Heavy Haulage Transport Trucks



The Scania R620-A6X4 has an engine power of 620 HP and a 6X4 wheel configuration and it is available with low bed attachment. It is very robust for transporting heavy weight goods or tools. This truck is equipped with excellent safety and remote monitoring system of the unit.

  • 620 HP

    Engine Horse Power
  • 41 tons

    Gross Vehicle Weight
  • 120 tons

    Trailer Capacity

Low Fuel Consumption and High-Quality Engine

Scania R620-A6X4 is designed with a 16 liter V8 engine that produces power of 620 HP 3,000 Nm 950 – 1,400 rpm, with a result of high torque at low engine speed. This enables this truck to have a lower fuel consumption and good drivability. This heavy hauler truck uses the best-in-class powertrain, hence the slogan “Strongest Powertrain in the Market”.


High Productivity

Scania R620-A6X4 is prepared to support the achievement of maximum productivity. With the trailer maximum capacity that reaches 225 making this heavy hauler truck the largest vessel capacity to support maximum productivity.


Operator Safety

The security system of Scania R620-A6X4 is supported with the best technology, such as ABS on the braking system and CR20N Sleeper Cab for driver’s cabin, welded steel cab structure reinforced with galvanized sheet panels. This cabin has also met the requirement of EURO ECE R29 and Swedish VVFS 2003:29 impact tests.


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