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5 Heavy Construction Equipment that Can Increase Efficiency and Productivity

18 September 2023

5-alat-berat-konstruksi-yang-dapat-meningkatkan-efisiensi-dan-produktivitasUnited Tractors, Jakarta – The use of heavy equipment in the construction sector is a very common aspect. The reason is, the presence of heavy equipment can help construction to be completed faster. In this era of technological advancement, heavy construction equipment not only speeds up the building process, but overall, heavy equipment can help you achieve a more satisfying end result.

Although heavy equipment can contribute a lot to the construction process, it doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges in the process. Mistakes in choosing heavy equipment can be fatal.

Mistakes such as buying heavy equipment carelessly, using the services of non-expert human resources, using heavy equipment that is not suitable for the terrain, or other mistakes can lead to unwanted things.

If you are not careful in choosing heavy equipment, work accidents will be more prone to occur, work productivity can decrease, project work will be behind schedule, expenses can increase, and many other risks. If you want to avoid these risks, you need to have a thorough understanding of heavy construction equipment.

As a first step to understanding everything about heavy equipment, here we have summarized the definition of heavy equipment, its functions, along with the 5 most common construction heavy equipment that can increase efficiency and productivity.

What is Heavy Equipment?
Heavy equipment is a series of large machine tools specifically designed to complete heavy jobs such as lifting high weights, pushing heavy materials, leveling the ground, and so on.

Heavy equipment can not only benefit the construction sector, but in the agriculture, forestry, and even mining sectors, heavy equipment is one of the aspects that determine the success of a project. The existence of heavy equipment will greatly assist human resources in achieving development targets with the hope that it will be completed on time and the end result is much better than expected.

There are several benefits to using heavy equipment to complete large projects, including:

  • Shorten the working time, especially if you’re on a deadline.
  • Powerful enough to do work that cannot be done manually by humans.
  • Provides higher quality output.

If your business is engaged in infrastructure development, mining, agriculture, forestry, or transportation and is looking for a trusted distributor that sells heavy equipment, United Tractors has various types of heavy equipment that can support your project needs. We present heavy equipment imported directly from the best heavy equipment manufacturer countries.

Functions and Benefits of Heavy Equipment
In general, the functions and benefits of heavy equipment are to expedite the development process in construction projects, the mining process for mining projects, and the process of working on other large projects in certain sectors. Classification of heavy equipment functions is usually divided based on the type of equipment used. The following are the functions and benefits of heavy equipment.

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  1. Handling Project Materials
    The first use or function of heavy equipment is to handle project materials such as excavation results or stockpiles of materials such as sand, rocks, or soil. Heavy equipment that usually handles project materials is a dozer or more commonly known as a bulldozer.
  2. Land Digging
    Heavy equipment also functions to excavate land with various types of surfaces. Soft or hard, with heavy equipment, digging work will be very easy to do. Heavy equipment that functions as a digger is an excavator.
  3. Lifting and Moving Materials
    Heavy equipment can be used to lift and move large and heavy materials vertically or horizontally. The type of heavy equipment that holds this function is a crane. Cranes have various types whose use can be adjusted by the conditions of the project and the work field.
  4. Transporting Materials
    Construction materials such as excavation results can be transported at the same time using heavy equipment. Usually, heavy equipment called dump trucks are used to transport construction materials such as sand, rocks, or construction residues. Just like cranes, dump trucks also have their own types with different carrying capacities.

Types of Heavy Construction Equipment to Increase Efficiency and Productivity
Construction project heavy equipment is used not without purpose but is intended to increase work efficiency and productivity so that the project can be completed on time with satisfactory results. Then, what are the types of heavy construction equipment that can expedite the construction process? Here’s the review.

  1. Excavator (Komatsu)
    Excavators are heavy equipment that can actually be applied in various sectors other than construction. Specifically in the construction sector, excavators function as tools that can help in the process of building infrastructure such as roads and bridges. By using an excavator, the process of land clearing, cut & fill, channel maintenance, and pipe installation will be easier and faster.
    United Tractors provides Komatsu brand excavators with various features and good performance. There are 15 types of excavators that you can choose from. With different sizes and capacities, you can determine which type is most suitable for your construction needs.
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  2. Bulldozer (Komatsu)
    Bulldozers are heavy construction equipment that fall into the crawler tractor category. Functioning as a material pusher, bulldozers have a large blade at the front and a high-capacity crawler capable of pushing, spreading, pulling, and loosening materials. In the construction field, bulldozers are usually used to level the ground.
    Komatsu brand bulldozers at United Tractors are available in various models. With various blade and engine capacities, these bulldozers are suitable for use in various other sectors besides construction. Komatsu bulldozers are quite complete, ranging from new units to used bulldozers. You can find detailed specifications about Komatsu bulldozers here.
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  3. Heavy Equipment Crane (Tadano Telescopic Boom Cargo Crane)
    Cranes are heavy equipment that are useful for lifting heavy loads in the construction sector. There are many types of cranes available out there, but a crane that can lift up to 15 tons and has a truck to hold the material is only available at United Tractors.
    Tadano Telescopic Boom Cargo Crane is a telescopic boom type crane that can be applied to small, medium, or large trucks. This type of crane is highly efficient, as it has a large lifting capacity and can be mounted easily. The safety system of this crane is also guaranteed, so even though the project work has high mobility, you don’t need to worry, because this crane is not easily damaged.
  4. Dump Truck (UD Trucks)
    Dump trucks are heavy equipment that is useful for accommodating, transporting or moving materials over a considerable distance. Building materials such as soil, sand, rocks, and other materials can be transported by dump trucks.
    If you are looking for a dump truck that can be used not only in the construction sector, but also in other sectors, United Tractors has Quester Dump from UD Trucks. This heavy duty truck from UD Trucks can be an option for construction and mining works. With strong durability, Quester Dump is also fuel-efficient because it already uses Euro 5 for emission control.
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  5. Soil Compactor (Bomag)
    As the name implies, a soil compactor is a heavy equipment used to compact, spread, and level the soil layer until it reaches the desired density level. The large, serrated wheels and dozer blades on a compactor are one of the factors that determine the success of soil leveling.
    At United Tractors, there are soil compactors from Bomag with a variety of working widths, engine capacities and working weights that you can customize to your field needs. The working width of the Bomag soil compactor allows you to complete construction work optimally.

United Tractors: Authorized Distributor of Quality Heavy Equipment
Your business need heavy equipment? At United Tractors, we provide excellent after-sales service called UT Guaranteed Product Support (UTGPS). Working with us is guaranteed because UT always guarantees the certainty of spare parts delivery, mechanics, and repair time. No need to hesitate to contact us, just call UT Call now at 1 500 072.

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