Big Machine, Hydraulic Excavator



Komatsu PC2000-11R, the market leader for 200 tons class which is optimal for mining sectors, because of its high productivity. This excavator has a low maintenance and operational costs, also can achieve highest productivity when collaborates with Komatsu HD785 dump truck.

  • 780 kW/1.050 HP

    Nett Engine Output
  • 14 m³

    Bucket Capacity
  • 205.700 kg

    Operating Weight
  • 15.780 mm / 9.245 mm

    Maximum Digging Reach/Depth

High Productivity

The latest SAA12V140E-7 engine provides high productivity and fuel efficiency for Komatsu PC2000-11R with its 780 kW/1,050 HP engine power. This giant excavator is equipped with the latest version of working mode, the P+ Mode, which results in 12% higher productivity than the previous generation.


The durability of Komatsu PC2000-11R is reinforced by strengthened frame structure, strengthened boom, arm rock protector, and stronger undercarriage to extend the product’s lifetime.

Safety and Comfort

Komatsu PC2000-11R provides a safe and comfort working environment for operators. The soundproof and vibration-resistant cabin also provides great visibility when operating. Operator’s safety is also guaranteed with an OPG level 2 cabin, seat belt indicator, and emergency engine stop switch.

Information and Communication Technology

KomVision and KOMTRAX Plus are standard features for Komatsu PC2000-11R. KomVision supports operators with 7-camera system installed that allows to monitor surrounding areas to prevent collisions directly from LCD panels at cabin. For monitoring systems, Komatsu provides KOMTRAX Plus to allows users to monitor unit health condition, unit location, and fuel consumption which can be accessed anywhere and anytime through your devices.

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