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Get Easy Heavy Equipment Maintenance Through UT Connect

15 January 2024

dapatkan-kemudahan-maintenance-alat-berat-melalui-ut-connectUnited Tractors, Jakarta – There are still many heavy equipment owner who do not full understand the basic needs of their heavy equipment. Owning heavy equipment is not just about being operated in the field and stored when not in use. In fact, if you own heavy equipment, there are several things you need to pay attention to such as maintenance. Heavy equipment maintenance is a process where your heavy equipment is regularly checked, cleaned, and repaired either weekly, monthly, or annually.

In order to always operate optimally, heavy equipment parts such as engines, hydraulics, booms, and other parts require special care. This can also minimize the side impact such as decreasing engine performance and damaged heavy equipment.

There are two forms of maintenance that are commonly applied to heavy equipment, they are preventive and reactive. Preventive maintenance is routine maintenance of heavy equipment with a set schedule as a form of prevention from damage. Meanwhile, reactive maintenance is heavy equipment maintenance carried out when the engine or other heavy equipment components are not operating properly.

Regularly maintained heavy equipment will extend the operational life time and can keep the machine in top condition. That’s why you need to take the time and money to do heavy equipment maintenance.

Heavy equipment maintenance needs to be carried out by experts who are already accustomed to handling heavy equipment services. Sometimes, finding experts who are able to do extra maintenance on your heavy equipment can be very tiring. However, it is different if you use heavy equipment from United Tractors.

United Tractors presents the UT Connect, an application that allows heavy equipment owners to perform maintenance efficiently. Any type of heavy equipment that you purchase at United Tractors will get special maintenance services through the UT Connect application.

What is UT Connect?
United Tractors Connect or better known as UT Connect is a special application for United Tractors customers designed to facilitate heavy equipment maintenance. In addition, UT Connect will also help United Tractors customers get important information about the heavy equipment they bought such as the serial number of the unit, the location of the placement of heavy equipment, to the intensity of fuel usage.

More interestingly, there are also several other features of UT Connect that reliably help the course of care and maintenance of your heavy equipment. Want to know what they are? Check out the full review below.

UT Connect Features
Taking care of heavy equipment is not an easy matter. What’s more, if you are already busy with other activities. It could be that the heavy equipment is neglected. Well, if you are already busy, you don’t have to worry about heavy equipment being neglected, because United Tractors exclusively provides special services for heavy equipment maintenance through the UT Connect mobile application.

For more details, we have summarized the full features of UT Connect that you can use anytime and anywhere!

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  1. KlikUT (Part Online Transaction)
    Your heavy equipment is short of spare parts? Get genuine spare parts only through UT Connect! With the KlikUT (Part Online Transaction) feature, you can order original spare parts from United Tractors easily and quickly. Through this feature, customers can also see the available stock of spare parts along with the actual price.
  2. Equipment Monitoring
    As mentioned earlier, owners of heavy equipment from UT will get information about the performance of heavy equipment including the condition of the engine accurately. This information can be found in the “Equipment Monitoring” menu in the UT Connect app.
  3. Order Tracking
    Are you ordering heavy equipment or spare parts from United Tractors? Track your order through the Order Tracking feature in the UT Connect app! In this menu, you can track your order by viewing its status, position, and estimated receipt.
  4. Up To Date Promo
    One of the privileges that can be obtained by loyal UT customers is the most up to date information about promotions. UT always prioritizes customers to get the most updated information first through the promotion program on UT Connect.
  5. Caution Notifications
    Through Caution Notifications feature on UT Connect, you no longer need to manually check to see if there is any damage to your machine. This UT Connect feature allows you to get notified if there is a problem with the machine. In addition, the Caution Notifications feature will also remind you of machine repair and maintenance schedules.
  6. My Ticket
    To maintain service quality, United Tractors also provides a ticketing system on My Ticket feature. This feature will make it easier for customers to request a service or reservation if they need technical assistance. This feature can also be relied upon to provide feedback on the services that have been provided by the United Tractors team.
  7. My Monthly Report
    Monitoring unit performance can be done by accessing and downloading a monthly summary of overall unit performance using My Monthly Report feature. In this feature you will also be given a periodic service schedule and warning notifications if there are aspects of the machine that are in poor condition.
  8. Maintenance Management
    The heavy equipment you get from United Tractors can continue to improve its performance with regular monitoring through the Maintenance Management feature in UT Connect. This feature gives you efficiency in analyzing heavy equipment data that has been integrated with an application whose visual display is easy to understand.

Owning heavy equipment is a big responsibility that not everyone is capable of carrying out. The heavy equipment that you have must not only be operated by a professional, but in its care and maintenance you also need to leave it to the experts.

Good heavy equipment maintenance is maintenance that you can do regularly. Well, to be able to implement routine maintenance such as periodical service, a reliable heavy equipment condition monitoring system or device such as UT Connect is needed.

If you purchase heavy equipment at United Tractors, the system on your machine is already integrated with the UT Connect application. So, to monitor the condition of the machine, you don’t need to check it manually, because with the features in UT Connect, you can simply monitor it from afar.

UT Connect features such as My Monthly Report, Equipment Monitoring, and Caution Notification will provide you with complete information about the heavy equipment you purchased from United Tractors.

Interesting, right? With UT Connect, you don’t have to worry about the care and maintenance of your heavy equipment, because from service schedules to purchasing spare parts, everything can be done through just one mobile application!

Super-Efficient Heavy Equipment Maintenance with UT Connect
Looking for a reliable heavy equipment distributor that you can always count on? United Tractors is the answer! UT comes with excellent after-sales service that will always be connected with you even after the purchase transaction process has been completed. Through the UT Connect application, you will get special services for heavy equipment maintenance and care.

Not only can you interact with the UT Connect admin, but you can also monitor the performance of your heavy equipment regularly through the features in UT Connect. In addition, if you need additional spare parts, you can simply access the Part Online Transaction page in your UT Connect app and get original spare parts with guaranteed quality.

What are you waiting for? Reach out UT Contact Center at 1500 072 to get your dream machine with high quality service!

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