use Quality Solar Fuel
    To support better environmental friendliness, the fuel used by a European Truck unit must be of high quality. The standard of fuel use for European trucks is at least quality plus Diesel Exhaust Fluid and not subsidized diesel. The use of quality fuel is not without purpose but also to maintain engine quality, increase truck power, and prevent injector damage.
  3. Using Air Suspension
    Unlike other trucks that still use leaf springs, European trucks already use air suspension. Air suspension on European trucks has its own advantages, namely it does not damage tires quickly, is able to reduce vibration and noise, increase fuel efficiency, is suitable for transporting various loads, and even has a good selling price.

The Most Qualified European Trucks in Indonesia
At this point, have you understood about European trucks in Indonesia and their benefits? Has it crossed your mind to have a European truck to support your project work? To make it easier for you to choose the right European truck, here we summarize the European trucks in Indonesia with the best quality from United Tractors.

  1. Scania Heavy Hauler Truck R620-A6X4
    The first European truck is the R620-A6X4 heavy hauler truck with SST130 trailer capacity. Available in single and double trailer models, this type also weighs 270 tons. The engine design of the R620-A6X4 is a V8 with a capacity of 16 liters, so the power produced is quite large, which is 620 HP 3,000 Nm 950 – 1,400 rpm.
    Get the brochure of Scania Heavy Hauler Truck R620-A6X4
  2. Scania G500-A6X4
    This European truck type is a single trailer truck for transporting coal. Scania G500-A6X4 is equipped with a 500 HP engine and has a Gross Combination Weight of up to 120 tons. In line with the jargon “Always safe, Never sorry, for the rough and tough”, this truck is able to take on various field conditions even the tough and difficult ones!
    Get the brochure Scania G500-A6X4
  3. Scania Special Vehicle P410-B4X4
    As the name implies, this truck is specialized for firefighting with an engine power of 410 HP. The features of this truck are equipped with guaranteed safety and has a remote unit monitoring system. Having 24.5 tons Gross Vehicle Weight, this truck is able to accommodate 10-12 kL of water capacity.
    Get the brochure of Scania Special Vehicle P410-B4X4
  4. Scania Mining Supporting Truck P410-B6X4
    The Scania Mining Support European truck type P410-B6X4 is equipped with a carrying capacity of up to 27 tons and has traction control that allows this truck to have a high level of stability when operating on extreme terrain. With a 6×4 wheel configuration and 410 HP engine power, this truck is capable of transporting heavy materials such as coal, performing overburden removal, and acting as supporting equipment in the mining sector.
    Get brochure of Scania Mining Supporting Truck P410-B6X4
  5. Scania Mining Supporting Truck P410-B6X6
    The Scania P410-B6X6 truck type has a powerful attachment that can be used as a fuel transportation tool because it comes with a large tank capacity of 20 kL. The P410-B6X6 European truck type also has a 6×6 wheel configuration with a weight class of 30 tons.
    This truck also has the best engine quality and is efficient in fuel consumption, as it has a capacity of 13 liters with a power of 410 HP @ 1,900 rpm, and a torque of 1,750 Nm @ 1,000-1,350 rpm.
    Get the brochure of Scania Mining Supporting Truck P410-B6X6
  6. Scania Mining Tipper P410-B8X4
    The engine power of the Scania European truck type P410-B8X4 has an engine power of 410 HP with the Standard Tipper variant that allows you to complete mining projects efficiently, because it is tough in accommodating large weight loads.
    Get the brochure of Scania Mining Tipper P410-B8X4

Those are the 7 types of European trucks that are present in Indonesia and you can get them at United Tractors. As a business that upholds ESG, we are always concerned about the condition of the surrounding environment by providing European truck products with Euro 4 emission standards in order to reduce air pollution in Indonesia.

United Tractors: Distributor of Environmentally Friendly European Trucks
Are you looking for quality trucks that don’t harm the environment? Scania European trucks from United Tractors are a great choice for you. Despite having high engine power, our trucks are equipped with Euro 4 emission control which is clearly more environmentally friendly. So, you don’t have to worry about air pollution, as Scania European trucks are able to minimize the impact of air pollution. Get it now by contacting our after-sales service at 1500 072.

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