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3 Heavy Duty Truck from UD Trucks Complete with Specifications

04 September 2023

heavy duty trucks dari ud trucks dan spesifikasinyaUnited Tractors, Jakarta – In the distribution, mining, construction, and several other sectors, trucks are a fleet of heavy goods carriers whose presence is very helpful in improving your business performance. The classification of heavy duty trucks is divided into three, namely light duty trucks, medium duty trucks, and heavy duty trucks.

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This truck classification is divided based on how heavy a load each truck is capable of carrying. To distinguish between light, medium, and heavy duty trucks, you can look at the size of the truck. The size itself also has special measurements that must be in accordance with international standards, namely based on GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) with vehicle classes 1-8.

Light duty trucks are a special category of trucks for light loads. This truck falls into class 1-3 trucks that are used to lift items with light loads, such as household furniture. Because the size of this truck is relatively small,  light duty trucks are easy to drive and can be parked on roads that are not too wide. This truck is suitable for transporting household goods or goods that do not weigh more than 6,5 tons.

Next, there is the medium heavy duty truck. This type of truck is usually used to carry medium-weight goods. Medium duty trucks are included in classes 4-6 with a maximum capacity of 11,8 tons.

Usually, medium duty trucks are used for industry because these trucks are equipped with chassis, body, and cabin equipment that is easy to customize based on your needs. In size, this truck is larger than light duty trucks but smaller than heavy duty trucks.

Finally, there is the heavy duty truck. This is the truck that we will discuss in more depth in this article. For more details, check out the review below.

Heavy Duty Truck
Heavy duty truck is a type of transport truck with the highest class, which is 7-8. The load carrying capacity of this class can reach up to 15 tons. A heavy duty truck is equipped with a large capacity diesel engine and a more perfect transmission than light and medium duty trucks considering the material that can be transported by this truck has a lot of weight.

There are various models and types of heavy duty trucks out there. But, you can only find the best one at UD Trucks Indonesia. UD Trucks has two variants of heavy duty trucks, namely rigid trucks and tractor head trucks. Both heavy duty trucks have strong engine power and unquestionable performance. With strong diesel engine capacity, environmentally friendly emission control, and large capacity, this heavy duty truck from UD Trucks is categorized as the best transport truck in its class.

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Example of Heavy Duty Truck
To recognize this type of truck further, we will introduce some of UD Trucks’ flagship products, namely Quester Dump Heavy Truck which is a mining truck equipment to transport mining products or other mining materials.

Quester Dump from UD Trucks has 4 types with different engine capacity and carrying capacity. The large selection of models from Quester Dump will make it easier for you to choose a heavy duty truck that is suitable for your needs.

  1. Quester Dump CGE37084R
    The first model is the CGE37084R Quester Dump is one of the heavy duty trucks that is perfect for hauling work in mining due to its compact design, high durability, fuel economy, and large carrying capacity. Quester Dump CGE37084R consists of an 8×4 wheel configuration and 370 HP engine power with high durability, so that the work results provided are more optimal. UD Trucks products such as this Quester Dump have been ensured to be environmentally friendly because it uses Euro 5 emission control. The operational cost for this truck model can also be minimized because it has a fuel saving system. Regarding safety and comfort, you don’t need to worry! Before being sold, the cab of the truck has gone through a series of crash tests. The cabin is also equipped with an entry step, 3 wiper blades so that the truck can drive through rain, and a seatbelt reminder. The interior design of this Quester Dump also provides comfort for the driver. Equipped with MP3 audio system air conditioning, sound insulation, and a 600 mm wide bunk bed, the driver can enjoy long trips comfortably while driving.
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  2. Quester Dump CWE37064R
    Similar to the CGE37084R model, the Quester Dump type CWE37064R also has a 370 HP engine and is equipped with Euro 5 emission control. For its wheel configuration, this dump truck has a 6×4 axle size. For those of you who want to reduce operational costs but still want maximum results, this truck is suitable for you, because Quester Dump CWE37064R is created with a fuel-efficient engine with good engine durability. Even though it is used in high productivity levels, the quality of the truck will be maintained considering that this type has a strong but flexible frame. Drivers don’t have to worry about the safety of this type of truck because crash tests have been conducted and the design has been made specifically for off-road use with steel bumpers.
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  3. Quester Dump CWE28064R Hub Reduction
    The wheel configuration of the Quester Dump CWE28064R Hub Reduction is 6×4 with less power than the previous types at 280 HP. This product is suitable for application to dump trucks. The excellent durability makes this dump truck capable of heavy operations both on-road and off-road. The operating life of the Quester Dump CWE28064R Hub Reduction is also very good so it will be easier for you to achieve the desired work results. This truck has a high level of safety configuration. So, for transportation and construction activities, drivers don’t need to worry, because the fleet is equipped with blind-spot mirrors, heavy duty engine oil pan protector, and the cab has also been crash tested.
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From the explanation of heavy duty trucks above, have you decided which product you want to take for your business? If you are still confused, you can consult with UD Trucks’ 24-hour customer service who will provide complete guidance until you find the product that suits your budget and needs.

UD Trucks: Best Heavy Duty Truck Distributor in Indonesia
Looking for a distributor that sells dump trucks with heavy duty capacity for your business? Or do you want to become a partner? United Tractors is the place! We have the best selection of products that can fulfill project needs for various sectors. From distribution to mining, everything can use our heavy equipment which is definitely of high quality. Contact UT Call contact center at 1500 072 right now!

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