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Keep These Things in Mind When Operating a Scania R620-A6X4 European Truck

11 January 2024

perhatikan-hal-hal-ini-saat-akan-mengoperasikan-truk-eropa-scania-r620-a6x4United Tractors, Jakarta – Scania R620-A6X4 truck is one type of European truck that has become a favorite among business people. Not a few business owners whose sectors use large-capacity trucks use Scania as a mode of loading and unloading transportation.

The large capacity of the truck both in terms of transport and engine as well as the high level of fuel consumption efficiency, makes Scania R620-A6X4 European truck suitable for use in various sectors, especially the mining sector. The advantages offered by Scania R620 make this truck require special treatment in its operational process.

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So, before you decide to buy this truck, there are a few things you need to consider. Here we have summarized the types of Scania R620-A6X4 trucks that you can make your choice along with a complete guide to operate this Scania European trucks.

Scania R620-A6X4 European Truck Type
There are many considerations that need to be made before you buy a truck for your mining project needs, one of which is choosing the suitable truck type. At United Tractors, there are 2 variants of Scania R620-A6X4 European trucks that can be the right choice for you, namely single trailer and double trailer types.

The single trailer type is a heavy hauler truck that has a large vessel capacity so that it has a high level of productivity. With an engine power of 620 HP and options between SDT85 and SDT90 trailer (depends on density), this truck can be categorized as a heavy duty truck very reliable to carry mining products.

The second type is the double trailer type, which is a Scania R620 truck that has a larger trailer capacity compared to the single trailer. The specification of Scania R620-A6X4 double trailer is similar to the single trailer.

The difference is that the double trailer type is SST125 + SST150. Equipped with a sturdy body structure with a gross combination weight of 270 tons, this unit is capable of operating in heavy terrain and transporting mining products weighing tens of tons such as coal, sand, and other mining products. For those of you who want to improve your work performance to be more productive, this type of double trailer is suitable for you to try.

Complete Scania R620-A6X4 Truck Operation Guide
Operating heavy equipment such as European trucks certainly requires special skills. In order to optimize your project performance, it is highly recommended for drivers to know how to operate European trucks properly. For Scania R620-A6X4 truck users, we have summarized the complete procedure on how to operate the unit below.

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  1. Unlocking the Front Grill
    First, open the front grill lock, then proceed to open the front grill to check the inner components of the truck.
  2. Check Engine Oil
    In this section, make sure the oil level is between the minimum and maximum indicators.
  3. Checking the Radiator
    This step is no less important to do. A good radiator water level is one that is within normal limits. There is no excess or deficiency.
  4. Checking the Anti Roll Bar
    The roll bar is a part of the truck that serves to avoid the risk of the truck from rolling or body roll when the car maneuvers. Before operating the truck, make sure there is no wear on the rubber part of the anti-roll bar.
  5. Engine Testing
    When the inspection of the front of the truck is complete, close the front grill and enter the unit to test the engine. Turn on all work lights, vessel lights, and other lights. Make sure the engine is in top condition and all lights are working properly.
  6. Check the Hydraulic Oil
    If you have ensured the safety of the machine, the operator can proceed to check the hydraulic oil level. The safe level of hydraulic oil is always at a high level.
  7. Checking the Autolube
    Next step is to check that the autolube must also be fully charged and not empty.
  8. Checking the Condition of Vessel 1 and Vessel 2 Lights
    On Scania R620-A6X4 European trucks, the vessel is a component that functions as a transport container on the truck. For double trailer European trucks, there are 2 vessels used. Each vessel has lights that must be in good condition and clean from dust piles.
  9. Check Tires and Undercarriage of Vessel 1 and 2
    In addition to the lights, each vessel’s tires must also be in the best condition, free of defects, and have sufficient air pressure.
  10. Check Ring Feeder, Arm Dolly, Arm Dolly Bushing, and Feed Wheel Dolly
    In this section, inspection must be done properly to minimize work accidents. Ensure that all bolts on these components are tight, in good condition, and not corroded.
  11. Air Tank Draining
    Still checking the bottom of the vessel, next perform air draining on the air tank to reduce the air pressure in the tires to normal limits.
  12. Testing the Engine Condition
    If you have checked the vessel parts and other components, test the condition of the engine by turning off and then turning on the working lights including the vessel lights, rotary, and other lights. Also check the horn function and do not forget to turn off the alarm.
  13. Observing the Instrument Panel
    To check if any deviation of unit damage has occurred, look at the instrument panel. If any warning signs of malfunction are found on the instrument panel, immediately locate the source of the malfunction and repair it before the unit is actually operated.
  14. Testing Radio Communication
    Communication between the operator and the rest of the operational team must always be maintained. Therefore, before the operation of the unit begins, the communication radio should function normally and the radio signal should always be strong so there will be no communication problem.
  15. Checking the Unit Brake Pressure
    Check the brake pressure level on the panel. If the brake pressure is low, the unit is not optimal for operation. However, if the brake pressure is at a normal level, only then can the operator start operating the unit.

Those are some of the things you need to consider before operating a Scania R620-A6X4 single trailer or double trailer truck. Periodic checks before starting work operations are not only done to maximize work performance, but also to avoid accidents and damage to the unit.

In addition to minimizing the occurrence of unwanted things, the safety level of the driver will also be more guaranteed if the inspection of the unit parts is carried out before the truck is operated.

United Tractors: Authorized Distributor of Credible European Trucks in Indonesia
Your mining project needs a large capacity truck to transport mining products or residues? United Tractors has the solution! With United Tractors, you can get your dream European truck with a maximum capacity of up to tens of tons. With Scania European trucks from United Tractors, the performance of your mining project can be smoother and the performance of the mining project can be more productive.

Armed with the strongest powertrain in its class, Scania European trucks have good operational capabilities. In addition, this truck also has a V8 engine with a capacity of 16 liters that is capable of producing 620 HP 3,000 Nm 950 – 1,400 rpm so that this truck is not wasteful of fuel. Interesting, isn’t it? You don’t need to hesitate anymore to make this truck as a transportation tool in mining projects, because Scania R620-A6X4 is the right choice!

Visit the nearest United Tractors branch office in your city for heavy equipment consultation or contact UT Call at 1500 072 for the best heavy equipment after-sales service.

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