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Must Know! 7 Things to Consider When Buying a Dump Truck

13 September 2023

wajib-tahu-7-hal-yang-perlu-diperhatikan-saat-membeli-dump-truckUnited Tractors, Jakarta – Dump trucks are heavy equipment that has a crucial role in the process of working on construction, mining, and other types of projects in other sectors. The presence of a dump truck can be very useful if you use it according to its function, which is to transport, move, and unload heavy or large loads.

As one of the heavy equipment whose role cannot be ignored, you must be able to choose the right dump truck to support the continuity of your project. In this era of technological advancement, you will easily find dump truck with advanced features, but is a high-tech dump truck your primary need?

That’s why there are several things you need to consider before deciding to buy a dump truck.

When looking for dump truck references, you will find a large selection of brands from various countries with various conditions. From new to used conditions, you can get it in Indonesia. The price offered will vary according to the value of the dump truck itself. So, it will be very natural if you are confused about buying a dump truck.

To facilitate your journey in buying a dump truck, United Tractors has summarized what things you need to pay attention to when you want to buy a dump truck. Here’s the full review.

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Consider These Aspects Before Buying a Dump truck
When the thought of buying a dump truck has crossed your mind, you can’t just impulsively buy the dump truck that appears in the advertisement considering that a dump truck is not an item that is bought at a cheap price. In addition, if you choose the wrong dump truck, there will be many risks that you have to bear when the dump truck starts operating.

Risks such as a burnt out engine, a tub that can’t hold, or a broken cab system will be a nightmare for every dump truck owner. To avoid these risks, here are the aspects that you need to pay attention to before deciding to buy a dump truck.

  1. Capacity
    Dump trucks are heavy equipment that is useful for transporting mining, construction, and other heavy materials from various business sectors. Because its main task is to transport, before you buy a dump truck, you should pay attention to how much weight capacity it offers. Adjust the capacity of the dump truck to the load you are transporting during the project.
  2. Wheel Configuration
    Wheels are the drive system on the dump truck. The rotation of the wheels is determined by their configuration which is commonly known as the wheel configuration. This wheel configuration is the system that delivers engine power to the wheels, so the wheels turn and the dump truck moves.
    Why do you need to pay attention to the wheel configuration when you want to buy a dump truck? A good wheel configuration will give the dump truck good performance. If the configuration manages to channel the engine power to the wheels successfully, the work provided by the dump truck will be optimized.
  3. Fuel
    Each dump truck requires a different type of fuel. To produce excellent engine power, the quality of the fuel you choose must be good, so that the engine does not break down quickly. In addition, having a fuel-efficient dump truck is also a must for you, because the benefits you will feel are in the form of lower operational costs.
  4. Durability
    The dump truck you buy needs to have a strong durability so that it can be used optimally. The durability of a dump truck is usually determined by the wheel configuration and engine power contained in the truck. If these two aspects are balanced and the use does not exceed the capacity, then the results obtained can be in the form of more optimal work mobility.
  5. Safety
    It’s important to consider the level of safety on a dump truck, in order to avoid  work accidents during the operation. Make sure the dump truck has a foothold into the cabin, capable wiper blades to help you maintain control of the vehicle in bad weather conditions, seat belt reminder, strong bumpers to operate on all terrains, and heavy-duty engine oil protection.
    You can get a high level of safety in a dump truck by buying Quester Dump UD Trucks type CGE37084R at United Tractors. All types of dump trucks in United Tractors have gone through a series of crash tests, so you don’t need to worry about the safety level of this dump truck.
  6. Comfort
    As someone who is responsible for buying the dump truck but not driving it, you still have to think about the drivers comfort. Operating a dump truck is not an easy thing especially if it has to be done by a novice driver. That’s why comfort is one of the important aspects that you need to consider when buying a dump truck.
    Operating a dump truck unit can be very tiring. Not to mention if the driver has to deliver materials to a relatively far location and has to be on time. Little things like an MP3 audio system can increase comfort. Also, to keep the driver comfortable on long trips, make sure the cab of dump truck has cool air conditioning, sound insulation, suspension seats, and has a bunk bed for the driver to rest when tired.
  7. After Sales Service
    The last thing you need to consider when you want to own a dump truck is the after-sales service from the distributor where you buy the dump truck. After-sales service allows you to get full warranty, spare parts delivery, unit maintenance, and follow-up consultation shortly after purchasing the dump truck. You can get this after-sales service from a trusted heavy equipment distributor such as United Tractors.

United Tractors provides heavy equipment for mining, forestry, construction, and so on with reliable after-sales service that you can always rely on. You don’t need to worry if it is damaged at the beginning of use, because we will provide you with a product warranty with a reliable guarantee.

If you need help or further information about the products you have purchased, our Customer Care is ready to help anytime through Product Support and UT Call services.

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These are some important aspects that you need to consider when considering buying a dump truck unit. A good dump truck must have a capable capacity, good wheel configuration, fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly, has excellent durability, and has a high level of safety and comfort.

In addition, you should also make sure to buy a dump truck from a trusted heavy equipment distributor with good after-sales service in order to minimize the possibility of any form of loss.

United Tractors: A Reliable Source of Dump trucks
Are you confused about choosing the right  dump truck for your project? Calm down. You don’t need to panic, because United Tractors is willing to help you find a  dump truck that suits your needs and budget. Want to submit a quote now? Just call 1500 072 and consult everything with our UT Call agents who are available for 24 hours.

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